Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy to Hunter at church

Hunter was so excited to go on the stage for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to him. He could not wait to go and he wanted to go all alone. Mr. John even commented that he had never had anyone as little has him come alone. He thought he was big stuff.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

outside and cool shoes

Hunter LOVES to play outside. As soon as we pull in the driveway he says, "Play truck!" I usually let him stay outside and play while I fix dinner. I love to watch him push is dump truck all over the yard. He also enjoys swinging while he is outside. 
When we come in he will take his tennis shoes off and put on his Spider man slippers. Too funny!

Monday, March 28, 2011

kindergarten registration

I registered Hannah for Kindergarten today. It was a little sad for me. I knew this day would come but I did not expect for it to be so emotional. I have cried several times since her 5th birthday just thinking about having to register her. I did not cry today, but I did get a little teary. She is so excited. I need to take a picture of her with her cute little pink crocodile. She will go to school Aug. 4th for kindergarten orientation. Her first day of school will be Aug. 11th, which is a half day. She will have another half day on Aug. 15th and her first full day of kindergarten will be Aug. 16th. I will post pictures when I catch the blog up.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

still working

We added listening to the responsibility chart this week. That gave her something to work on for sure. We will see how week three goes. Hunter wanted to add his thoughts to the chart.

Friday, March 25, 2011

good day and friends

 Today we were supposed to have our Teddy Bear Picnic at school, but it was really cold. Ruth loves to dress up and she was a great bear today. The kids loved her waking up all of the kids bears. The kids still had a great time even though we did not get to picnic outside.

Hunter was happy that Blake got to come home from school with him today to play. They had a great time playing together. 
Hannah was happy that I brought Ainsley home with me. We had a nail painting party. It was neat to see Hannah  playing with an older girl. They had a great time. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


I am so happy the weather is pretty today. Watching the kids play outside was a great way to end my day. We are always so happy to see our flowers growing back.

lunch or not

I was emptying lunch boxes tonight and cracked up when I read Hunter's card from today. For lunch it said, "Hunter covered his eyes and told me to put it in the trash." Guess he was not a fan of the sandwich we sent.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hunter's world

 This is the picture we used for his evite. We have decided that it is best to just do a evite instead of printing them to send out. I thought the pictures was too cute not to share with everyone. He is very good at saying cheese. I told him that we had to take a picture and he said no. I asked him if he wanted to have a birthday party and he said yes, open presents. I told him that he had to let us take a picture and he said ok. He is too funny.
I love his little crossed feet in this picture. He had put the Elmo in blue night night. I love that he makes anything that "goes to sleep" lay face down. I have this picture as my desktop picture and he is enjoying looking at himself. I think he looks so big. I can't believe that a week from Saturday he will be 2. Where has the time gone?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

this just might change our lives

After being really frustrated with Hannah because of her behavior I made her a responsibility chart. We have completed week one using the chart. It worked pretty good. The beginning of the week was still a little rough, but it did get better as the week went on. We are going to keep using the chart until her behavior is back under control. How the chart works: stickers mean she did what she supposed to, x means it did not apply to that day and sad face means she did not do what she was supposed to do. We sat down at the beginning of the week decided what her rewards were going to be. We will see how week two goes.

ready for bed

I think he would sleep in shoes if we would let him. He loves to put his own socks and shoes on.

girl time

I had a great morning spending time with some of the girls from Sunday school. We all had pedicures then ate lunch at Blue Coast. We finished earlier than we thought we would so we were able to just sit and talk until we went to Emily's baby shower. We even had time to go into a cute little store with some really cute children's clothes.  It was nice to see more girls who were not able to send the morning with us at the shower. I wish I would have taken some pictures at the shower, but I did not even think about it. It was a nice day spending time with friends. Thanks Aunt Debbie for keeping the kids. They had a great time.

build a bear

Hannah and Hunter went to build a bear for the first time today. Aunt Debbie, Jacqulin and Luke were kind enough give them gift cards for Christmas then take them to spend them today, and Uncle Bert too. The kids loved it. We went back to the mall when we picked them up to get them Easter shoes. Hannah wanted us to see where they bathed their bears. Hunter had to had a turn too. They had a great day with the Sumner's. Hunter is always asking for Luke and Abby. They built bunnies and they are really cute.

Friday, March 18, 2011

zoo with Hannah

Hannah had a good week so I picked her up early and we went to the zoo. She was so excited. She took most of these pictures. We had a great time. She is fun to hang out with.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We did not do anything really fun today for St. Patrick's day. I did let the kids eat cookies that were green. They thought that was great fun. Hope everyone had a nice St. Patrick's Day.

the park with Aniyah

Julia and I took the kids to see Mrs. Ruth and then we went to the park. Hunter and Aniyah had a great time playing. We enjoyed a nice lunch at Blue Coast before coming home to take a nap. Thanks for going to play with us.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

purple flowers

On the way to the car tonight Hannah and Hunter were picking purple flowers. Hannah loves to pick them and things they are so beautiful. Hunter has learned to pick them because Hannah does. As I buckled him in the car I thought to myself, I should take that flower from him so he will not eat it. I talked myself out of it and told myself he would not eat it. We were not even to the interstate and Hannah started yelling and Hunter was spitting. Yes, that is right, he ate the flower. I pulled into a parking lot to clean his mouth out and give him some water to drink. I was on the phone with Derrick when it all happened so I asked him if he thought they were poisonous. He said he did not think they were. After I cleaned his mouth out and gave him water we continued home. I called Papa to see if he and Nana though they were poisonous. They said they did not think they were. After driving a little longer Hannah said, "Mom you should call MeMe. She knows all about flowers." She was really concerned about him. I called MeMe and she said she and Pop Pop did not think they were, but she would check a book she had a home when she got there. By the time we got home she called to tell us they were not for sure. She said she could not find the information in her book or on line she she called poison control. They told her they did not think they were. Thanks MeMe for calling. I did not even think to call poison control.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


His hair is a little shorter than usual, but it grows so fast.
The difference in a kindergarten teacher's drawing and an artist's. Glad I married an artist.
Look at this beautiful, happy girl. I sure do love her!
As soon as he heard the camera come on he looked at me and said cheese.

I am happy to report today has been a much, much, much better day. We enjoyed breakfast at Panera before church. We missed church last week and it felt good and much needed to be there this week. I really do love our church. Derrick and I teach the older three's each week. This month we are learning about the Creation. Today we learned that God made the plants and trees. We decorated bags and went for a nature walk. We have all boys in our class and they loved the nature walk. After church we ate some lunch as a family. I love Sunday's because, as long as Derrick is not working, it is the only day we sit and eat all three meals together. Sometimes it happens on Saturday as well. Hunter took a good nap. While he was napping Derrick worked downstairs, I worked on report cards and Hannah had to rest a little then she straightened her room, the living room and the bathroom, all without being asked to, before she went to play quietly in her room. That is the Hannah I like to have living at my house. She started to whine couple of times today and we reminded her of the conversation we had last night. She stopped. We are going to put up a chart for her to earn stickers for doing thing without us have to tell her more than once and for not crying when we take her to school (that is a whole other issue). Hunter was too cute before bed. He moved the chairs around and then laid back on them and said night-night. Hannah was excited to sleep in her new Ariel gown. I am so happy our WHOLE day was good. I hope you all had a great Sunday.