Tuesday, March 31, 2009

better day

Derrick and I both talked to Hannah this morning and told her he wanted her to listen to her teachers and be nice to her friends today. She told us she would. I called at lunch time to see what kind of day she was having. They said she was having a good day. When I walked in to get her this afternoon she proudly announced, "Mom, I had a good day!" Mrs. Christina confirmed that she had a good day and took her to get a sucker. I know she will have bad days, but I would rather them be when she is at home so they do not harm other children.

Monday, March 30, 2009

not what you want to hear why you pick up your child

As I was driving to pick Hannah up today I was thinking, I hope she had a good day and is better at school than she has been at home all weekend. Well, that was not the case. I got her things and in her cubby was an incident report. I thought man, this is the third one is a week (there were two last week and then the one today). This time she had not been hurt she had hurt someone. It said, "Cornered a child and bite them 3 times on the arm." That is not a good day. When I walked outside her teacher came to me and said, "Hannah has been really rebellious today. I have never seen this side of her." I am going to blame it on all the changes, new bed, new room, new brother on the way. When I asked her who she bit she said, "No one, I did not bite." She finally told me it was Anna. She told Derrick it was Ty. Then she would tell us that she did not do it. I am praying that she will start adjusting to the changes better and that Derrick and I will know how to help make the adjustment as easy as possible. When we said prayers tonight we prayed Hannah would be a good friend and a good listener at school tomorrow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

thoughts from Hannah

Hannah has been a mess this weekend, but has also said some cute/funny things. I just did not want to forget them.

While playing in her kitchen, on the phone: "Olivia, you can come and play, but if you take the hangers out of the closet you will get a spanking." (She had taken all the hangers she can reach out of the closet twice. We told her they were not to play with and that she could look at her clothes but if she took them out again she would get a spanking.)

Last night: "Mom, let me tell you something, Dad had to go to work today to make some money for me."

This morning: "Oh no! What happened to your belly button. Here let me fix it (she tried to push in my belly). I think it will be fixed when Hunter comes out. He sure is getting big."

This afternoon: "Oh my room looks wonderful!" That is what she said to Derrick as he was painting the walls in her room.

She is too funny. As I am typing this I can hear her in her room telling Derrick a story about being in the forest. She has a great imagination!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

getting there

Just to see how good the new bedding will look in her "purple" room. I think it is more blue, but Derrick and Hannah say it is purple. Either way I think it looks great.
I am a little sad that she is grown up enough to be moving to such a big girl bed. We think this is where the bed will go, we are not sure yet.
The fall/winter side of her closet.
The spring/summer side of her closet.

Derrick made shelves to put on top of each side of the closet. He is hoping to paint them this weekend and put them in. He also hopes to paint her walls and get the bed on the frame. He is working this afternoon and tomorrow, so it may be Sunday before he gets back in there. He is really good about doing something in her room when he comes in from work. He is a great dad, and husband, and makes everything he does look great.

Thanks Dad for all of your hard work to make our little princess a beautiful new room.

the big girl bed

Nana and Papa gave her Ariel sheets for her big girl bed for her birthday. She was so excited to finally get to use them. Here is a picture of her bed with the Ariel sheets and with the quilt and shams we got for her yesterday. I think it will look great in her room.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

real big girl bed

Derrick and I went today and got Hannah a mattress and box springs. He still has to paint her room, but we wanted to be able to move her in as soon as he paints it. He will still have to finish the built in, but he can work on that during the day while she is at school. We want her to be in the room before Hunter comes, if at all possible. She saw her bed on the trailer and said, "I am tired, I need to go to sleep in my big bed." Derrick and Kyle brought it in to the living room. I had washed her sheets and told Derrick on my why out to Bible study that I was leaving where she slept up to him. When I came in from Bible study this is what I found. She looks so small in her big girl bed. She got an extra baby in the bed with her, but three things are way better than the million she had. We are going to try and let her sleep in it with no rails. We will see how she does.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

update on Hunter

I went to the doctor today and she said I was still dilated to 3, maybe 4. She listened to his heart beat and measured my belly. She said to come back in a week. I was hoping I would be at least a 5 and she would say we could come in the morning to have a him. I want him to be healthy and come when he is ready, but I have to say I am getting a little uncomfortable. I had already had Hannah by this point so I am not sure about carrying a baby this long. I am afraid to ask the doctor how much she thinks he will weigh. I will just keep waiting and see if I make it until next Wednesday, which will be almost 38 weeks.


When I went to get Hannah today Mrs. Christina said she wanted to show me the good art work she did today. They are talking about the letter Y and the color yellow so they painted the yolk of the egg. Mrs. Christina said she did the best painting in the class. Her dad will be proud that she has his artistic ability. She does not get that from me.

how many things do you need to sleep?

This is a picture of all the things I got out of Hannah's bed today when I changed her sheet. No wonder she wakes up in the middle of the night, she can't roll over without laying on something. I told her she could pick one baby and one book to sleep with. She was not very happy about it, but went to bed with Ariel and Good Night Gorilla. I am hoping she will go to sleep faster now that she does not have so much stuff to play with in her bed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hannah's new room (update)

Derrick has been busy working in Hannah's room. Papa and Uncle Kyle put the crown up the other weekend. Derrick had been working on her built in bookcase/window seat. He has now put down baseboard, painted the crown, fixed the closet for new rods, painted the ceiling, and painted the closet. Hannah was excited when she got home from school today and Derrick was painting her closet purple. She was a little upset that he had not painted the walls of the room. We told her he was getting there. We are hoping she will be in her new room in a couple more weeks. She even got to help paint a little in the closet.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

new Sunday tradition

Derrick and Hannah have a new Sunday tradition, or at least I hope it will become one. The past two Sunday afternoons after her nap she has asked Derrick to take her to swing. They stay outside forever. I looked out the window to see them swinging and they were not there. Derrick has been taking her to see and pet the horse across the street and then making a stop by the Tucker's to visit and play on their play set. Hannah loves it. She talks about it all week. She wants to brush the horses, but I am not sure they want to be brushed. I am glad they are getting to spend their Sunday afternoons doing these fun activities together. I wish I had pictures, but since I do not go with them there are none. Hopefully I can talk Derrick into taking the camera and getting some pictures.

Friday, March 20, 2009

she wants to help

Hannah really wants to help Derrick work on her new room, but does not like the noise of all the tools. She did sit in his lap to help nail baseboard in the hallway, but had to cover her ears.

she is too sweet

We were just putting Hannah to bed, I know really late, and she had covered up her princesses and Patrick. I took a picture of them all laying down sleeping. She wanted to sit by Patrick and pat him so I could take her picture with them. I asked her if she was going to pat Hunter on the back. She said, "Yes, and if he wants to snuggle with me he can." She loves to get in our bed with us and snuggle. She has gotten in the bed with us the past two mornings and slept until 8am. I hope that she will really be so sweet to Hunter when he comes home.

This morning when she got up she saw the bouncy seat that we brought up last night. She said, "Thank you mom and dad for getting this seat for Hunter." She is very excited about seeing the baby stuff out. I am afraid that she is going to flip him out of the swing. We will have to watch her.

Just a funny from today. When I picked her up from school we went to Sonic to get drinks. She said she wanted a chocolate milkshake. I gave it to her and she could not get it to come out. She said, "Mom can you put it in the toaster and warm it up a little." By the time we got to the house she told me if was warm and she could drink it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my little bird

Hannah is studying birds at school this week. She made a bird headband and a birds nest with eggs. She saw so proud of herself and I thought they were both very cute little projects. She got to eat the birds nest and eggs after dinner.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

update on Hunter

I went to the doctor this morning. She listened to the heartbeat and measured my belly first. Check all is well. Then she did the Group B Strep test and checked to see if his head was down and if I was dilated. Well guess what? His head is down and I am dilated to 3. She said that was a good start and that she wants me to take it easy. She would like for him to stay put for one more week. I am praying he will stay put until at least Monday so I can finish up some work I need to get done and that is also Grandpa Mike's birthday. That would be a fun present to give him. I will keep the blog up to date with any changes.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Dad, can we ..."

Hannah knows to ask Dad if she can do something or if he will do something with her. He almost always says yes. She wanted to make the little chick from her goody bag from the shower. She helped Dad glue on the parts. I should have taken a picture of the finish product. Since he was in the floor she thought it would be a good time to ask him to let her ride the horse. He rode her all over the house. He is such a good Dad. I love to watch the two of them together.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hannah was set for school this morning with her green shirt and headband with shamrocks on it. We hope that everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day.

Hannah had a great day at school and Derrick and I had a great day together. We both went to the dentist, lunch, shopping for fabric for Hunter's bumper pads, and to run several other errands while we were child free. Hunter's bumper pads should be finished in about a week. I will take pictures of them when we pick them up. I think we will be very pleased with them.

consignment update

I got my check in the mail today and it was for more than I thought. I made a little over $200 dollars. I took 74 outfits and picked up 6 that did not sale. I think that is worth doing the sale again. I will start a little earlier getting things together for the July sale.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

shower for Hunter

Jeanine and Deborah gave me a shower for Hunter for friends here. They did a great job and of course went above and beyond what they should have. The cake was decorated to match Hunters bedding and we even had blue punch. Too fun!! Thanks for having the shower for me. I received great gifts and had a great time visiting
with the friends who were able to come. Hunter got great gifts. Hannah was so good. Since we went from the puppet show to lunch to shower there was no time for a nap. She was very well behaved all day, but by 5 when we left the shower she was out.

puppet show

We went to the puppet show with Ty and Todd this morning. It was extra special because Nana and Nene were able to come with us. Hannah, Ty and Todd did great, but the other kids did not behave as well. Hannah liked seeing the spider, bird, lion and snake. She said her favorite part was when the snake got caught in the web. She let us take her picture with the spider but would not sit by the lion. She was so excited to check out some library books. We have not checked out any books since the end of summer. (Bad mom.) Hopefully we can start going to check out books more often now that it is almost summer and we will hopefully be going to story time each week. We will see how that works with two kids.

doesn't she look beautiful

I am amazed at how many layers of clothes she can put on at one time. And the shoes that she will choose to go with the clothes she has put on. She has on her pajamas, new Tinkerbell nightgown, and crocs. She wanted to go on the porch with Papa so she put on her coat and got her Tinkerbell umbrella since it was raining.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

update on Hunter

I went to the doctor this morning. She said his heartbeat was strong and I measured 35 weeks. She said to come back next week and she would do the group B strep test and check me. This is as far as I made it with Hannah. We will see how much longer he stays put. I am a little afraid that he is going to be way bigger than Hannah, who weighed in at 5 pounds 9 ounces.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

gymnastics with Nana

Nana is spending the week with us so she got to go to gymnastics tonight. Here she is doing her soldier kicks with Miss Leigh. Hannah is getting really good at gymnastics. She loves it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

beautiful day

The weather was great today. It made me really ready for spring and summer. I am sure it will not last, but we took advantage of it today. We were able to eat dinner and play outside before bath time. Hannah loves to eat outside. She ate a good dinner and played in the yard for a little while. The warm weather has helped the flowers and trees to start blooming. Hannah happily sat with with daffodils. She even took time to smell them, but did not ask to pick any to take inside. We hope you were able to get outside and enjoy this beautiful day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

what happens when you don't take a nap

Nana went to check and see if Hannah was finished with her treatment and this is what she found. Hannah would not take a nap today. We left her in the bed for an hour and a half. She talked, sang, told stories, etc. but would not go to sleep. She was so tired that she could not stay awake to watch Barbie while getting her treatment.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

even more party pictures

We could not get all three girls to look and smile at the same time.
Anna Claire was the guard of the Princess gifts. She did a great job.
Hannah's new Ariel hat. Don't you love the tutu. She wore it until we put her down for a nap.
I must have not been helping fast enough, so she ask Jacqulin to help. Thanks Jacqulin for helping.

more party pictures

Kylie was a good helper and handed Hannah her presents to open.
Cooper was watching everything, but he never said a word.
Anna Claire telling Hannah about the present she gave her.
My favorite picture of her from the party.
Dad's and their girls enjoying some cake.

the party

Hannah had a great time at her party. She was happy to see of her friends and family. Thank you everyone for the great gifts and for spending the morning with us.