Thursday, August 12, 2010

so grown up

Last night Hannah wanted to call Derrick to tell him good night. I just dialed the number and gave the phone to her. I love how grown up she is on the phone. I think she would talk on the phone all day some days. I have no idea where she gets that from?!?! I heard Derrick say that he had to go to Memphis to work but he would be back tomorrow. She said, "Did you take 40 to get there?" It was all I could do not to fall out!!! He told her yes he did take 40 to get there. I guess she pays close attention when we talk about how we are getting from place to place. I just wanted to have that funny little comment recorded.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hunter is 16 months old

Our little buddy is growing up too fast. He finally started walking this past week. Each day he is walking more than he is crawling/monkey walking. He almost tries to run at times. He is getting much better at communicating with us. He only signs please, thank you, more, eat and ball. He tries to say please and will make sounds for whatever word you ask him to say. He is into every thing and has no fear. I think his favorite word to say at the moment is hot. He uses it correctly and also for anything we tell him no to. He keeps us very busy but we sure do love him. He has also started telling Hannah no or fussing at her when she tries to make him do things he does not want to do or if she tires to love on him too much. I am very excited that he is walking and I can't wait until he starts talking more. I was not fast enough to get a picture of him sitting and looking at the camera.

He is saying hot as he walks toward me. I had just taken dinner out of the oven. At the end of the video you can see him start to shake his head yes. We are trying to teach him to say yes. If you ask him a question he will answer by shaking his head no or signing please. He will now say no sometimes, while still shaking his head and will shake his head yes while signing please. He is a mess!!!

Uncle Kyle brought a surprise

Wabi!! Hannah and Hunter were so excited. I think it will take a little getting use to for all three of them. I just hope Hunter will learn to be easy. We shall see.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back to School

Well it is once again time to go to back to school. The summer's seem to go by faster each year. Does that mean I am getting old? We had a great summer. We played a lot and were able to spend lots of time as a family, which I love. I always have mixed emotions about school starting back. I like getting back in routine, but I hate not getting to spend as much time with the kids. It is hard to believe that this is Hannah last year of daycare. She is so excited to start Pre-K. She is such a big girl. I am sure Hunter is ready to go back to Nana and Sheri's to play with his friends as well. I will be co-teaching this year. I am excited to work the Ruth, but a little scared by the number of students we can have. I know it will be an adjustment, but think the good will out way the bad. We will know at the end of this week how many students we will start the year with.

Derrick is out of town this week, but Uncle Kyle and Christie are coming to my rescue. They will be here all week to help me with the kids since I have meeting and things to do at school this week before I officially start back to school next Monday. Thanks guys for coming to help. I thought about Nana when I took these pictures of the kids things ready to go, it is something she would do, right Nana?