Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am amazed ...

that time goes by so fast. Our sweet baby girl will be 4 on Friday. I am all about a birthday week and Hannah's begins tomorrow. She is so excited. Wednesday night she gets to go on the stage at church, Friday she gets to take cupcakes to school for her friends, and Saturday is her party. I remember thinking she would never be 1. Then thinking I would never get her first party planned. Time really does go faster the older you get and I really need it to slow down. In one year she will start kindergarten and I am not ready for her to be that big. For her birthday week I am making the blog background birthday and her favorite colors. She tells me all the time. "My favorite color is purple, then pink, green, orange, red." I love her more each day. Check back this week for the birthday fun!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

the biggest looser

We started doing the biggest looser at school in January. I have only gained one week and the other weeks have averaged loosing about a pound. I would love to loose 5 pounds a week and already be at my goal weight, but I know it does not work that way. Everything I have read and been taught about weight lose is that you want to loose it slow so you can keep it off. I am hoping that is the case. Today I got my medal for losing 5 pounds. I want to loose at least 10 more pounds. When I get my pin for the next five pounds I will take a picture of it. As a group we have lost 109 pounds. Way to go ladies!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

basement progress

Derrick is making good progress in basement. All the sheet rock is up, taped, mudded (is that a word?), and sanded. He as also put one coat of primer on it. Hopefully we will be ready to tile the bathroom soon and then when Uncle Kyle comes back he will be able to have everything except a kitchen downstairs. We have to give him a reason to come upstairs. I will try to be better about posting updates as Derrick continues to work on the basement.

yummy dinner

Hannah made this salad at school. She told me that she made it for me because I like to eat salads. I asked her why we eat salads and she said, "Because they are healthy." I asked her if she would like a salad for dinner and she said, "No I do not like salad."

Derrick decided that he was tired of the 3 or 4 things I cook for dinner and he decided to look through some cooking magazines and picked out a couple of new things to cook this week. Tonight we had a this yummy salad. Thanks Derrick for cooking a great dinner.

so true

This was hanging up at Hannah's school for Valentine's Day. I think that Mrs. Stacy knows her well. These things are all very true about Miss Hannah.

Sorry you have to read it sideways. It it turned the right way in iPhoto so I am not sure while it is not turned the right way here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

he is busy

Hunter will crawl through anything. It looks like he and Hannah had a great time playing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

this will do

Hunter was in the play doh stuff and decided that the end of the rolling pin would be a great paci. He was so proud of himself!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

more snow

I was supposed to have a work day today. After I got up and got a shower I got the call that we would have a two house delay. I decided to get some work done at home before I left. When I was about to get ready to go on and get some work done I got the call that it was canceled. We all four had a snow day at home. We are starting to get us to these snow days.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope that everyone had a great day. Hannah has a little message for all of you. Hunter has a little to say as well.

our Valentine's day

We started today with breakfast at Panera. After a good breakfast we went to church. After church we had to drop off consignment stuff, since it was the last day to do so. While I waited on my stuff to be checked in Derrick and the kids went to Costco and Wendy's for lunch. I am proud of him for taking both kids out by himself. He is a great Dad. They did get me some lunch to eat on the way home. When we got home we tried to transfer the kids from the car to their beds, which did not work. I ran to Target then came home so Derrick could go to the grocery store and by a friends house. Hunter decided to take a late nap. We all finally all sat down together about 8pm to open our cards we had for each other. Hannah had made all of us cards with Nana. They were precious. Thanks Nana for making cards with her. Hunter was not very into the cards, but loved the paper. Hannah enjoyed opening her cards. It was nice to spend the day as a family and we loved all the hugs and kisses Hannah and Hunter gave. I hope that all of you had a great Valentine's Day as well.

Just a side note, today would have been MaDot's 78th birthday. It was a little sad not buying a birthday card for her and getting a card just for Papa Charlie. I know it was a hard day for him. I could not help but think that MaDot was having the best Birthday and Valentine's of us all. I miss her way more than I thought I would, but rest in the fact that I know I will see her again.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cupid Chase 5K

Julia and I ran the Cupid Chase 5k this morning. It was cold, but still not as cold as the first 5k we did in December. I ran almost all of this one. I only had to walk a little. I am proud of myself for finishing with my best time yet, 35:57, but disappointed in myself for not pushing though and running the whole thing. I will get there. We are going to do a 10k in March and then the Country Music 1/2 Marathon in April. Thanks Julia for running with me.

watching Barney together

Hunter sat with Hannah for a few minutes and watched Barney with her. They are too sweet and cute!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's in the mail

Hannah loves to get packages in the mail and Hunter is learning to love it too. Today they got Valentine's from Grandpa Mike, Grandma Nene, MeMe and Pop Pop. They had a great time opening them and loved all of their Valentine's. Derrick and I liked ours too. Thanks for sending prizes our way.

Hannah was going through all of her Valentine's from school before we got to the Valentine's from grandparents. If you look closely you will see that she was putting each card, candy, etc. in its on square. She was not happy that we put Hunter down because he messed up her system and was getting her candy.

She has on her Ariel wedding dress in the pictures of her opening her Valentine's from Papa and Nana, also. She puts it on just about everyday when we get home from school. She is the dress up princess for sure.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

100th Day of School

We did finally make it to the 100th day of school. The kids had a great time. We did lots of fun things and had a very busy day. I have never had the 100th day and a Valentine's party a day apart. We usually have the 100th day in January, but we have been out of school so much for snow. Happy 100th Day of School!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snow day #6

We were out of school today for the sixth day. Which means we have to make this one up. I am not worried about it because we had a good day and I am getting use to not working 5 days. We just played at home and the snow melted before we could get out to play in it. Derrick and Hannah went to Lowe's and Hunter and I stayed here and got ready for bed. He ate one of his teething cookies, which he loves and gets everywhere. When he was finished I gave him a bath and got him ready for bed. While I was making his bottle I heard him in the dinning room. I went to check on him and move the things he was getting into. I brought him back in the kitchen with me. I heard him crawl away and then heard him in the things I had just moved out of his reach. Doesn't he look like he knows he is busted? He got himself down and just crawled on to get into something else. Hannah did not pull up this early. I am afraid that one day soon he is going to just pull up and start walking.

Monday, February 8, 2010

snow, again

Derrick came upstairs and said, "I thought it was going to snow tonight." I told him I thought it was later. We put the kids to bed and looked outside to find the ground already covered and it still coming down. It looks like no school again tomorrow. I am not sure we are going to make it to the 100th day of school. The snow is beautiful. When got Hannah up and let her see it. I went out to take these pictures and just stood outside for a few minutes to enjoy the peacefulness of the night. If it wasn't so cold I could have stayed out there longer.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Party

We went to the Keeble's tonight for a Super Bowl Party. We were a little late because the kids were napping, but once we got there we had a good time. The kids all played well and the adults got to watch the game and visit. We knew it was time to go when Hannah had a meltdown because she did not get to clean up the part of the game she wanted to. Thanks Lisa and Jeff for having us over.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

a wonderful evening

Tonight Derrick and I went to Tour de Romance. It was nice to visit with friends from church and hear Michael and Hedi O'Brien speak. We had a good time and enjoyed being together. The kids stayed at church and had a good time as well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

she is too big

We are working on writing her name on her Valentine cards for school. I am trying to get her to write her name with a capital H and then lowercase annah. She is doing pretty good. Mrs. Stacy send a note home this week that said there are 22 kids in her class and they would like the kids to write their names on the Valentine cards. We did some last night and some tonight. Tonight we put the stickers on the ones she had finished and we have 12. Woo Hoo we are half way finished. I thought it was funny that she was writing Valentine cards in Halloween pajamas. I am so proud of her for being able to write her name, pretty neatly, on her cards which is a small space. She is growing up too fast. Just a side note, she will be four one month from today. Time is flying!

an early Valentine's

Papa, Uncle Kyle and Christie came to visit this weekend. Uncle Kyle had to go back to the doctor day. Since we will not see them next weekend they brought Valentine's presents with them. Hannah was so excited. Hunter did a pretty good job of opening his present, but Hannah wanted to help him with his card. Thanks Nana and Papa for all of our Valentine's. We wish Nana could have come but she had to work. Hopefully she can come when Uncle Kyle comes back in two weeks.

is this your leg

Hunter crawled under the table and knocked Uncle Kyle's leg over. He stopped for a minute and checked it out. He looks like he is giving it an inspection. It must have looked ok to him.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

my nerves can't take this

Hunter is going to be all boy. This morning about 4am I heard him stirring in his bed. I got up to go to the bathroom and then I was going to go check on him. While I was in the bathroom I heard him let out a LOUD cry and Derrick running down the hall. When Derrick got to his room Hunter was in the floor at his door. Yep, he flipped out of his bed!!!! I think we were all in shock. As soon as Derrick picked him up he stopped crying. He was happy to be in the bed with us. We checked him out, asked him to clap his hands, had him follow our fingers, he laughed, looked around, and wanted to play. We talked for a few minutes about taking him to the emergency room. We kept feeling his head and there were no bumps on it. We did not want him to go back to sleep so we kept him up until 5am. I held him and got him back to sleep before I got up to get ready for work. He slept good until we got him up to get ready for daycare. He took his treatment and was ready to play. We still did not have a bump on his head and seemed fine. I told Nana when I dropped him off about our eventful morning and asked her to please call me if he acted different in any way. I called the doctor when they opened at 7:30am. The receptionist was really nice, but I can't say the same for the nurse who called me back. I am going to talk to our doctor when we go back and let her know my feelings about the nurse who called. Anyway, I did not take him in because he was fine. Derrick said it was a miracle that he did not get hurt. I told him it was like Jesus caught him and kept him safe. We are thankful that he did not get hurt. He no longer had bumper pads and his mattress is a low as it goes. Now he can pull up and look out but not over the side of the crib. He sure did give us a scare and we are very thankful that he did not get hurt. Lesson learned: if he can pull up to his knees he can probably pull up to standing, so lowering the bed sooner would have been a great idea.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hannah had to go to the dentist this morning. She loves it!! I am glad she does, I think she gets it from me. I wish I could go every month and get my teeth cleaned. Dr. McNutt said that her teeth looked great. She has 10 on top and 10 on bottom. He said the next teeth she would cut are her six year molars. WOW!! Six year molars. I do not want her to be six. I am glad that everything looked good. She still have an under bite, but only on the front four teeth. He said he would not do anything about it until she got her six year molars. He did a fluoride treatment and she did great with it. She was watching Ariel and brushing the alligators teeth when they called us back to talk to Dr. McNutt. Yea for another good dental check up!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hunter is 10 months old

Time is flying. In two moths my sweet little buddy will be one year old. He is so much fun. He is VERY busy and keeps me on my toes. I can't even count the things I have dug out of his mouth this week. I do not remember Hannah eating so much stuff. He is still GI Joe crawling, but will get up on all fours and rock. He pulls up on his truck, but only to his knees. If you stand him up he will stay there for a little while. These are some of his many faces. They are all too cute to me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

we made it out

We have been in the house since we got home Thursday from school, other than to play outside for short periods of time. It felt so good to go to dinner and the grocery store tonight. We are all SOOOO happy to have Dad home!!!!! We went to dinner at Blue Coast and then to Kroger to get a few things. Hannah and Hunter were so good. I think they were just as glad to be out of the house as I was. I did not take any pictures of them all morning, what was wrong with me? I did take their picture in Kroger. Hunter wanted so bad to ride by his sissy. We finally let him when we were close to the car. He would have never sat still by her through the whole store. One day I hope he will sit still so I can get groceries. As you can tell from the picture of them with Dad they were very happy to have him home to play with. I was glad he gave them both a bath tonight. My hat is off to single parents, I do not see how they do it. I have managed for the last several days, but it is A LOT easier to have some help. We are out of school again tomorrow, but Hannah may go to school. She thinks she needs to stay home again. It is going to be hard when we do have to go back.