Friday, September 30, 2011

Lighthouse Preschool night

All the Lighthouse Preschool classes were invited to the football game tonight to say the pledge to the American flag, Christian flag and the Bible. Hunter did not say any of them after he had talked so much about it, but all the preschoolers looked cute in their Lighthouse shirts. Hunter had a big fan club come out to support him. Mike, Nene, Jeremy, Cooper, Julia, Mark and Aniyah. Hunter liked watching football and cheering for the boys. Hannah and Aniyah liked cheering like the cheerleaders. I did not take my camera, the batteries in Mike and Nene's camera died, so this is the only picture I took with my phone. Thanks Nene for spending your birthday with us at the football game.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I had the best time at this conference. I loved hanging out with friends, hearing great speakers(see list on right side of blog titled .MOM), learning new things about being a mom, and most of all really hearing from God. I really can't put into words all that I learned. You had to be there to understand this but this is what I took away and what will get me though. Be the sunshine in the boat, even when the boat is in deep water. Maybe I will write more about all I learned later when I have more time.

These are all the wonderful friends I spent the weekend with. I hope more friends can go next year.
We stayed Saturday night since Ashely and Donna came so far to be with Allison and I. We had a nice dinner and a great time just visiting. I am already looking forward to next year.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jacqulin's game

I feel so old when I see this picture of Jacquiln. She was in kindergarten when we met them. That is Hannah's age. How did she grow up so fast? She is growing into a beautiful young lady inside and out.
Hannah loves Jacqulin and thought it was really cool to "cheer" with her.
They are all growing too fast.
Aunt Debbie thought the night would not be complete without snow cones. Thanks Aunt Debbie.

Monday, September 19, 2011


 I thought this was the last paci Hunter had. It is always hard for me to make the kids get rid of their paci. I think it is because it is the last thing they get rid of that makes them a baby. Hunter is  really good at telling me when his paci has a hole in it. We threw away 2 this weekend! This morning when I put my raincoat on I found a paci in my pocket. I am not sure who was more excited. I am not in a hurry to take his paci away. It really is the last thing that lets me think of him as a baby. He only has it in his bed. He does not have one at school, but naps when it here. He has become a little boy way to fast.
 I got to spend the day with this sweet boy. He woke up from nap yesterday not feeling well and had a fever by late afternoon. I took him to the doctor this morning and she said he just has a virus. We stopped at Sonic on the way home to get a "flush" to make his throat feel better. He has not had fever all day. I hope he stays that way so we can all go back to school/work tomorrow. I know he still not 100% because he spent most of the morning in my lap. He played a little more this afternoon and was back to picking on Hannah before bed, so I think he is feeling better.
I thought she looked too cute in this little outfit today. She is able to wear her twinkle toes to school because she can tie her own shoes. She seems to be learning so many new things so quickly lately. I hope she will always love school as much as she does right now. Derrick and I both liked school so hopefully we passed that to her.

Hope you all had a good Monday. Thanks for stopping by to read about ours.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

today they are showing love to each other

 Sometimes in the car they can be nice to each other. At times Hunter will ask Hannah to hold his hand. Today I was not driving so I was able to take a picture of the sweet moment.
They are too cute. I sure do love these kids.

Friday, September 16, 2011

pizza and moive night

Mrs. Sharon invited us over for pizza and a movie tonight. We changed the kids into their pj's to watch a movie. They thought it was fun for about 5 minutes. Hunter and Todd were not very into the movie. Hannah, Cooper and Ty lasted a little longer, but were having a hard time getting along. They did enjoy the popcorn. Mrs. Sharon said maybe we should try again in 5 year. It was nice to visit with the Bussell's and Glenn's for a little while. Hopefully next time the kids will get along a little better. It was still fun to get them all together.

Monday, September 12, 2011

big day for the Hood kids

 This picture really has nothing to do with Hunter's big day, but I thought he looked so cute with his glasses on his shirt just like his Dad. I could just eat him up.
 Getting the stitches out was just as easy as having them put in. Dr. Freeman asked him if he could lay down and he said yes and did. She said several times has impressed she was that he did so well. He is such a good boy.
 Here is the booboo with just the "scat" on it. He was feeling his head after the stitches were out and asked me what that was. I told him it was a scab and that it would go away soon. He went into this whole story about Derrick putting a crab on his head and Coopers head when we were at the beach. I fell out. I told him it was a scab, not a crab. He said, "Oh I have a scat on the front back of my head."
 Since we were at the doctor I figured it was as good a time as any to get flu shots. Hannah was very calm when I told her. I told her she could choose a shot or the mist in her nose. Of course she choose the mist. Hunter whimpered for for second then wiped his eyes and gladly took his Popsicle from Nurse Heather.
 After the doctor we went to the Y, then to SubWay for dinner, then finally home. Hunter asked for bubbles and since he had been so good I could not say no. Once again, he is just so cute.
 Hannah has been working hard to learn the 40 sight words she needs to know. On Friday Mrs. Smith said she was only missing a few. We practiced them several times this weekend. We have not practiced sounds much at all, but she knew a lot of them going into Kindergarten, thanks to her good Pre-K teacher. At lunch Mrs. McKendree came in and said she saw Hannah putting her cookie in the hallway. She is one smart cookie. I went to see her when I picked up my class from lunch to tell her I was proud of her. Once I got back to my classroom and was teaching math I heard her say, "Mom!" I turned to see her holding her Grand Prize paper for knowing all of her sounds. She was beaming and so was I. Thanks Mrs. Smith for letting her come share the good news. I know she will be reading lots more independently soon. Hannah we are so proud of you! Keep working hard.
I was taking a picture of her papers while she was doing her homework and she said, "Mom, do you want me to hold them and you can take my picture with them." I told her I would love to. Look how proud she is.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Grandparents Day

We love all of our grandparents so much and are so thankful to have each of them in our lives. I always have good intentions of taking the kids pictures with each of the grandparents so I can do a special post, but never seem to get that done. Maybe one day. We love you all and send you extra hugs and kisses today. I know you all love these sweet faces.

the ride to church

This morning on the way to Hannah noticed that there were LOTS of flags at the fire station that we pass every time we go to church. She asked what they were for. I thought for a minute before I told her anything. It never hit me until this morning that I would have to tell her about that horrible day 10 years ago. I like that she does not have to know about all the bad things that go on in the world. I think to think that Derrick and I keep her pretty sheltered and protected in her little 5 year old world. I finally told her there was a bad wreck 10 years ago and a lot of people got hurt and killed and today we were remembering those people. She was ok with that. I did not want to tell her it was a planes that wrecked since Uncle Kyle was flying on a plane today and Derrick has to fly for work at times. When she is a little older I am sure we will tell her all about it and I am sure it will be in the history books she will have in school. It is hard to believe it has been 10 years. I will always remember exactly where I was and I think it will always make me sad and teary to watch/hear about it.

One a much lighter note. Hunter decided to share with us that he knows a bible verse. As we  were talking he said, "Be kind one to another." Hannah and I both said he knows a bible verse. I asked him where he learned that verse and he said school and church. Since he brought it up we had a nice little discussion what being kind looked like. I asked him if sharing was kind and he said yes. I asked him if biting and hitting were kind and he said no. I am proud of him for knowing his bible verse and what being kind is. I recorded him saying the verse because I think his little voice is so sweet. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


 Hunter loves to play in Hannah's clips. This morning he came to me with a handful of them and said, "Mama put these in my hair like a girl." We played this game all day. He thought it was so funny. I love the look on his face, he looks like I made him do it. He was really just trying to look up but I was telling him to hold his head down.
 The Bussell's came over to hang out tonight. It was such a nice night outside that we stayed outside as long as possible and until the mosquitoes got too bad. We had a great time visiting, eating pizza, dessert and watching the kids play. The kids loved play-dough and dessert the best I think.

We ate dessert to celebrate Uncle Kyle's birthday, even tough he was not with here. We love you Uncle Kyle.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

finished furniture and good listening

 Here is my completed tote tray cabinet with all new tote trays. I love it! Nice and organized. Thanks to the best husband in the world for his hard and quick work in finishing this project.

Today at school we had an assembly for the cookie dough fundraiser. Ms. Jessica, the fundraiser lady, told the kids to put their packet in the refrigerator when they got home. She told them that way their parents would find it when they got ready to cook dinner and then they could tell them all about it. She also told them that if they sold 18 boxes of cookie dough they would get to go to Chuck-E-Cheese in a limo. Of course all of the kids went crazy. Hannah did just what Ms. Jessica said and told me all about getting to ride in the big long car if she sold 18 boxes of cookie dough. She also added that it was her school to help build a picnic shelter. I am sure she will ask enough people to get a ride in that big long car.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We had a nice Labor Day weekend. MeMe came to visit on Friday and spent the weekend with us. Hannah was so excited that she was in the car with Derrick to pick her up from school. Friday night they all went to Chick-Fil-A while I went to dinner with some friends. Saturday I ran a race while they all went to the park to play and then to lunch. We all enjoyed spending some time together Saturday night we spent the evening at home and ordered pizza. Sunday did not go as planned. We had planned on going to breakfast, church and Widjiwagan, but Hunter busted his head open at 6:45am so the plans changed (see post below). We had a nice lazy day at home, spending time as a family. We did go to Cheddar's for dinner and it was very yummy. Today MeMe got up with the kids and Derrick and I slept until 8:30. It was nice to get 10 straight hours of sleep. We spent the day inside because it has rained all day. Derrick and the kids took MeMe back to the airport this afternoon. We went to dinner at Blue Coast then came home to get the kids bathed and ready for bed. We had them in the bed by 7:30 and I think they were asleep by 7:45. I did not take any pictures all weekend, but we had a great long weekend, other than the busted head.

playhouse and pumpkin

 Dad painted the playhouse door and put up the cute sign that he and Hannah bought.
 Too cute!
 Last year after the Halloween party we  sat the pumpkins off the porch and almost a year later we have pumpkin vines growing.
But only one pumpkin on the whole vine. Hopefully more will come.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I knew this day would come

 This was after we came home from the ER. At least he is not near the vent, right?
This morning, early, like 6:30, Hunter came pushing the seesaw through the kitchen into our bedroom. I told him to take it back to the living room. About 15 minutes later we hear him crying and Hannah comes to our room to tell us he hit his head. Derrick got up and went to check on him. When I saw Derrick carrying him I thought, he must had hit his head hard. When Derrick said, "Heather, this is not good, there is blood." I got a little worried. I grabbed a washcloth for Derrick to put on his head. After a few seconds Derrick moved it so I could try to look. Hunter was not really crying anymore and he was not bleeding anymore, but did not want us messing with his head. Derrick gave him to me so he could try to look. He really could not tell anything either so we went and got MeMe to look at it. It was not bleeding anymore, but did not look great. I do not like blood or holes in people. We decided to go ahead and take him to the ER. He was acting fine, talking, and seemed not to be in pain, which we thought were all good signs. He told the nurse what was wrong. He said, "I fall off the seesaw and hit my head on the vent." That is the same thing Hannah told us and what he told us at home when he stopped crying. The nurse put some numbing medicine on his head and took us back to wait for the doctor. As she was taking his blood pressure, temp, listening to his heart/lungs, putting the medicine on his head she would say, "This is not going to hurt, I promise." When the doctors came in they said they would have to wash it out and then decide if he needed stitches or not. They said it would take about 45 minutes for the medicine to numb his head good and they would be back then. We watched TV, went potty, and talked until they came back. When the doctors were talking to Hunter they asked him his name. He said, "Hunter Michael Hood." The man doctor called him Hunter Michael the whole time. Hunter was only worried about where that girl doctor was. The man doctor took the band aid off his head so he could look at it. Hunter just sat there while the huge band aid was pulled off/out of his hair. He never even acted like it hurt to have his hair pulled. Both doctors washed out the busted area and decided he needed 3 stitches for the 2cm gash in the back of his head. The man doctor told him he was going to make him a pillow to lay his head on and that he could pretend it was a Thomas pillow (Hunter had on his Thomas the Train pj's). The nurse brought some books in for him to look at while they sewed him up. He did so good. He just laid there and talked to the nurse about the book pages in the I Spy book while they doctors got him all sewed up. When they finished Hunter sat up and said, "Can I have a Popsicle?" The nurse asked him what color he wanted and of course he said blue. By the time he finished his Popsicle they were bringing us our discharge papers. They told us not to get his head wet today and to give him some Tylenol because his head would be sore. They said we could wash is hair tomorrow and a week from tomorrow to go to the doctors office and have his stitches removed. I hope we can keep him from hitting his head again until it heals. He has bumped it a few times today just being wild and crazy. He is all boy and I am thankful that we made it this long without any stitches or major injuries. I hope this is our first and last, but have a feeling it may be the first of many.