Tuesday, June 30, 2009

caught up

I added the Father's Day pictures, so go back and check them out if you would like. I am updating from Derrick's computer because I have not unpack my computer. All of the pictures are on my computer. I will unpack it and put the pictures on tomorrow. I should have been in the bed a long time ago. Check back tomorrow, late evening, for pictures.

growing too fast

Look how big my sweet babies are. Hunter loves to hold on to a blanket.

look what God did

Hannah came running in the kitchen saying, "Mom, Mom come look out the window!" I asked her what it was. She said, "You have to see what God did." I quickly went to see. The sun was sitting and the sky was beautiful. I asked her, "What did He do?" She said, "He painted the sky so pretty with pink and orange." We went out on the porch so she could take a picture. She said, "Mom, I will take a picture so you can put it on the blog." She is too much!!


Hannah was so excited to see that there were blackberries that were ready to be picked when we got home yesterday. I promised her that we would pick them in the morning. When she got up, first she had to cut grass with Dad, then she came in and asked to go pick the blackberries. I talked her into eating breakfast first. While we were picking them she told me that she would not eat them because she was saving them to eat for lunch.

There are also lots of peaches on the peach tree, but I am not sure if they are ready or any good. We need to research what to put on them to make sure the bugs do not eat them before we get to pick them.

Monday, June 29, 2009

a new toy

We decided since Hunter likes to stand up, it was time to get out the exersaucer. We have to put a blanket around him but he seems to like it. Hannah likes to spin him around, which he does not like. At least not yet.

we made it back

The kids were great on the ride home. Hunter went to sleep as soon as we got in the car and Hannah fell asleep watching a movie before we were out of Anderson. The week had worn them out. Since we ate a late breakfast we did not stop for lunch. When we had to stop for Hannah to go potty we got some lunch and ate in the car so we could keep going. I changed Hunter while Hannah went potty and he never woke up. We rode a little longer and then Hannah had to go potty again. Hunter slept through that stop as well. He did not wake up until we were in Manchester. I fed him and he talked/played the rest of the way home. Hannah feel asleep about the time he woke up. She was still sleeping when we got home at a little after 4pm. She did not wake up until 6:30. Hunter went back to sleep for a little while when we got home, but then wanted to eat again. Derrick had to go to work when we got home. He quickly unpacked the car and then was out the door. Julia came by to bring our mail. She stayed with Hannah and Hunter so I could go to the grocery store and not have to take both of them with me. Thanks Julia, that really helped me. Hunter was asleep by 8:30 and Hannah was asleep again by 9:30. It is good to be home, but I hate unpacking.

Monday morning in SC

We had one more person to see before we left SC. Chrissy, my college roommate. She had been on vacation last week so I am glad we were able to eat with her this morning before we got on the road. We had the car pack and ready to go before we meet her for breakfast. We had a nice visit. Hannah talked to her a little and she fed Hunter while we talked. She is coming to see us in August for a weekend even though Hannah told her she could not stay with us.

I am glad that we get to catch up with friends when we are in SC. I am so glad that even if we do not talk for a while we can pick up like we see each other daily. I wish we had more time to spend with everyone when we visit, friends and family, but there are just not enough hours in the day.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday in SC

We had a little time this morning to just hang out at Mike and Nene's. We did not have anywhere to go until 11am.

We went to Heritage Park in Simpsonville for the Cox reunion. (That is my grandmother's side of the family on my mom's side.) The last time I remember being with that side of the family was when I was in high school and my grandmother was alive and able to still get out. It was good to see everyone, but made me a little sad that my Nanny is dead. I think she would have loved playing with Hannah and meeting Hunter. I wish Papa could have been there. I think that would have made it not so sad. Hannah had a great time playing on the playground and riding the train. Hunter slept the whole time. He is such a good baby, I feel very blessed.

Hannah fell asleep on the way back to Papa and Nana's. We visited with Papa and Nana while she napped and then went to have dinner with the Miller's. I am glad that Haley is not scared of Derrick anymore. It was nice to see and visit with Dawn, Jeremy, Haley and Natalie. The girls were good and had fun playing outside, where we moved so we could talk and they could play.

After dinner and visiting with the Miller's we went to MeMe and PopPop's. Hannah wanted to find all of the cats as soon as we got there. MeMe took her and Hunter outside for a walk, which I think they all enjoyed. We were able to see Travis, Robin and Marla for a little while as well. Hannah and Marla had fun playing. Marla even held Hunter for a minute. I did not have the camera with me, but Robin took some pictures. (Check Mrala's blog to see the pictures Robin took.)

It is hard to belive that we have been here a week and it is time to go back to TN tomorrow. We have had a good and very busy week.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

few more zoo picture

Saturday in SC

We left for the zoo at 7:30 this morning. We stopped for breakfast and then were on our way. Nene read books to Hannah most of the way. I am glad she does not get car sick. Hannah did great on the ride there and only asked if we were at the zoo a couple times.

She was glad to get to ride in the stroller today, but she was not too happy that we left Hunter with Papa and Nana. There were several animals at the Columbia zoo that are different from the animals we have at the Nashville zoo. We all had a great time. I do have to say that as a child I thought the Columbia Zoo was HUGE, and now it does not seem near as big.

Hunter was able to meet some more family members today while he was with Papa and Nana. He meet Uncle Roy, Aunt Carol, Angie, Keith, Cece, and Emily. I hate that we did not all get to visit with them, but there are just not enough hours in the day when we make a trip to SC.

We went to see MaDot and Papa Charlie one more time before had to come back to TN. It was nice to visit with them. Hannah loves to go to their house and play with WeeOne.

We all enjoyed grilling out with Mike, Nene, and Aunt Lori tonight. I am very tired after to fun filled days in a row.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday in SC

We started today early. We went to breakfast with Papa and Nana before going to the Fish Hatchery. I think Hannah was too excited to eat. She talked the whole way there. She enjoyed looking at and feeding all of the fish. When we left the Hatchery we went to find a nice spot for a picnic. The first spot had a bees nest, so we moved on to another spot with no bees. Hannah enjoyed her PB&J sandwich, chips, grapes, juice box, and watermelon. When we finished eating we went to a spot where she could get in the river. It was really cold water, but she did not seem to mind. She had fun walking through the river and throwing rocks. She was too tired to do much talking on the way home.

She slept for while when we got back to Papa and Nana's. While she was sleeping we went to get Hunter so he could meet Aunt Jan and Linda. They thought he was a cute little fellow. We are glad they got to meet Hunter, but wish we could have visited with them longer. When she woke up we headed back to Mike and Nene's to get ready for Jordan's wedding. Hannah was very excited that she was going to see Jordan in her princess dress.

The wedding was very pretty. Hannah was good and enjoyed dancing to the music throughout the wedding. Hunter slept through the wedding. Hannah really enjoyed the cake.

Today was a long but fun day. We are going to the Columbia Zoo in the morning. We are excited about another fun day tomorrow.

Hunter's Friday in SC

Hunter spent the day with Mike and Nene while we were with Papa and Nana. He had a good time talking and was very happy to see us when we got back.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday in SC

We had a lazy morning with just the four of us. Derrick and Hunter slept late and Hannah and I ate breakfast together and played for a little while.

We all got ready and went to eat lunch with Mike and Nene. Hannah wanted to see more people at their work, but did not want to talk to any of them. Hunter stayed awake the whole time and was very pleasant.

Hannah was tired from our morning of nothing, lunch, playing, and visiting. She napped from 2:30 - 5:45. I hope she will nap this good when we get back to TN.

We ate dinner with Papa and Nana then went back to their house to play for a little. Hannah and Derrick went to ride in the jeep with Mr. Matt and Mattison.

We are all back at Mike and Nene's now. I need to go to bed, we have another busy and fun day planned for tomorrow.

sleepy boys

I could not resist taking this picture. I have a picture of Derrick and Hannah sleeping like this when she was about Hunter's age. I feed Hunter about 7am and laid him by Derrick while I went to check on Hannah and fix her some breakfast. This is what I found when I came back upstairs to check on Hunter.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the little chair

Hannah loves this chair. She always has to sit in it when we come to visit. I am not sure what she is going to do when she really is too big for the chair. Seeing her in it reminds me of Goldilocks.

Wednesday in SC

Today started with breakfast at Nannie's house. She fixed biscuits, hashbrowns, bacon, fruit, and grits. We had a good breakfast and visit with Nannie.

We then went to see Papa at work. He is working at a house they built a while ago doing some remodeling. Hannah liked the dogs and pool. She wanted Papa to leave with us, but he had to stay and finish working.

The next stop was to see Paige. Hannah said she was the other Paige, not the Miss Paige from her school. She talked to Paige a little, but tried to be bashful. It was good to see Paige for a little while.

We had lunch with MeMe, Aunt Joan and Cheree. Hannah decided that she did not want anything to eat for lunch, so she just had a few chips and a drink. She had a good time playing with Cheree. It was good to see Aunt Joan and Cheree. We hope that MeMe was not late getting back to work. Thanks for calling and asking us to come to lunch. (The camera was in the car so we do not have any pictures from lunch.)

Nap time. She went right to sleep but did not sleep as long today, 2-4:15. Hunter made up for yesterday and slept from about 2:30 until I woke him up at 6pm. He is tired from meeting all of his family and friends the last few day.

We had dinner tonight with Mike, Nene,and Aunt Lori. It took Hannah a little while to warm up to Aunt Lori again, but since she shared food with her and blew bubbles for her, Hannah had a new best friend. After dinner we came back to Mike and Nene's to play chalk and bubbles. We came in when it got dark to get baths and go to bed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday in SC

I am very glad that my kids sleep go no matter where we are.

Today started by picking up Nannie to go to the library for story time. Hannah and Hunter both sat and listened very nicely. This is the second week in a row that Hunter has been to story time and he has been awake.

After story time we went to meet Jennifer at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. Hannah was excited to get to play before she ate and I was glad to get Hunter fed before we ate. Hannah was bashful and would not talk to Jennifer and Hunter cried when she held him. Sorry Jennifer that both kids were moody. It was good to visit with Jennifer for a little while. When I see her again at Christmas she will have a 3 month old. Yeah!! Can't wait to meet him.

We went back to Nannies to visit a little longer before going back to Mike and Nene's to nap. Hannah enjoyed playing with the bowl of apples and looking at pictures with Nannie.

Hannah slept from 2-5 again today, WOO HOO!! Hunter was not as in to napping today. I think he just wanted a little time with me. I did not mind holding him and talking to him either.

After nap we went to eat dinner with MeMe and PopPop. MeMe cooked us a great dinner. Hannah was glad to see Rocky. For weeks now we have listened to her say, "I have not seen Rocky in a really long time." She was excited to see him and to meet Marla's new puppy. Belle was a little to playful for her, but she was not as scared of her as I thought she would be. She was glad to see MeMe, PopPop and all of the animals.

We ran by Mike and Nene's to get pj's for the kids and then to Papa and Nana's to see Uncle Robby and Aunt Gay. We were glad to visit with them for a little while. Hannah wanted to take a bath at Papa's house. We then loaded up and came back to Mike and Nene's to got to bed. Another full day of visiting family had made all of us tired.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday in SC

The kids slept great last night. Derrick and I did too. We got up this morning and were ready to start visiting family.

We went to Ma Dot and Charlie's first. Hannah calls them MeMa and Papa Charlie. MeMa wants to be called MiMi now. Hannah said that was fine she could have two MiMi's. (She calls Derrick's mom MiMi.) Hannah was very excited to see Weeone and Ma Dot was very excited to meet Hunter. She fed him his bottle and snuggled with him for a while. She said she felt very blessed to have seen all of her great grandchildren within the last three days. I remember her telling me that she just wanted to live long enough to have one great grandchild and now she has four and one on the way, my cousin is pregnant. She said being a grandmother is great and being a great grandmother is even better. I enjoyed visiting with her and Charlie.

We left them to go meet Papa for lunch. Hannah was so excited to see her Papa. I think he was just as excited to see her. Hunter was all smiles for Papa as well. We had a nice lunch. Hannah ate a good lunch so Papa got her some rainbow icecream. Thanks Papa for meeting us for lunch.

The next stop was MeMe's office. We stopped by to see her and give her PopPop's Father's Day card. All the ladies at the office could not believe how big Hannah was and how cute Hunter is. I think they are the cutest kids ever, but I am their mom. Hunter was getting hungry so we did not stay and visit long and MeMe was working.

We came back to Mike and Nene's to feed Hunter and let both him and Hannah take a nap. She slept from 2 until 5. All that visiting made her tired. Hunter slept just as long.

Once she was up we got ready to go to Papa and Nana's to see Nana before she went to work. We were able to visit with Nana for a little while before she went to work. Hannah said, "Nana has to got take care of the whinny babies." Nana had prizes for Hannah and Hunter. Thanks Nana for the goodies. We went to eat dinner with Papa at Pizza Inn. Thanks PaPa for dinner.

After going back to Papa's for a little while we headed to Mike and Nene's to get ready for bed. Both kids got a bath and went to bed with no trouble. Hannah has to get up one time for something, potty, another hug, etc. then she goes right to sleep.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

look out SC, here we come

Hannah was very excited to ride to SC with Mattison and Sophia. Matt and Donna said she was good, but they would be rich if they had a $1 for every time she asked if she was at Mike and Nene's yet. Hunter did well on his first long trip. It took us a while, but we made it. This was Hannah's first trip in big girl panties. She told Mrs. Donna both times we had to go potty. We had to feed Hunter twice, but once when we stopped for lunch. His onesie says, That's it I am going to Grandma's. I thought it was great for him to wear on his first trip to SC.

Mattison & Sophia came to play

We were glad to have Mattison, Sophia, Donna, and Matt come to visit this weekend. I had a workshop all day Friday, but I think the girls had a good time playing. It was really hot so they did not play outside much during the day. After dinner we let them play in the pool until it got dark. On Saturday we went to the library to see the puppet show, but there was no puppet show. There was a magic show, so we still had something to see. After the magic show we walked a few blocks to eat some lunch. When we got home and the girls and Hunter were resting/napping Donna and I went to get pedicures. Thanks Derrick and Matt for watching all the kids so we could go have girl time. We went to Sonic for dinner and then back home to get baths. The girls seemed to have a great time together. Hunter was good too and did not seem to care that he was out numbered. I will post pictures in separate post.

Happy Father's Day

I feel like Derrick got the bad end of the deal. Hannah was in school for mother's day and made me all kind of cute things. I had all intentions of making cute things with her for him, but time got away from me. He took sweet pictures of the kids for all of the grandpa's and great grandpa's. (They are on his computer, but I will post them when we get back to TN.)

I am very thankful that my kids have the best Dad is the world! He is so good with them, does a lot to help out and makes our house and yard look so good. I could not ask for a better husband and best friend. Seeing him with Hannah reminds me of time I spent with my Dad when I was little. I am blessed to have an awesome Dad, two great father-in-laws, and two wonderful grandfathers. Happy Father's Day to you all.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

magic show

He put white paper in his mouth and pulled out many different colors. Hannah said it was gross to put paper in your mouth.
The big girls. Sophia and Hunter were sitting in the back with Matt and Derrick.
They thought baby birds were coming out of the box but it was a HUGE pair of underwear.
Hannah was very worried that he said something about baby birds and then showed us a rabbit.
Sophia is the only one who would hold the bird. The girl bird was named Hannah.

all the kiddos

We were glad that Mattison and Sophia were able to come and meet Hunter and play with Hannah.
They both look like they are not too sure about this.
Look at those smiles