Thursday, June 30, 2011

good company all day

 Hunter always keeps me good company. He slept though lunch and we he woke up it was almost time for dinner. We gave him a bath before we left for dinner and he thought he needed some cookies in tub. He is just so cute.
Tonight we went to dinner and a nice restaurant called SNOB, Slightly North of Broad. It was delicious and we had a great time just visiting with each other. Good pick Allison.

This morning I went to see Melissa and meet her sweet new baby boy Hayden. He is so cute! I have not seen Melissa in 4 years. It was nice to pick up where we left off and catch up. I forgot to take the camera to take a picture of him.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sand and sun all day

 I remember when she would not even touch the sand.
 Coop trying out the digger.
 Hunter having a little trouble digging with this shovel.
 He kept trying.
 Both boys working hard to dig a hole.
 He will grow enough to sit on it and dig by next summer, maybe?
 Checking out the water. He kept saying, "Go wash off."
 My attempt at a picture of my sweet kids.
Snack time again. : )
 Checking out the "treasures" in the tide-pool.

 We came in the eat lunch and then go to the park to look for shells. Hunter said he wanted to stay and rest. So he stayed with MeMe and took a good nap.
 Hannah looking for shells.
 And playing in the water a little too.
 She looks so grown up. I wish her eyes were open. She gets closing them in pictures from me.
The long day wore them out. They look so cute when they are sleeping.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This is the only picture I took today. It looks like he is about to jump on Hannah, but he did not, thanks to some help from Dad. I will try to take more pictures tomorrow.

Monday, June 27, 2011

a word from Hunter

I did not take the camera to the beach with us this morning. It is too hard to keep sand out of it, watch the kids, and try to enjoy being on the beach. I did think he looked too cute when he got up from nap and was ready to go to the pool. He had to have a snack first. The beach must make him hungry. I love that he calls the ocean the "lotion" and wanted to get that on video. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

first day on the beach

 Hunter wanted to play with the water-gun. He held it the wrong way and only squirted himself.
 Hannah looking so cool.
 Best I could do getting them together.
 I am glad that Hannah decided that she likes to touch the sand this trip. They all had fun digging in the sand.
 Hunter was still taking it all in.
 Dad was working on a sandcastle.
Cooper was making is own sandcastle.
Hunter checking out the bucket. He only wanted water in them.
He needed a snack about 20 minutes after we got to the beach. Watching everyone made him hungry.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

we made it

 Hunter and I rode with Allison. We had his seat reclined so he could sleep and when we looked at the book this is all we could see.
 The boy loves some chips and salsa. He also really likes guacamole.

I am so happy to be at the beach. We got to the condo just in time to unload and go to dinner. We ate at Taco Boy. Derrick and I love that place. I ate the chicken nachos and Pop Pop had the nice salad. Doesn't it look yummy? Hunter was having a fit to get in the water. It was really late, but we took the kids to the pool while Alison and Pop Pop went to the grocery store. We will be ready to head to the beach in the morning.

Friday, June 24, 2011

learning young

When we went to the Hayes' the other night Hunter spotted this gator as soon as we went outside. Matt told him it was broke but that Derrick could take it and fix it. Hunter said it just needed new batteries. Well he was right. Derrick got a battery for it today and this is what Hunter spent the evening doing. Hannah came running in the house and said get the camera you are not going to believe what Buddy is doing. I about had a heart attack and Derrick was laughing his head off. I am reading a book about boys right now and it talks about letting them take chances where it is safe and monitored. I guess that is what he was doing. I did tell him to be careful. I am sure Derrick can't wait to take him out on the real trails to ride.

fun day

This morning we met Papa for breakfast at IHOP. Hunter wanted pancakes and sausage with Papa. Hunter had some pennies in his pocket that he got from Grandpa Mike. While we were eating he told Papa, "I give monies to the girl for breakfast." Isn't he the sweetest boy even. Papa did let Hunter give the "monies" to the girl. After breakfast we went to see Nana before she went to sleep, since she had to work last night. Hunter played with the tractors and got to ride on the lawnmower. We went by Papa's office to see Mrs. Susan then to MeMe's office to see her and the ladies she works with. Hunter was only worried about going swimming. When we got back to Mike's we ate a little lunch and then went swimming. It took us a little while to convince Hunter to put the "water wings" on as Hannah calls them. Once we did and he jumped in a couple of times that was all it took. I think he jumped in at least 100 times. He loved every minute of it. He was so tired that he was asleep as soon as we put him in the car. Oh, I almost forgot the most exciting part of the pool. There was a snake in the pool. Not a huge one, but it is big enough for me not to like it. Hannah would not go in the deep end of the pool because she said it had snake poison in it. We are going to eat dinner with Dawn and her girls, but since wild man is still napping it may just me Hannah and I going. We decided to wake Buddy up to go with us so we could all go. It is always fun to visit with Dawn and the girls.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We have been really busy the last couple of weeks. Hannah likes to think she is too big to nap, but she can only go and go for so long before it catches up with her. We got up really early Tuesday morning to drive to SC. She did not sleep in the car and was up late. Then she was up early yesterday spent the day visiting family and ended it with playing with friends. Once again she was up way to late. This morning she was up early again. She went swimming with Dad while Hunter and I went to lunch with friends. I put Hunter down for nap when we got back to Mike and Nene's. Hannah and Dad came home not long after us and said they were going to shower and then get lunch. Hunter wanted to nap in Hannah's bed. Dad came downstairs but Hannah did not. She told him she was tired and did not want to eat lunch. I went up to check on Hunter, who was talking and found Hannah sound asleep in our bed. I laid down with Hunter and we both went to sleep. I woke up after about an hour. I read and little and then went upstairs to check on them and take their pictures. Hannah woke up when I took the picture and asked me to lay down with her. I did and we both feel asleep again. I guess I was tired too. Tonight Hunter asked to sleep in Hannah's bed again. He loves being in the same room as her. She said she did not want him to because he talks too much. On the way upstairs he said, "I not talk in Hannah's bed." We both talked to him about not talking in her bed and he said he would not. We did not hear a sound after we put them to bed. Dad went up to check on them and told me to go look at them and take a picture. Hunter woke up for a minute when I took the picture but went right back to sleep. They are too sweet at times like this. After a week of this I am not sure what we will do when we get home. Maybe move them into the same room?

mother/son lunch date

 Of course Hunter fell asleep on the way to meet them. That is what happens when you get up so early.

Hunter and I met Jennifer and Micah for lunch today. We had planned on having a picnic and letting the boys play on the playground at her church. Well that did not work because it was raining. Never fail, we went to plan B. We moved the picnic inside and played in one of the rooms in the church. The boys are very busy. It was good to visit with Jennifer and watch the boys play. We laughed about how we use to could sit and talk for hours before we had kids. Now I do not think we even get to talk in complete sentences. If if that is so it is still nice to catch up with each other when we can. Thanks for eating and playing with us, we had fun.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to all

Donna and I decided that since our kids can never got to each others birthday parties that we would just have one party for all of them during the summer. I thought it was funny that we had to explain to Hannah and Sophia that no one was really getting older today, that we were just celebrating all of their birthdays. Donna, Mattison and Sophia had their house all decorated for the party. We had Chick-fil-A, cupcakes, presents, playing and LOTS of fun. I think it was a fit with all of the kids. I am glad we were able to visit for Matt and Donna. We were sad that Matt had to leave for work, but glad we got to see him for a little while. Thanks Hayes family for having us over. We had a GREAT time!