Saturday, May 31, 2008

fun with Uncle Kyle

Aunt Lori gave Hannah this fun bee game. When you turn it on the bee goes around and you have to jump over it. Hannah get scared and runs from it. Thanks to Uncle Kyle she was able to jump over it.
While the door was open last night to move in the last load bugs came in. Hannah thought it was fun to show Uncle Kyle where the bugs were and have them squish them with the hammer. Silly Uncle Kyle!

Friday, May 30, 2008

my new ______

Hannah enjoyed taking a bath in her new bathroom and getting in her bed in her new room. Her room is at the opposite end of the house then ours. I asked her if she wanted to sleep in the room with mom and dad. She said, "No, sleep in Hannah's bed in Hannah's new room." I was a little sad she did not want to sleep in our room. She is a big girl who likes her bed.


Look Nana, monkey cookies.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dad is too tired!

With packing, working, and being a Dad it is getting to him. When he came home from work tonight at 10:30 pm I noticed that he had on two different shoes. He left for work about 6:30 am and must have gotten dressed in the dark. Hopefully we will all get some rest soon.

so much stuff

I knew we had a lot of stuff, but I think it is multiplying. We have taken 7 loads total, both cars and the trailer 5 times. I finally remembered to take the camera with me today. I am glad we still have lots of room left in the back corner of the basement. We almost have our basement emptied and now just he upstairs to go. I am very happy that I will get to park in the garage. We will get there. Then we have unpacking to look forward to.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ty's a big brother

Ty came to stay with us today because his mom is having his baby brother today. Hannah did not want to share very well first thing. I am not sure why because she had done well all weekend sharing with Mattison and Sophia. They got better as the day went on. They really did more than just eat, but they were only still long enough for me to get their picture while they were eating. I did get one picture of them coloring. We had a great day and can't wait to meet Ty's new brother.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

After a great weekend with the Hayes family they had the get home and we had to keep packing. We loaded both cars and the trailer again and headed back to the new house. I stopped and picked up lunch on the way. We ate our first meal at the new house on the back porch. It was very new, but a little windy. After we put Hannah down for a nap we started unloading. Kyle and Ashley came by to see the house. A little while later Bert, Deborah, Luke, and Jacqulin came to see the house. Hannah slept through it all, the storm, the talking, etc. I had to wake her up so we could leave. She was excited to have taken a nap in her new house. We came home and changed her clothes before we went to take dinner to a couple in our Sunday School class. I did not cook, so we picked up Bar-b-Cutie to take them. Since we were in Franklin we went by the Sumner's to see their nice rock wall and beautiful mulch job. It looks great, especially the mulch. Then we went the dinner with them. Yet another busy, but good day.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

the park

much calmer day

This morning the girls woke up in a good mood. After breakfast they all played and Derrick and Matt moved the jeeps to the new house. After lunch they all went down for a nap. When they woke up we had a snack and then went to the park to play for a while. They had a great time, as well as the adults, who played a little as well. After dinner we left the girls with theirs dad's and Donna and I went the new house. She had not seen it in the daylight before (good thing it stays light later now). Then we went and got coffee and a movie. When we got back they had the girls in the bed. The guys did not love our movie but were troops and watched it anyway.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

busy day

After breakfast, which the dad's went to pick up, we all got ready to head out for the morning/early afternoon. The girls ate a snack on the deck while the mom's finished getting ready. We all got in one car, thanks for driving us Matt, and headed to CVS, Bread & Company, Costco, and to the Dunn's house before returning home to nap. Sophia went right to sleep but Mattison and Hannah thought it would be fun to talk, laugh, play for a little while. We sent Matt back to make them go to sleep and he did the trick. While they were sleeping we packed and loaded all the cars again. Donna stayed here with the girls and we went back to the new house. I called at 6pm on my way home and she said they were all still sleeping. At 6:15 she got the up and put them on the couch. When we all got back to the house we loaded everyone up and went the dinner. After dinner we went for coffee and ice cream. They went right back to sleep when we put them down for the night. What a day!

Mattison, Sophia, Matt, Donna come to see Hannah

Hannah was so excited that the Hayes family came to visit. They got here just as we finished loading the cars, so we went to the new house. After we unloaded and looked around we came home to get bathes and get ready for bed. As you can see from the pictures they had a bath but were not ready for bed. After we gave Hannah her treatment, which Mattison was not too sure of at first, they went to bed with no trouble.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Do you think she is afraid we are going to forget to pack her?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

one load down, 500 more to go

We took a big load of stuff to the new house tonight. When we pulled up Hannah ask why we were at Mr. Greg's house. The whole time we were there she kept asking for Mr. Greg. I think that is the first time we have been there without him. She enjoyed swinging while Dad and I unload the trailer and cars. We hope to close next week and to get lots of stuff moved this weekend. We are all really excited about the new house.

Monday, May 19, 2008

picnic at Mama's school

Derrick and Hannah came to school for the kindergarten music program, awards and picnic. Hannah enjoyed the music and picnic, but was not a fan of the awards. She enjoyed eating "cake" (cupcakes) with the students. She did not want to leave when it was nap time, but fell asleep before they got home. I am glad she had a good time. I hope she will still like coming to school so much when it is time for her to start kindergarten.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy to Jacqulin

Today we went to Jacqulin's violin recital and then had cake to celebrate her birthday afterwards. She did great playing her violin. Once Hannah woke up she danced and hummed along as all of the students played. Hannah had fun watching Jacqulin open her presents and playing with her and Amelia. Thanks for inviting us and playing with Hannah. She had a great time.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Katie Kitty

MeMe brought Hannah a cat, not real, that moves, meows, purrs, etc. Hannah loves it. I am glad that it does not have to eat or go to the bathroom. Hannah named her Katie. She talks to her, loves on her, and pets her. When she is finished she will ask you to turn her off. What a great pet! Thanks MeMe and Pop Pop for coming to see us. We had a great time!

a new house

Hannah and I got to the auction in time for the house to be auctioned. Which is the only reason we went. There were only three people bidding, including us. We were the highest bidders. We are very happy to have a new house. We will find out this week when we will close for sure. We will start packing so we will be ready to move the day we close. We have lots of pictures of the house but none of the front. The auction company took a picture of us in front of the house. When they send us some I will post them. Thanks for all the prayers.

helping Mama at school

Hannah went to school with me this morning to do a little work. Dad, MeMe and Pop Pop went on to the auction. Hannah was very good while I did some work. She did not like all of the crayons in each pocket so she put them all in one. I asked her to put them back and she tried, but had a hard time holding all of them. After a short sorting lesson we got them all put back.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

the week so far

Monday night I had a meeting so Hannah went home with Ty. When I met them to get Hannah she was not happy to get out of Ty's car and into hers. She cried most of the way home wanting to go to Ty's house. I am glad she had a good time. Mrs. Sharon said she was good, I hope she really was. She woke up Tuesday morning asking for Ty, Mrs. Sharon, and Mr. Daniel. This morning she did not mention Ty so I thought it had passed. When I picked her up from daycare she said, "No go to Hannah's house, go with Ty" She cried when we pulled in the driveway. I thought we had fun here but I guess no as much fun as Ty's house. Thanks Mrs. Sharon for letting her go home with you. She had a great time. She even asked to go see Ty's Papa today.

The new thing this week is that she has to pick up her toys before we leave. She does it without being asked. I just hope it last.

She is also learning to say her first and last name. She says Hannah very clear, but she does not say d's well. When she says her name is comes out Hannah Hoot.

We went to dinner tonight with Mrs. Ruth, Ben and Andrew. Hannah talked about going and was excited. When we got there she would not talk at all. She did not say a word the whole time. When we got in the car she talked my ear off the whole way home and once we got home.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

snack at Mama's school

Hannah and I went to school this afternoon so I could do a little work. She enjoyed eating a snack at the table like a big girl. She loves going to school.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


This morning after Hannah ate breakfast she said, "Get clothes on and go outside." We had to wait on Derrick to finish cutting grass, which seemed to take forever. As soon as he was finished, about 9 am, I took her out on the deck. She ran and played and ran and played. Finally we got her to come in and eat a snack, about 10:45. She ate a good snack and played for a few minutes. Derrick came and told me she was in the bed. After about fifteen minutes I went to check on her. She was awake, but just laying in the bed. I asked her if she wanted to get up and she said no, I asked her if she wanted me to turn her music on and she said no. I kept doing laundry and school stuff. When I check on her again she was sound asleep, 11:20. She slept until 1:15. Do you want to guess the first thing she said when she got up? You guessed it, "Go outside and play again." She spent the afternoon outside until we went to dinner. While Derrick was bathing her he asked her what she did today. She said, "Play outside, swing, slide, throw sticks, dig with shovel, do chalk, ride tricycle." Derrick asked her if she had fun. She said, "Yeah I do." Can't wait until summer so we can have fun days everyday.

fun things

Hannah decided to play the drum and sing to pass the time until she could get outside. When we got in the car to leave for dinner she wanted the blanket on her like a tent. After dinner we went to Home Depot to get a piece of wood and she helped hold it on the way home. What a big helper she is.

Friday, May 9, 2008

MeMe's flowers

Hannah calls these flowers MeMe's. They are very pretty so we wanted to take a pictures so MeMe could see them. I tried to get her picture with the flowers but she was not very cooperative.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

updates coming soon

As soon as I finish report cards I will update the blog. I have a list of the post I need to do. Check back soon. Hopefully I will get to it this weekend.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

big girl

Hannah looked like such a big girl with her towel wrapped around her. We wrap in around her so she can stand outside of the tub and watch the water go out. We have had some bath drama over the past few weeks. She went from loving a bath to hating it, screaming and crying hating it. She will now get in the tub and sit down, but still will not let us put any toys in the water. When she is ready to get out she says, "I all wrinkled up, time to get out." Some nights she really is wrinkled up and others she has not been in long enough to get wet good. We are hoping it is a phase that will pass soon.

eat outside

Hannah was very happy to eat dinner outside tonight. She cleaned her plate.

poor fish

When I got home from work today I noticed the fish had cloudy water. I asked Derrick what had happened to it and he said to ask Hannah. This was my conversation with her:
Mom: Hannah what happened to the fish?
Hannah: I feed them.
Mom: What did you feed them?
Hannah: Cereal.
Mom: Did they like the cereal?
Hannah: Yeah!
The story from Derrick was that she was eating snack at her table, while talking to the fish. When he came to check on her she was out of cereal, which she had fed to the fish. I guess Dorthy, Nemo, and Oscar did not like the fish food they had been getting. The two goldfish and six guppies all lived. I am sure they are glad to have some clean water.

Monday, May 5, 2008

a party weekend

We went to three parties this weekend and I did not take the camera to any. Saturday morning we went to Anna Claire's 2nd birthday party. Hannah had fun riding in the wagon and licking the icing off of big bird. After Anna Claire's party we came home, changed clothes, got dad and went to Dr. Betty's party. I teach with Betty and she was having a party for finishing her doctorate. Way to go Dr. Betty. We had a great time at her party. Sunday afternoon we went to Ty's 2nd birthday party. Hannah had fun playing with Ty and Kylie. By Sunday night we were partied out. I did get a picture of Hannah in her shirt from Dr. Betty Sunday night. She is saying cheese for me to take her picture.

visit with Nana and Papa

Hannah had fun playing with Nana and Papa this weekend. We had a busy weekend but were still able to spend time with Nana and Papa. Papa helped dad with a few things around the house and Nana helped me with some school work. I did not take any pictures all weekend. Hopefully Nana took some and will send them to me. Hannah enjoyed having pancakes for breakfast every morning while Papa were here. Thanks for coming to see us we had a great time.

Nana sent me some pictures to put on the blog. Papa and Nana had to take Hannah and go across the street while the house was shown. Thanks for being flexible.