Monday, June 30, 2008

pretty butterfly

Hannah and I were out in the yard this morning and kept seeing this butterfly. She wanted me to take it's picture. So here is the picture of the pretty butterfly.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


We have blackberry bushes in the backyard. Hannah loves them. We are trying to teach her that they are very sticky and will hurt you. She is good at finding the ripe ones. I did not get any pictures of her picking them, but she would have eaten all we picked if we did not take them away. They are not all from our bushed. The Tidwell's have several bushes and said we could pick theirs. MeMe is going to make a blackberry cobbler with them. I will have to watch so I can learn to make them too.

did you hear that?

While we were sitting outside letting Hannah eat her lunch this was our conversation.(After her nap since she fell asleep on the way home.)
Dad: Did you hear that?
Mom: Yeah, what is it?
Dad: That is how loud that turkey is at the building.
Mom: Really it sounds like something in woods.
Hannah: Where is Mr. Turkey?
Dad: He is in the woods.

Hannah and I went inside. Dad was on the phone so he stayed outside on the phone. A few minutes later he came in and called for us to come out. The sound we were hearing was the tree slowing falling. The whole tree fell. The V of the tree went right around the concrete blocks that were stacked up. I am glad that Dad was not down at the barn working. Now he has one less tree to prune.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

he's back

We do know that this is a hen turkey, but Hannah calls it Mr. Turkey. While she was napping it came a huge down pour. Not long after she was up I went to get her a snack. I thought that is a huge bird under the bird feeder. It is a big turkey bird. I showed Hannah and she said, "Mr. Turkey wake up." When he is not in the yard she says he is sleeping or playing with his friends. She loves seeing the turkey. Papa has a turkey call holds his hands over his mouth when he uses it. Hannah tries to call the turkey, with her hands over her mouth, when we see it. I will try to get a picture of it.

lazy day

This morning Hannah has been playing so well. I have cleaned almost the whole house while she played. She would call me every once and a while to come and see what she was doing. She wanted me to take a picture of her babies sleeping. Patrick is on the green pillow, Addison and Sam are on the big pillow. She then wanted to move them all to the big pillow to sit up and listen to the story. She "read" a little and then wanted Addison to sit in her lap to "read." She has to sit in your lap when you read her a story. I love to watch and listen to her play. She has such a good imagination. I did finally talk her into taking her PJ's off before nap. Thank goodness for lazy Saturday's at home.

Friday, June 27, 2008

what she has learned from Braney

MeMe bought Hannah a Barney DVD to have at the beach. She loves it and has almost the whole thing memorized. The picture of her holding the paper is her invitation to the tea party.

Our conversation about it
Mom: What is on your paper?
Hannah: Writing.
Mom: What does it say?
Hannah: Tea party at the tree today. Baby Bop. I have to put it in the mailbox.
That is exactly what the letter says that Baby Bop writes on the show and then she puts it in the mailbox.

Another part of the show teaches the ABC's. They line up wooden blocks that have the ABC's on them in order. The picture of the magnets lined up are her blocks. She touches them one at a time and says the ABC's.

my little fish

We went swimming with Jacqulin, Luke, and Debbie today. Hannah loves the water! She did not want anyone to hold on to her. She would swim away and if you asked her where she was going she would respond, "swimming." When we had to get out of the big pool for break she would go to the kiddie pool. Glad there were two pools. She had a great time and took a great nap. She was asleep about five minutes into our drive home. Thanks for inviting us to come and swim.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

new way to nap

When we first moved in the air was not cooling on Hannah's end of the house. She wanted to nap in her bed, so I let her nap in just a diaper. Almost everyday she asked to take a nap in just a diaper. Most days I do not let her because I do not want her to think she can everywhere, like at daycare. Today she had so much spaghetti on her that I had to change her clothes. As you can see we just took the clothes off, instead of changing. I am not sure why she is upside down in her bed. I think all the playing this morning wore her out.

big people table and chairs

We finally found patio furniture that we both liked. Derrick went to pick it up this morning. He put it together and we were able to each lunch outside, sitting at a table. Hannah likes spinning the "wheel" in the center of the table. We also got a bench for sitting room. I am not sure how many meals will be eaten inside now.

more fun

Baby Todd has been coming some too. He sure is cute and Hannah likes to talk to and touch him. The picture of all of them at the swing and slide: Ty is in the swing and asks Hannah to push him. She and Kylie think it is more fun to look through the holes and say, "Peek -a-boo." Ty laughs at them and they get tickled that they made him laugh. What fun!


I am so glad that Hannah has friends like Kylie and Ty. They have had so much fun playing together this summer so far. They are getting much better at sharing and asking for something the other one has, instead of just taking it from them. If you ever need a good laugh just come by one day while they are all here playing. Thanks for coming to play with us.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

baseball game

Hannah was so excited to go to the baseball game. She did really well until the 7th inning. She had fun sitting with Ty and talking the baby Ian and baby Crawford. She even agreed to give them a pink paci, each. Only two pacis left to give away. I think she liked the music and ice cream better than the game but she did watch a little of it. She had a hard time keeping up with where the ball was. We made it to the end of the game with only one minor break down.

Friday, June 20, 2008

big news

Hannah gave baby Todd her Elmo paci this morning. I can't believe that I forgot to post that. When Mrs. Sharon came to get Ty, Hannah asked where the paci was, but did not ask for it back. We just put her to bed and she told Dad that she gave baby Todd her Elmo paci. I asked her if she wanted to give him another one and she said, "NO." Hopefully she will change her mind. Thanks baby Todd for taking the Elmo paci.

fun with Ty

Ty came over to play today. They are so funny together. They enjoyed playing outside. Ty played with chalk and on the slide. Hannah played in the water and in the swing. They took turns playing with the bubbles. Hannah went running the to four wheeler and Ty said, "No Hannah come back." I asked him is he wanted to go on the four wheeler and he sat on the slide and said, "NO, my stay here." He thought it was funny to see Hannah riding. Hannah wanted Ty to have monkey cookies for snack with her. I think he liked them. We are glad that Ty came to play today.

Dad is having fun

Dad is in heaven getting to ride his four wheeler around and cut things down. He is working hard to clean up and make the yard look good. Mr. Tidwell was burning today and let Derrick put things on it to burn as well. Derrick found lots of things that needed to be burnt.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

let me see

Hannah has to do everything that Dad does. He got out the binoculars to look for the turkey. It was not the turkey, but Hannah wanted to see what she could find by looking through them.

flip flops

Thank goodness for the dollar spot at Target. Hannah likes to wear my flip flops so I bought her a pair of her own. It is so cute to watch her walk in them. She curls her toes to keep them on, and does a pretty good job. I hope she is going to like flip flops.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have created a monster. Hannah checks out everyone's toes to make sure they have polish. She decided that the feet on the bench needed some polish. She used her chalk to "polish" them. I thought it was cute and Dad is glad that it will wash off. She is such a girlly girl when it comes to polish.

my help dad

Are you surprised that she had to be at the barn working with dad?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the things she says

I was thinking the other day about things Hannah says that make me laugh. I don't remember when she said some of these, but I wanted to have them recorded:

"Look at those ABCD's in the sky." (Signs in the air, Target, Shoney's, Car Wash, etc. when we got out of the car at Target.)

"______ makes me happy." (I think she learned this from Barney. She told us pickles and ice cream so far.)

"No, I wove you the most!" (What she tells me at night when I put her to bed.)

"God is great, God is good, fank him for otter food. Amen." (We are trying to tech her the whole blessing.)

"1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7" (She will tell you she is 2 but leaves it out when she counts.)

Hearing her sing the ABC's. I have to record her saying it.

let me ride

Hannah saw Dad on the four wheeler this morning and wanted to ride too. She liked riding while Dad pulled his trailer and moved limbs. She did not like Dad standing on the trailer to cut the limbs. She kept saying, "Be careful Dad, don't fall."

summer fun

Hannah had fun playing with Kylie and Ty today. They played with bubbles, chalk, in the water a little, on the swing and slide a little, and ate a little snack. I did not take any pictures of them playing inside, not sure why. They had a good time. It is so fun to watch them play together and tell each other what to do. Thanks for coming to play.

Friday, June 13, 2008

my mama always said

When I was growing up my mama always told me that once you become a mom you did not get to do anything by yourself. You do not get to go to the bathroom alone was the main thing she said. This morning while I was in the shower I heard Hannah calling my name. She had brought her Mr. Potato head in the bathroom for me to open the case. I reached out of the shower to open it. I thought she would take it in our room or back to her room. No. She sat on the rug, right beside the shower to play with it. Once I got out she just moved to the carpet near the sink until I finished getting ready. Mama was right, you can do nothing alone as a mom. I wold have it no other way. It is fun to listen to her talk to her toys and sing while she plays. How did she get so big so fast?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

duck bathroom

We were finally able to use the Duck bathroom stuff we registered for when we got married, almost 6 years ago now. Hannah loves the rubber ducky things. Thanks Dad for taking down the shower doors so we can reach her better to bathe.