Saturday, April 30, 2011

lots of running

We went to cheer for Julia this morning as she ran the Country Music Half Marathon. Hannah was so excited. It was a very different being on the cheering side of the race. We saw her and Auburn before we went to try to see her at another spot. We had to wait a little while so Hannah enjoyed a doughnut from Mr. Mark while we waited. We did not get to see Julia again until the end of the race. She did great. We also got to see Auburn and her family at the finish line. It was an exciting day. Later that afternoon we were playing outside and Hannah said she was racing and I needed to cheer for her like we did for Mrs. Julia. Maybe we have a future runner on our hands.

Friday, April 29, 2011

no rain

It was nice to be able to play outside for a little while this afternoon before dinner. Hannah has decided on a name for the turtle. Grandpa Mike did some research and found out the turtle is a girl. Her name is Sweetheart. Hannah loves to come home and check on her everyday. She gives her new clovers and holds her for a little while. We also give her water and some turtle food.

 Hannah took Sweetheart out to see the plants/flowers under the big tree. I heard her say, "YUCK!" She came to the porch and said, "Mom a bird pooped on my hand." I should have probably taken a picture of the look on her face instead of the poop on her hand.
 Hunter likes to look at Sweetheart and pick her some clover too. He does not want to hold her, which is probably a good thing for her.
 Soaking up a little sunshine.
 Hunter was "writing" on the walkway.
 I am surprised that Sweetheart does not get sick. Hannah carries her everywhere when she is outside.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


 Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought them. They were so excited, maybe more than they were at Christmas.
Hannah, Dad, and Mr. Cody did a great job dying the eggs. Hunter was still napping during this part of the fun. Once he woke up and ate lunch, we went outside the hide the eggs. Grandpa Mike was a great egg hider. We were happy to have Mike and Nene here with us for Easter.

Happy Easter

I am glad I took the kids to have their pictures made, because I did in not get any pictures of my kids dressed in their Easter clothes today. We had a great morning at church, a nice lunch, and then fun playing outside hiding and finding eggs. Happy Easter everyone!

Easter surprise

As we were leaving for church this morning we found this baby turtle. Hannah and Hunter were so excited!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

 Hannah was trying out the bubble gun.
 Hunter loves to write. I have a feeling we may go through a lot of sidewalk chalk this summer.
 I was excited to use my new Easter dish. Isn't it so cute?
 Ready to dye eggs? Todd does not look so sure and I am not sure about the look on Hannah's face.
 I think Hunter thought we were going to eat.
 Mrs. Sharon was showing Hannah how to make the butterflies.
 I love when they sit by each other and are nice to each other. Even if it only lasts a few minutes.
 Hannah's popcorn egg creation. She is very creative.
 Hunter was a little more concerned about what was in the egg than finding them at first.
 Cooper was going fast!
It did not take Hannah long to fill up her bucket.
 They are just too cute!
 Mrs. Sharon's soon to be sister in law made this cute and yummy cookies.
 Hunter thinks he is one of the big kids. He had to ride the bike too.
 Todd was proud of all the pretty eggs.
 A few of the beautiful butterflies the kids made.
Hannah and Hunter have enjoyed riding in Mike and Nene's car all weekend. Hunter sometimes says go to Nene's house. 

We had a great time at the Easter Egg hunt at the Glenn's. Mrs. Sharon had all like of fun things for the kids to do before they hunted for eggs. It was fun to watch all of the kids rushing to get eggs. We had good food and great fellowship. Thanks Glenn's for having us over.

girls morning

We went to get our toes done this morning. We meet Sarah and Kylie there. Hanna and Kylie were so funny. They got to put their feet in the water, have the hot towels on their legs and turn the massage chairs on. They were so funny. Sarah and I sat across from them and Nene sat with them. They were excited to get a flower painted on their toes. I am glad that Hannah likes to get her toes done. I hope we will be able do this for many, many years together. Thanks Nene, Sarah and Kylie for going with us. Kylie had to leave before I could get a picture of their toes together. Her toes looked just as cute.

Monday, April 18, 2011

for MeMe

We are so happy that all of our flowers are coming back. We are seeing new flowers in all the beds each day.

Mrs. Tidwell has a humming bird like this one. Hannah told MeMe she liked it and a little while later, she has one of her own. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as Hannah does. Thanks MeMe!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

family day

 The kids have rediscovered the easel and love writing with chalk.
 Hunter thought he needed to wear Uncle Kyle's hat and do a little work on the wall. He is so cute!
 Playing so nicely together. Hannah was teaching Hunter his letters. He was so happy to see her when she came home for Kylie's. He really misses her when she is gone.
 Hannah has really gotten into board games lately. She is pretty good at most of them.
I think Hunter has watched Elmo Potty about a 1,000 times. I hope it will make potty training easy this summer.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Hannah went to spend the night with Kylie so Hunter and I were able to spend the evening together. We had a good time. He is so funny and can really carry on a conversation with you. We enjoyed playing games, coloring, reading books, and watching a little Elmo before getting a bath and going to bed. He said he was playing the drums like Luke. He loves Luke.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

not so good

This week Derrick was out of town. Hannah's behavior is always a little off when he is gone. We are going to change the chart a little for next week and see if that helps. Hopefully that and having Derrick home will make a huge difference.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

beautiful day

I did a walk this morning for Sara Walker with some girls from school. It was a great morning to be out walking. We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast after the walk. Hunter did not have fever this morning so we did not have to take him back to the doctor. Derrick started cutting grass when I got home and Hunter was not happy until we put him on the lawnmower. I did not want him out in the grass/pollen since his nose was so yucky. Then I figured he already had a running nose so it would not hurt. Derrick called me to come outside and see them. Hunter was sound asleep. Derrick was having to hold his head up while trying to drive the mower. I tried to take a picture but he woke up when the mower stopped. We ate lunch then put him down for a nap. Derrick finished cutting the grass then helped Hannah wash her jeep. She loved it. Hunter was able to help a little when he woke up. I am so glad we were able to spend almost the whole day outside. We ended the day with Blue Coast and Menchie's. We even had surprise dinner guest, the Glenn's. Days like today make me ready for summer.