Tuesday, September 29, 2009

question of the day

Tonight we went to Snappy Tomato to eat dinner. Hannah knows they have games to play. After she finished eating she asked if she could play a game. I told her I did not have any money. She asked Derrick if he had any money and he said no. Then she asked Nana is she had any money and she said no. Hannah then said, "Did any of you go to work today?" Priceless.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

look at this big boy

Hunter sat in a highchair for the first time at lunch today. He did pretty good. I did not have my floppy seat with me so I did not leave him in there for long. I think he might be ready to start sitting in a highchair when we got out to eat. Time to put the floppy seat in the car.

Friday, September 25, 2009

apple week

This week at school has been the best week of teaching I have had in forever. I feel like I have really taught and we have done such fun activities. One of Susan's kids brought these apple cupcakes for snack. I thought they were too cute. I brought one home for Hannah. She loved it.

Hunter's art work

Hunter made this sweet little sunshine at Nana and Sheri's today. I love everything my kids make with their sweet hand prints.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hunter & Todd

I picked up Todd today when I got Hunter. Sharon had conferences and had to work late. Todd came home with Hunter last Thursday and everyday since he tries to go with me. I think he had fun playing with Hannah's toys. He was a sweet boy. Hunter liked having him to watch for a little while. I am sure Hunter will be up and chancing after him soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

good news

Uncle Kyle will be getting a leg in two weeks. While at the prosthetist today I told him that my daughter was very concerned about Uncle Kyle having toes. He let us bring home this foot and leg to show Hannah. She as not really sure about it at first, but I think it helped her to see what his new leg/foot will look like. We are very excited that Uncle Kyle has come this far this fast.

my sweet boy

Hunter will make his mouth in an O and say oooooo. I tired to catch it on video. Sorry you have to listen to me too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hannah has her very own

A.Z Kelley shirt. She was so excited tonight when I gave her this shirt. I have lots of Kelley shirts and wear them all the time. She always says, "When I am 5 I will get to go to A.Z. Kelley." I am glad she liked her shirt. I have a pink one too. She said, "Mom, now we can match." I will have to get Dad or Nana to take our picture when we both wear our pink A.Z. Kelley shirts.

Monday, September 21, 2009

just in case you were wondering...

The baby turkeys have grown up. I can't tell anymore if these are the babies or some hens. We have seen lots of turkeys lately. They always seem to come out more in the rain.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hunter's day with Mama & Nana

While Hannah, Dad, and Papa went to the redneck rumble Hunter, Nana and I went shopping. We went to the Forrest Hills Consignment Sale, it was half price day, Hallmark, The Fresh Market, Panera for lunch, Target and Walgreen's. Hunter was such a good boy. He slept while we ate and was wide awake the rest of the time. He did not want to sleep all day and has been chewing his hands and drooling. I think he may be getting some teeth soon. I can feel a few little bumps on his bottom gums. He has been good, but has wanted me to hold him a little more than usual, not that I mind at all. It was nice to spend the morning and early afternoon with Hunter and Nana.

I went through all of his clothes and this is what he did while I sorting/organizing his clothes.

Papa grilled us hamburgers for dinner and we all ate together. It was nice to spend the day with family. Thanks for cooking dinner Papa.

Hannah's day with Dad & Papa

Yes you read it correctly, my sweet little girl went to the Redneck Rumble. She was so excited to go with Dad and Papa to see all the cars. They said she was good and had a good time, but that she was disappointed that the cars did not race. Derrick says he is going to take her to a race. I do not think she will like it, but I am sure he will take her to one and she will let him know.

Friday, September 18, 2009

a date

Derrick and I had a nice time at Matt and Cali's wedding tonight. It was nice to go out together, especially after he had been out of town all week. The wedding was very pretty and the reception was nice. My favorite part, besides spending time with my wonderful husband, was the cupcake tree. I wanted to eat all of the cupcakes, but Derrick and I shared one. I love that all weddings are different. We were talking to Joel and Emily about how different this wedding was than ours. That is what makes weddings special, they are all different.

Hannah was not happy when we left her, but when I called to check on her she was fine. She and Hunter had a fun time playing with Papa and Nana. Thanks Papa and Nana for watching them and getting them to bed while we were gone.

Hunter loves his Papa

Hunter and Papa are big buddies. Hannah is getting better at sharing Papa with Hunter. Hunter got to spend the day with Dad, Papa, Nana, and Uncle Kyle on Friday because his daycare was closed. From the look on his face he had a great day. He is such a happy boy.

updates coming

I plan on updating the blog from the past week tomorrow. Derrick and I are going to a wedding tonight. Yeah, that will be a nice date! I am feeling a little more caught up at school and hope to just do things around the house this weekend, play with the kids, clean, play with the kids, update the blog, play with the kids, etc. I hope you all have a great weekend and check back tomorrow for updates from the last week.

the girls

I do not think I would make it through some, probably most, days without these girls. I love my k team. We all work well together and have a great time teaching all 150 kindergartners. We took a new picture for the bulletin board at school because we added a new teacher. We now have 8 classes (one class as an assistant for a student, that is why there are 9 teachers in the picture) and are all still at 20 or 21. I work at the best school with the best people ever. Thanks girls for all you do for me each day. Love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hannah can always make me laugh

This morning while I was in the shower I heard the door open and a sweet little voice say, "Mom, why are you in the shower while it is dark outside?" I told her I had to get ready for work, but that she could get in my bed and go back to sleep. She said, "You know it is night night time when it is dark." I told her to go get in my bed then and go back to sleep. She said, "I am up now can I just watch a movie on Dad's computer?"

Tonight I gave her a bath and was about to dry her hair. She walked in by bathroom and said, "Mom why does Dad not live with us anymore?" I told her he does and she said, "Well, I have not been able to give him a hug all week." I told her that he was just out of town and that he would be home tonight. She decided she needed to call him. She talked to him for a little while and told me she would see him in a little while, that she would just stay awake in her bed until he got home. I know she will be glad to see him in the morning.

Nana is very brave

This is Hyfestus. He gets to eat two mice each week.
This is the new snake. I can't remember what Kyle named him. He only get to eat one mouse.

Nana took their pictures eating their meal for the week.

Last week I called to check and see if Nana and Uncle Kyle needed anything before I came home. Nana did not answer her phone so I called Uncle Kyle. When he answered I asked what Nana was doing. He said she was catching a snake. I asked him if Hyfestus had gotten out and he said no there was a snake in the living room. Nana caught the snake and put it in the other cage that Uncle Kyle has. So we now have two snakes. Good job Nana, I am glad you are so brave.

Monday, September 14, 2009

what makes me smile?

These sweet faces!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparent's Day

We would like to wish all of the grandparents and great-grandparents a Happy Grandparents Day! We are so blessed to have so many grand and great-grandparents in our lives. I am so thankful that I still have two sets of grandparents that I am very close to and love dearly. I just wish I could see them more and that Hannah and Hunter could see them more. Here are the pictures that we took and sent to all of the grandparents. I am glad I know a good photographer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Kyle

We are so happy that Uncle Kyle is here for his birthday this year. Hannah said he had to have a candle to blow out. Mama went to the store and got some cookies. He had a birthday cookie with a candle on it. We sang Happy Birthday to him and he got to make a wish. Hannah was so happy to sing to him. We gave him his present last weekend while Daddy, Aunt Jan, Linda, and Derrick were all here. Happy Birthday Uncle Kyle!! We love you!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

not the day I had planned

I had planned on just getting up this morning and going to the zoo or the park for a little while. Coming home and eating some lunch with Papa, Aunt Jan and Linda, before they had to go back to SC and then taking a nap while I did some school work. Non of the things I had planned happened. Hannah came to get in bed with us at 5:15 because she has thrown up in her bed. When I woke up I was not feeling well, and you guessed it I threw up too. I saw mama coming out of Kyle's room. She said that Kyle and Daddy had been throwing up all night. YUCK!!! I lost count of how many times Hannah threw up, but it was way too many. She took a morning and afternoon nap, which she has not done since she was a little over 1. No one has gotten sick in the last several hours, which is a good thing. Aunt Jan and Linda went back to SC. Daddy has been in the bed or on the couch sleeping, covered up all day. That is not like him at all so we know he does not feel well at all. Hannah, Kyle and I are much better. Hannah has not eaten all day, but she is drinking and keeping that down now. I know she will eat when she is hungry. We will all be home together again tomorrow. I do not want to go to school and make everyone sick or send the kids to daycare and make their friends sick. I am praying that Mama, Derrick, and Hunter to not get the throw up bug. The positive for today is that we are all getting some much needed rest.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

he is a mess

Hannah did not get to see Hunter jumping earlier today because she was napping. She wanted to see him jump so we put him back in the johnny-jump-up. Hannah would jump beside him and he would go crazy jumping. They both laughed and jumped for a good 20 minutes. I noticed that he was quiet and when I looked this is what I found. (As soon as I took the picture I took him out.)

no more blackberries

Derrick cut down all of the blackberry bushes today. It does look better all cleaned out, but I hope they will come back. Hannah and I really enjoy picking blackberries. I am sure we can plant more if they do not come back.

we have a jumping bean

Since Hunter loves to bounce in his exersaucer we thought he would love the johnny-jump-up. Derrick had him in it when I got back from school today. He loves it. Here is a short video of him having a little fun.

keeping with tradition

We have made it a family tradition to eat breakfast at Panera Bread the first Sunday of each month. Today Hunter got to eat some cereal and peaches instead of just a bottle. He is loving eating cereal and fruit in the morning. We all enjoy our breakfast together as a family.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

on the menu tonight

sweet potatoes and smiles and
sweet potatoes with a side of fingers and
a nap.

love the look

Hannah wanted to play outside so I told her to put some shoes on. She choose her cat goulashes. They are almost too small for her but she will not let me take them out of her closet. She had the best time picking up rocks and acorns and putting them in her wheelbarrow.

Friday, September 4, 2009

blue toes

Hannah went to Target with Papa and Nana and came home with new polish. I think she likes getting her toes done from me. She was so excited that her polish has glitter in it. Thanks Papa and Nana for the new polish.

look mom

Hunter loves to hold his feet and turn to his side. He will not roll from his back to his belly still. He can roll from his belly to his back, but only when he wants to.

poor girl

Hannah got her first really bad scraped knees at school today. She said she was pushing Ty on the tricycle and that he went to fast and she fell down. They did not hurt during dance or when we got home, but after being the bathtub for a little while they hurt to bad for her to stand up. I cleaned them, put medicine on them (good thing Mike had just sent her a first aid kit), and then put Hello Kitty band aids on them. They were much better then. She had to show Uncle Kyle her hurt legs.

dance class

Hannah had her first dance class today. I was a little nervous. She has never participated in an activity by herself. Derrick and I have always had to be with her, because of her age. The teacher came out and called all the friends and she was off. I was able to watch her through the window and take some pictures. They are not great, but you can see that she is having fun. I asked her what she liked the best about going to dance on the way home. She said, "I liked wearing the crowns and getting to dace like a princess."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hunter is 5 months old

It has been a fast five months. He is growing and growing. He was happy to see his Uncle Kyle.