Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It was so much fun going to the zoo with Ty and Kylie (and thier moms). It was very hot, but everyone was very well behaved. Hannah enjoyed seeing the animals and making animal sounds. I think we will try to go again in the fall when it is cooler. This was out last big outing with friend before I had to go back to work.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Elmo potty

Hannah had been saying poo-poo to me and when I would check her she would not be dirty. Then about 10 minutes letter she would come tell me poo-poo again. I would check again and she would be dirty. When we were at the doctor I asked her about getting a potty for her. She said if she could tell me that we should try. Grandpa Mike and Grandma Nene were here and wanted to get her a potty. She was excited when we showed it to her. I hope that she will want to sit on it without her clothes soon.

watching Elmo

Derrick was able to capture Hannah watching Elmo. He is her favorite these days.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

too tired

I was feeding Hannah lunch and noticed she kept dropping the food. I asked her a question and she did not look at me. When I looked closer I saw she was asleep. We must have played too hard this morning.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


I think I might like these.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

good seat

Is that a good seat or what?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the dentist

I took Hannah to the dentist today. She was very good. She liked the fish and thought the chairs were slides. She let Dr. McNutt brush and count her teeth. She has 10 teeth in and two top molars starting to come in. He said eye teeth would not be far behind. She goes back to the dentist in January.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I was suppose to help teach VBS this week. Since Hannah was sick all last week we did not go on Monday. She was better and had not had a fever for 48 hours so we went on Tuesday. I helped with a third grade class and she went to her class. I think she enjoyed having so friends to play with for the week. She was ready for a nap everyday when I picked her up. I am glad we did not have to miss the whole week.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

How many times can you go to or call the dr. in one week?

Hannah woke up Monday with a low grade fever. Tuesday she did not have a fever but was fussy and pulling at her ear. I called the doctor and we went that afternoon. The doctor said she looked fine. I told her I just wanted to check since tomorrow was a holiday. Wednesday she woke up with a little higher fever and was a little fussy. She also broke out in hives. Thrusday no fever but still some hives off and on. Friday she woke up and kept a fever of 101 all day. She also still had hives off and on. I called the doctor and she wanted to see her. She could not find anything wrong with her but said if she still have fever (100.5 or higer) in the morning she wanted to check her urine. She said if she had a kidney or bladder infection that she would probably be throwing up. Saturday she only had a fever of 99, but I called and the doctor said just to watch her. Well, about 4 pm after her nap she would not eat or drink and was very fussy. I was holding her and she threw up everywhere. I cleaned her while dad cleaned the floor. Then she just wanted to lay down. I called the doctor again. She said to let her sleep about an hour then get her up. She woke up on her own and seemed okay for about 5 minutes, then threw up again. I called the doctor again and she said to take her to the emergency room. On the way out the down she thre up a little more. We made it to the hospital with no throw up. When we got in she strated acting like she was going to throw up again. They gave me a little dish for her to throw up in, what were they thinking. She missed the dish and got me. She had a fever again when they checked her temp. They gave her some pedialtye to drink. She would not drink for us at home, but guzzled it down for them and then turned into a wild child. They had also given her some tylneol. When they gave it to her I noticed it was way more than we give her at home. The said it was better that I gave her less then more, but told me the correct amount to give her. The ER doctor said they needed to cath her. She was not happy about that, but they said she did good. She had a little place of hives while we were at the hospital. I was glad to show a doctor. No doctor was worried about the hives. After waiting about thirty minutes the doctor came in to tell us that her urine was fine. She diagnosed her with a virus. She said it should pass in a few more days, but if it didn't to call the doctor back.