Thursday, May 31, 2012

zoo and a chapter book

 We decided to take a little trip to the zoo today. They were so excited.
 They look so big. Hunter was so excited that I did not bring the stroller for him.
 The elephants were playing in the water. It was pretty neat to see them drink and play.

My attempt at getting a picture of the three of us.

 Hunter requested to see the giraffe. He wanted to know why the baby was so big. I did not have an answer for him.
 Hannah was reading to him the information about the fish.
 Hunter said this was his favorite fish.
 Hannah wanted to take a picture of the "big snake." We had just seen the copperhead and when we saw the anaconda Hunter said, "I am glad that snake did not bit Mr. Matt's hand." He forgets nothing.
The flamingo's were very active today.  They thought it was fun to see them eat with their heads under the water.

 Hunter loves the goats. He told me he wanted a red brush and went straight to the bucket to find it.
 Hannah petted them for a minute but was more interested in reading the signs today.
 Hunter chased this little white goat all over the place. It would not be still for him to pet it.
 I think this goat may be a mama goat with a baby in her tummy. She could not move very fast, but Hunter bothered petted her enough to make her get up and move.

We went to Sonic to get drinks before coming home to eat lunch. Hunter had to take a nap before we went to meet the teacher at his school. 

 While he napped Hannah started reading her first real chapter book. She is such a good reader. She only needed help with a few words.
She asked if she could lay down and read. As soon as she did Gypsy came in and got on in the bed. I guess she really does like to listen to Hannah read. She read two chapters today. She said she would read more tomorrow. My baby girl is so grown up. It is amazing how much they grow and learn in a year.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the big pool

This morning we went to the pool at the Maryland Farms Y. Hunter is very into the Y. He likes to know which one we are going to. He will ask are we going to the Smyrna or Christ Y today? We usually go to the Smyrna Y after school, but occasionally go to the Y at Christ Church. We went there a lot last summer and I guess he just remembers that. He does not seem to remember going to the Maryland Farms Y last year. They both had a great time. We had lots of good company at the pool with us. This is the only picture I took. They do not look very happy but the sun was in their eyes. They both came home and took almost three hour naps. I had to wake them up so we could go to the Smyrna Y. On the way there Hunter said he wanted to go back to the pool Y. I assured him we would. I signed them both up for swim lessons  and hope Hannah will be confident enough to take the swim test after the lessons. I think Hunter may be ready to take it as well. He is not afraid of anything. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a good day for all

 Hannah and Hunter were so happy to have Ty over to play today. Hunter was a little sad that Todd did not get to come too. Maybe next time. They played outside all day. They took turns riding the jeep, gator and four wheeler. They played in the pool, on the slip and slide, in the playhouse, rode a while, played in the pool again.
 Hunter (he does not weigh enough to go any further without help)
 Nice little picnic lunch. This is the only place my kids think they can eat.
 Hannah and Ty needed the water on, like Dad did it for her yesterday, she told me.
 Late this afternoon we had a storm and saw another double rainbow. This is the second day in a row we have seen a double rainbow. We were driving yesterday and I could not get a good picture. I love how excited the kids get when we see rainbows. I love how God sends them just when I need to be reminded of His promises the most.
Before Papa left he bought Hannah and Hunter zebra cakes. Hunter finally ate enough real food today to get his. He was really enjoying every bite. Thanks Papa for the snack!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

 We spent most of the day at home. Papa and Nana had to leave this morning, but were able to visit a little while before heading back to SC. The kids played in the pool, Derrick cut grass and I just sat in the sun doing nothing but watching the kids. I did go to the Y to run and do body pump. I also went to the funeral home to see Melanie. Her dad passed away unexpectedly this weekend. We were talking about how we felt like we were too young to loose our parents. It was good to see her but I hate that it was under those circumstances. I came home and watched the kids play a little longer before we got ready and headed to Cool Springs. We had to get my new bible study book, Jonah, which I am excited about starting and Derrick needed some shoes. After a little shopping we had a nice, late dinner at Chili's before coming home. I love summer life!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

little pool time

 Do you like the walk way so we can hopefully get less grass in the pool? We will see if it helps.

 Hunter played for about 2 seconds in the pool then decided he needed the sprinkler on instead.
 I know the kids will spend lots of time in this little pool when we are not at the Y in the big pool. They love the water.
Hunter got this cool Spiderman gear for his birthday. He could not wait to put it on. He is so cute!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

the rest of our Saturday

 Fun blowing big and little bubbles.
 Loving on Papa.
 Jumping on Uncle Kyle's bed. Hunter now just calls him Uncle.
 Playing a little soccer.
 Hannah hit the ball on top of the porch. She would not stand on Derrick shoulder to find where it was so I did. Thanks Nana for taking pictures of this fun little adventure.
 Kyle helping make sure I did not break my neck.
 Walking around to the other side where the ball is.
 Getting the ball and Papa making sure I do not fall getting down.
 Uncle Kyle decided to join in the bubble blowing fun.
 Dad and Hannah working on making the bubble solution just right.
 Papa grilling us some yummy dinner.
 We were all trying to teach Hunter how to hold the bat and hit the ball. We were not very successful, but it was fun to try. We have all summer to practice, right?
Hannah did master making HUGE bubbles.

There are no pictures of Nana because she was taking the pictures.  I think she had fun watching all of the fun. Next time I will make sure to get a few pictures of her too.

Happy Saturday Morning

We are having a great Saturday so far. Derrick and I were able to sleep until 8:30 thanks for Papa and Nana. They got up with the kids and took them to IHOP for breakfast. From the look on their faces they had a great time at breakfast.

Papa was pushing Hunter in the swing for a little while and some bugs were getting around them. Papa told Hunter to come in for a few minutes and get some bug spray on because it was hot and the bugs were bothering him. Hunter came in and told me that he needed bug spray because there were hot bugs outside.

We all enjoyed some time in the yard playing while Dad and Papa worked on cutting down some trees. Hunter decided to pick up the real chainsaw to help them and burnt his leg on it. He did not want to tell them but finally came and told me. We put a cold pack on it and got him is chainsaw. He said he needed his because Dad's almost burnt his leg off. He helped them tie the rope around the tress before they cut them down. He asked them how many more trees they were going to kill. I don't think he is a fan of cutting the trees down.

We all enjoyed lunch on the porch. Hunter is napping even though he said he did not need to. I am sure we will have a good rest of the day. I hope you all are having a great Saturday!