Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We got to church a little early tonight. We were just sitting in the car talking. Hannah enjoyed driving while we talked. I am sure she will really be driving before we know it, as fast as she seems to be growing up.

working on the computer

I would think at Hannah's size that climbing on something that rolls would be scary. Not to her. She is good at climbing in both of our rolling chairs to work on the the computer. All the folders on my desktop have been renamed thanks to her typing skills.

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!

We finally got a snow day. Hannah slept until almost 7am. We opened the door for her to see outside and she said, "Whoo hoo, snow." I think she was excited to be home for the day. We were going to try to take her picture in it, but it has almost all melted away now. I am very thankful for a day out of school. We were able to get her picture in the snow. It snowed off and on all day. Derrick took pictures of her but they are still on his camera. When I get them I will add them.


Hannah loves to sing and dance. She gets the rulers out of Derrick's desk drawer and then uses them as sticks to tap. She pushes the button on the farm until she gets the song she wants. Then she taps her sticks and dances in a circle until the music stops. She repeats these same steps at least 100 times. Sometimes she accidental taps her finger. A kiss heals it and she is right back to dancing.

Monday, February 25, 2008

2nd birthday invitation

We mailed out invitations on Friday, February 22. (Thanks Papa for getting them in the mail.) Here is the pictures that is on the front of her invitation. Is she not just the cutest little girl?

funny story

While Papa was changing Hannah's diaper a squirrel came to the window. There is a bird feeder at the window. Papa got Hannah up so she could see the squirrel. This is the story of what happened as told to me by Hannah:
Papa tap like this (does her hand like she is tapping) on window. Squirrel jump down, run fast. Squirrel's tail up (puts her hands up in the air and waves them around). Papa scare squirrel.
She will just start telling this story at random times, in the grocery store, while eating dinner, etc. I love that she can have conversations with you now. It is so much fun to just talk to her.

fun with Papa and Nana

We had a good visit with Papa and Nana this weekend. Hannah stayed with them on Friday while Derrick and I worked. When I got home we took her to get a hair cut, did a little shopping, and ate some dinner. On Saturday we played all morning and then when Hannah went down for a nap Nana and I went shopping and to the consignment sale. 

We found Hannah lots of good things. Sunday we went and ate breakfast and then Papa and Nana had to leave. We had a great time and look forward to seeing them again in two weeks for Hannah's 2nd birthday party. Thanks for coming to see us. We love you!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

mama's boots

Hannah wanted to put on my boots. She has just started trying to put on shoes by herself. She had to have a little help from dad to get these zipped. Dad said they were her batman boots.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

my baby

Hannah was playing with her baby this afternoon and I was just listening to her talk to her. She went and sat down and said, "Mama picture, please." I took some pictures. Under each picture is what she said the baby was doing.

See flag, wind. (She could see the flag blowing out the front door.)
Stand up lap.
Booger there got it.
Lay down baby.

Bert and Jackie

Hannah was glad to see "the Bert" as she calls him today. She is funny because she always pretends to call Bert on the phone, but then wants nothing to do with him when she sees him. She did take a minute to sit with him at lunch today. Then she wanted to go back to Jacqulin. She was getting sleepy and rested for a few minutes with Jacqulin before we left.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Hannah had to have one last horsey ride before going to bed.

watch Hannah

Hannah discovered that she could watch herself on the video camera. Mike was letting her watch the video he filmed of her. She watched it so much that his battery died. I got out old tapes of her and she sat for at least an hour and just watched herself. She cried when we turned it off so we could go eat.

Friday, February 15, 2008

fun with Mike and Nene

Mike and Nene came to see us this weekend. Hannah had a great time with them while Derrick and I worked. She got to ride the carousal for the first time. She looks like she is having fun. She also enjoyed a chocolate milkshake. Uncle Kyle got her hooked on those. Thanks for coming to see us. I know Hannah had a great time. She asked for you both when she woke up from her nap today. Love you both and will see you again soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

bedtime in the big girl bed

Derrick got the rail to put on her bed. She climbed in the bed, we covered her up, said prayers and gave kisses. Derrick checked on her and she was sitting up. When I checked she was asleep. What a big girl! I hope she will continues to do well.

Happy Valentine's Day

I got to stay home with Hannah today. She was sick yesterday and I did not want to send her back to daycare. She felt much better today and we had a good time playing. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. We love you. Do you notice something different about her bed?

nap in big girl bed

I wanted Hannah to try a sleep in a big girl bed. Derrick was not sure about it. I wanted to try since I would be home today. After only a few times of going back and one time of putting her back in the bed, we were successful. Derrick is going to stop and get a rail to put up before bedtime tonight. We will see if bedtime is as successful as nap time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hannah woke up at 4:30 this morning coughing, which lead to a little throw up. I thought she just coughed too much, but then she threw up again about an hour later. Derrick stayed home with her. He said she threw up a few more time. She just laid around all day and rested with her dad. I was giving her a treatment while Derrick went to the store. She was so tired she fell asleep taking the treatment. I hope she will feel better tomorrow. I am going to stay home with her and let dad go to work.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

baby Adams' shower

We had a shower for baby Adams' after church today. Hannah and Ty loved having some extra time to play together. They are just too funny together. We really need to video them together. They had fun playing on the steps. Before everyone left we got a picture of the "big" kids sitting on the step and of the new babies sleeping peacefully. Our class has grown fast and there are still more babies on the way.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Hannah did good for her pictures. She was happy and cooperative for the most part. She really liked playing with the lego table and watching the other kids who were there to get their pictures made.

Friday, February 8, 2008

what to wear

We are taking Hannah to have her two year pictures made tomorrow. We have four outfits to choose from and can only take three. These are our choices. We asked Hannah what she wanted to wear and she said, "Abby." Derrick did not like the cupcake leggins, so we were down to our three. I hope it will go better than the invitation pictures we did Wednesday night.

still coughing

Hannah still has a little cough. It is not as bad, but it is not gone either. I called the doctor and they said to bring her in. When we pulled up at the office she said choo-choo train. She likes to play with the train. When we got in the room she want a snack. She had a little snack while we waited and then was ready to play again. The doctor said she was not wheezing and she just had a cough from the drainage. We will hope it goes away soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We took Hannah to the studio to take her birthday invitation picture. We are thankful that Michael was there or we would have no invitation picture. I am not posting the picture we are using for her invitation. You will see it in the mail soon and I will post one once the invitations are mailed out. The picture is of her getting on the cart to ride. It was a stressful night but Derrick got the picture. Thanks again Michael.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is what Hannah did tonight while I was cooking dinner and unloading the dishwasher...

She emptied the clothes and rolled the bucket around.
She looked through her books to find just the right one to "read."
She decided to "read" the cat book.
She played peek-a-boo in the pantry.
She named the pictures on the ABC toy. Yo-yo is her favorite to say.

I was able to get dinner cooked and the dishwasher unload since she was happy entertaining herself. She sure is busy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

the ride home

Some days when I pick Hannah up she likes to sing, others we talk, others she draws, and then there are days she reads. I love to listen to her "read" me stories. While we were sitting at the red light I took her picture "reading" me a story.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

on, off

Hannah wanted her glasses because the sun was in her eyes. When I turn around to help her put them on she had them on her head. She then put them on. She was playing saying, "on, off, on, off." She thought it was fun until she either poked her eye or pinched her hand in them. I just heard she scream and then say, "no glasses." She did not want anything to do with them for the rest of the ride.


Hannah wanted pigtails like Bella. Derrick had told me when he dropped Hannah off the other day that Bella had pigtails and she looked so cute. When I was dressing Hannah this morning I asked me if she wanted a bow or a clip. She said, "tails like Bella." She sat down and let me fix her hair and has not taken them out all day. She will touch them and say, "tails" then clap for herself. I think she looks very cute and very much like a little girl. I no longer have a baby girl.