Monday, May 31, 2010

pool time

It is really summer when you get in the pool. Hannah was very excited to get in the pool as cold as the water was. I thought Hunter would like the small pool, but I was wrong. He stayed in the pool for about 2 seconds then climbed out and wanted in the pool with Hannah. He also loved being free to crawl/monkey walk to the rabbit and play in the dirt. He was covered!!!! After a little while Hannah's lips were purple and she asked to go get in the bathtub with warm water.

Memorial Day

We had a nice day at home today. We were sad the Hayes' had to go home but were excited that Grandpa Mike came. I took a nap with Hannah. She woke me up when she woke up. She was so excited that I napped with her the whole time. I loved it, but felt yuck with I woke up. That is why I do not take naps. These are pictures from Donna's camera. Enjoy!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

fun day with the Hayes girls

The girls were much happier after their naps!!!
Too bad we could not get Hannah to smile. She was in a mood!!
Look at our monkeys sitting on the zoo sign. They sure are some cute monkeys!!!!
Hunter had all the fun he could stand.

The Hayes' came to visit us this weekend. Hannah was so excited that Mattison was coming to her house. This morning we got up and went to the zoo. The girls had a great time. It was a little hot, but they did not complain about it. We packed a picnic for lunch and were joined by some geese while we ate. After a ride on the carousel we headed back to the house. The girls were sad they did not get to play on the playground, but they were way too tired. As you can tell from the pictures Hannah was past ready for nap. We we got home Donna and I put the kids down to nap then left to go shopping. We had a great time mainly looking but doing a little shopping this afternoon. When we got back we all went to dinner at Blue Coast and then had ice cream, really frozen yogurt at Menchie's. We came home with the kids and the dad's went to watch a fight. Donna and I are watching Dear John. I hope we can stay awake to finish it. Donna has more pictures on her camera that I will have to download tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wacky Day

Hannah is doing theme days at her school this week also. Yesterday was water day. She loved playing in the water at school. Today she loved wearing her shirt and capris backwards, two different socks, two different shoes and a Christmas headband. She was so happy to get her picture made, bright and early this morning (6:45ish to be exact.) Tomorrow is Ice Cream day. I might see if my team wants to add that to our theme day next year.

Monday, May 24, 2010

We Love Julie

Julie went to NY to do the GO10 walk with her husband the other weekend. She brought us back these fun shirts. Today was PJ and book day. We are doing fun themes this week. Everyone kept asking us why we had the same shirts on. We love to all look alike. I love these ladies and would not have made it through this year without them. I will miss seeing them everyday this summer, but I know we will get together some during the summer. Thanks Julie for the fun shirt.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ty & Todd's birthday party

We had a fun time at Ty and Todd's birthday party tonight. Mrs. Sharon had fun hats for the kids to make, they stamped bags, and had fun zoo animal sunglasses to wear as we went through the zoo. The kids all did well considering it was a little warm and most of them had not had naps. After seeing most of the animals and riding the carousel we had a picnic with pizza and cake. Mrs. Sharon also had fun zoo cups for the kids to drink out of. Thanks Mrs. Sharon for planning a fun party. Check out Ty and Todd's blog for more fun pictures.

my sweet babies

Meme and Dad moved the garden stones when they were fixing the yard the other weekend. I like seeing them everyday when I come home. I wanted to get a picture of them sitting by their stone. They are too cute!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

a lesson learned

I have talked to Hannah many times about making sure she keeps important things put up so buddy can't get them. We talk all the time about things that can break, little pieces, etc. Hunter loves to play in Hannah's room. He is always in her room. She is very good about letting him play with her things and not getting mad at him for being in her room. Today I was going through his clothes to see what he has that fits for summer and noticed they were both very quiet. I heard him crawl in the bathroom. I went to make sure he was not in the toilet, his other favorite place to play. The lid was down, thank goodness, but his shirt was wet. When I picked him up I noticed he was covered in glitter. I went in Hannah's room to find that she had tried to clean up the broken snow globe. As soon as I saw it she started crying. I asked her why she was so upset, she said that she did not want me to be mad at her. I told her I was not mad at her, but that I was sad that she had not put her important things up. I was really worried that she and Hunter had been hurt by the glass. They were both fine. Derrick and I cleaned it all up. I think we were all covered in glitter by the time we finished cleaning up. I think she learned a very valuable lesson today. I hate that she had to learn this hard lesson, but she handled it well.

puppet show

Hannah loves to go to the puppet shows at the Downtown library. I think Hunter is going to like them as well. This is the first show he has been to since he was mobile and he was very good. I packed him some snacks to eat and he was good. He also enjoyed playing after the show.
My sweet, silly kids!!!
Hannah like the frogs playing the instruments.
Hunter bug eating a snack and enjoying the show. Hannah sat front and center and loved every minute of it. Ty and Ashley, from school, sat with her. They are such big kids now.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hunter's turn

Hunter was so excited to ride with his Dad on the lawnmower. He LOVES his Dad!!!! I thought he might be scared, but he loved it and did not want to get off. I had him ready for bed, but he would not be happy until I took him out to see Derrick.

end of the year program

Today was our end of the year program and kindergarten picnic. I know the picture is not great. My room is the smiley face room. We have eight kindergarten classes and we all have a theme: smiley faces, apples, stars, monkeys, bees, ladybugs, popcorn, and frogs. We all made headbands with our theme on them for the program and our kids sang a song about our theme. Mr. Currie is an AWESOME music teacher. We were praying that it would not rain so we could go outside and have our picnic. We were able to have the picnic and it was not too hot and there was no rain. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers. This has been a good year and I have had some really great kids and parents to work with.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

just what I needed

I had the worst day ever today. The whole day was BAD. I finally got Hannah in the bed, which was a fight tonight to top off my bad day. I went to the kitchen to clean up and noticed that it looked very green outside. When I looked out the window a little closer I saw the most beautiful rainbow. I went to get Hannah and she was already asleep. I woke her up and took her on the porch to see it. You could see the while rainbow. I tried to take a picture but it was too big to get the whole thing and I could not get it to show up good. I needed to see this sign from God today to remind me that He is in charge and that I just need to spend time with Him and leave Him in control.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was trying to take a new picture of the kids together to use for my profile picture for the blog and facebook. I did not have very good luck getting them to both look, but they do both look very happy. Hunter adores Hannah and she loves him to pieces. What did I ever do without the two of them. They make my life so much better.

all better

Hunter had a fun day at home with Derrick today. He seems to be all better. We are happy that he is back to his old self. He is eating and drinking good, playing, and sleeping well. Hannah on the other hand is not eating so well the last couple of days. She does not have fever so we are hoping she just is not as hungry as she usually is. I hope we will all be well this weekend.

Monday, May 17, 2010

my big girl

Hannah wore her shirt from the race today. When Julia and I do a race we usually wear the shirt we got at the race to school, if we like it. Hannah looked too cute in her shirt. I also took a picture of her with the ribbon she got at the race. She is getting so big. I can't still think to myself some days, WOW I have a little girl, I am really a mom. She brings me such joy. I love that she can have real conversations with me now. She is the best daughter. I am looking forward to the fun we will have this summer.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am thankful....

that Hunter slept all night, drink almost a whole cup of milk at breakfast, and seems to feel much better. Still not 100%, but much better.

that Mrs. Sharon came and got Hannah for church. Hannah loves to go to church and gets very upset if we have to miss. Thanks Mrs. Sharon for taking her to church. When Hannah was saying her prayers tonight she said she was happy she got to go to church with Mrs. Sharon and Ty.

that MeMe came to visit this weekend. She helped with Hannah and Hunter and planted all kinds of pretty flowers in the yard. It has rained off and on all day so I did not take pictures. I will take pictures soon.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

rough day for Hunter, fun day for Hannah

Hunter did not sleep well at all last night. He is just pitiful. I called the doctor at 7:30 this morning. She did not call back until 10:30. Since Hunter had a couple of blisters she said she felt like he for sure had foot, hand, and mouth. She called him in some mouth wash. I am not sure why they call it mouth wash since we were told to just squirt it in his mouth to help numb it. It seemed to work so that is all that matters at this point. He had napped several times today but not for very long each time. He finally ate a Popsicle, but had to feed it to himself. I am praying that he sleep well tonight and will feel much better tomorrow.

Hannah did her first race this morning. We had all signed up to do the Run 4 Kids. Derrick and Hannah went on to run, and Mrs. Julia too. Derrick did the 5k in 27 minutes and Hannah did the 100 yard dash. She finished 4th or 5th. Everyone says that she was very fast. She said she had a good time and that she wanted to do another race. I think she also enjoyed the fun activities after the race as well. Sorry we have no pictures of Hannah at the race.

We were supposed to have Ty's party at 4pm at the zoo and Jacqulin's party at 6pm. It rained out Ty's party and Hannah was sad. We had already told her we were not going to Jacqulin's party since buddy was sick. Derrick or I one were going to take her to Ty's party and the other was going to stay with Hunter. Since there was no party Mrs. Allison called to see if they could come get Hannah for ice cream. It was just a good idea that Derrick and I decided to go also. We were glad to have MeMe here this weekend. She kept Hunter while we eat to get dinner and ice cream, really frozen yogurt. We hope that Jacqulin had a great party and that Ty can have his party next week.

sick buddy

Sheri called me at school today to tell me that Hunter had a fever and I needed to come and get him. Nana had called my cell but I did not hear it ring. I sent my kids to Ruth and ran out the door. When I got to Nana's he was back asleep. He was drooling really bad. I called the doctor and they said to bring him in. I came home for a little while and just held him. He was restless when he did sleep. When nurse Heather came in she said, I can look at him tell he does not feel well. She and Dr. B both said they had never seen him like this. She said she felt confident that he did have foot, hand and mouth. She said if he did not wake up tomorrow with blisters on his hands and feet to call back and she may send him for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, since he still had a little cough. We headed home to see if he would drink a little and take a good nap. We will see how it goes. It breaks my heart to see him feel so bad. We had a busy day planned tomorrow, but it looks like buddy and I will be hanging out at the house.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

The necklace was made for me by Cheyenne's mom. She also made the box that it was in. My sweet Jacob gave me the box of note cards that you can put a picture in.
Preston's mom brought this delicious cake from HomeStyle. It was so yummy!!!! I did share with my team first then put it in the lounge. By the time I got to lunch only the bow at the top was left.

It was really nice of these parents and students to still do these nice things for me even though we missed Teacher Appreciation Week because of the flood. I have had some great parents to work with this year. I will miss them!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the jeep

I am sure I have not blogged about Derrick's jeep before. He has been working on this jeep for years. He said he wanted to finish it before we had kids. He does not get work on it as much as he would like. It if did it would have already been finished. He has patiently but it on the back burner. He remodeled our whole house on Whispering Hills and has done lots of work at our house now. I am glad that he is this close to getting it finished, but I am sure not as glad as he is. Thanks Matt for coming up to take the jeep back to SC and thanks Bert for letting Derrick borrow the trailer. I will be sure to post pictures when there is a finished product.

While Hannah was waiting on the guys to get the jeep loaded and ready to go she decided to work on her jeep. My girlie girl may have a little tomboy in her. She loves to work in the garage with Derrick. She was so excited that she was going to SC with Derrick. I was happy that she was getting to go, but when she left it sure was quiet here. Hunter would crawl in her room and call her. When we would go downstairs he would call Derrick. Needless to say we were both happy to see them come home today. Thanks Grandpa Mike for bringing them home.

Monday, May 10, 2010

lazy evening at home

Hunter and I enjoyed watching the turkeys in the yard. We wanted Papa to see this big daddy turkey. Can you see how long his beard is? There were 9 turkeys, 7 gobblers and 2 hens.

I just love pictures of Hunter looking out the door. He is so precious!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I think I feel more blessed and more loved each Mother's Day. Hannah made fun gifts for me at school last week. The picture shows all of them. I took a picture of my favorite page. I also liked the page that she had to finish the sentence: I love my mommy because...she takes me to get my toes done. I look forward to going with her for many, many, many years to get our toes done. I feel so blessed to have a daughter and a son. They are so different but I love them both so much. I remember talking to my mom while I was pregnant with Hunter about being worried about being able to love them both. I think your heart grows bigger with each child. Being a mom makes me every more thankful for my mom, mother-in-laws, and grandmothers. Today was a little sad because this was my first mothers day without any grandmothers. I know they are both in heaven but I still miss them a whole lot. I want Hannah and Hunter to be as close to their grandmothers as I was to mine. I think it is very special that Hannah and Hunter still have great-grandparents to spend time with. Thank you mama for being a great mom. I love you the most!!! I hope all the mom's who read this had a great Mother's Day. Now that I am a mom I realize how special and important mom's are.