Saturday, February 28, 2009

all caught up

The blog is now up to date. I wanted to catch up before we start Hannah's birthday week. I will do my best to keep it up to date through this coming week of birthday activities. Go back to February 11 to read all of the updates, if you would like.

Chaplin's 1st Birthday

We went to Chaplin's first birthday party this morning. She is the daughter of one of the photographers Derrick works for. She is so cute. I had not seen her since she will maybe a couple of months old. Derrick get to see her a lot and has taken Hannah to see her a few times. Hannah had a good time playing with the mask and other children who were there. Happy Birthday Chaplin!!!

signs of spring

We have been in the house for 9 months now. We are about experience our first spring here. I love spring, minus all of the rain. It was raining this morning I told Hannah is was a yucky, rainy day. She said, "We need the rain to make the flowers and trees grow pretty." Nothing like a child to put things into perspective. We knew there was TONS of iris' here because we dug them all up. During the past few weeks we noticed some green patches coming up. We have daffodils and lots of them. This morning we also had 26 turkeys in the yard. We have not seem them but once this winter. Some of the trees are starting to bud as well. YEAH for spring! I think I also like spring because we get to celebrate Hannah's birthday and this spring will get to welcome Hunter to our family. I will take more pictures when the daffodils bloom.

she will kill me for this one day

I love how cute Hannah is in her little panties. She was looking out the window at the turkeys and I could not resist taking this picture. She was talking about the turkeys, how her swing fell down, but the turkeys could swing and how dad could fix it for her later. She said that when Hunter gets big that she will help him stand on the stool with her and look at the turkeys. She even showed me how she would move to the side to make room for him. When she woke up this morning she came in our room and gave me a kiss. She said, "Where is baby Hunter." I told her he was still in my belly. She said, "Let me see him." I showed her my belly and she gave him a kiss. I hope she is going to love him as much when he comes out of my belly as she does now. She is getting so big. I am a little sad that is a about to turn 3. These past 3 years have flown by and have been so fun, even on the rough days.

Friday, February 27, 2009

update on Hunter

I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I got to hear his heartbeat again, but not as loud. She said he was moving away about the time she would get it good. I do have to say he is very active. He moves way more than Hannah did. She asked if I had been having contractions. I told her no, but I am not sure if I would know if I was. I never felt any contractions with Hannah. She said to come back in two weeks (March 11) and then I would start coming every week until he was born.

After leaving the doctor I went to the hospital to drop off my preregistration paperwork. That was quick and painless. They gave me the papers to fill out for his birth certificate and told me to bring them back when I came for my next appointment. I have it filled out and ready to take back on March 11th.

I have washed all of his clothes and have his things ready to pack for the hospital.

Kara emailed me today and said she had been checking the blog and there were no pictures of my belly. With Hannah we were so good at taking a picture of my belly each month. My mama has taken several pictures of my belly but we have not taken any. So just for Kara I had Derrick take a picture of my belly. Do not be alarmed at how large it is. The doctor says I measure 33 weeks. Only 7 weeks to go, if I make it until my due date.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

look at this princess outfut

When she got up from nap she decided she needed to put on princess clothes. She said, "I need my tutu and princess shoes from Mrs. Ruth." She wore her princess outfit until she took and bath and got ready for bed. She is too cute for words sometimes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

remodeling update

Derrick has been busy working on the house. He is working on the basement and Hannah's room. He has all of the wall insulation up and most of the sheetrock in the bathroom. He as started building Hannah's book nook. Uncle Kyle has been helping some too. It seems to be a slow process but I know it will look great when it is finished.

consignment sale

Sharon and I went to the Encores and More consignment sale last night. We got in at 5 since I consigned and because I am pregnant they gave me an extra pass for someone to come with me. As hard as it was I went to the boy clothes first. I am still getting use to looking at boy clothes. I did find Hunter some cute clothes, but learned why Sharon is always finished looking before me. There is not as much in the boy section. I only bought 0-3 months through 6 months since it was the spring/summer sale. Since I do not know how big he will be I did not want to buy too much and then him not be able to wear it. These are the cute outfits I got for him.

I got Hannah several outfits as well. There were way more 3T girl clothes to look at than the boy size 0-6 months. I got her a cute birthday girl shirt to wear to school on her birthday, so check back on Thursday and will try to post pictures from her party at school.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hannah's new favorite thing

At school Hannah gets to cut with scissors. I finally remembered to bring her home a pair of little scissors. She is very careful with them and is pretty good at cutting. I have a cutting practice book at school that I need to copy and bring home for her to practice. She is funny to watch, but takes her time making sure she is holding the scissors correctly and then cuts away. She wanted to put the scissors in her easel, but I do not want her to cut without us with her. She told me next time she cut she needed some magazines to cut pictures out of. That must be one of the things they cut out of at school.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hannah's Valentine's date

Uncle Kyle took Hannah on a date so Derrick and I could go on a date with some friends. He took her ice skating, which she did not really like and to Chick-fil-A for dinner and to play. She said ice skating was too cold. She liked watching the people in the pool. Her favorite part was watching them jump off the diving board. Thanks Uncle Kyle for watching her and taking her on a "date."

a new skill

After our lazy Valentine's morning of playing, spending time together, and lunch we put Hannah down for a nap. I heard her in the bed talking and singing. I went in to check on her and she had unbuttoned her shirt and taken it off. I did not know she could do buttons. I wonder if she could button it back? I should ask her to try when she gets up.

Valentine's from Dad and Mom

Hannah seemed to like her Tinkerbell card and heart slinky.

Valentine's from MeMe and Pop Pop

Thank you for the pretty Ariel card. She wanted it standing on the table to look at. She read it to us. Can you believe it told the whole story in one card. She has a great memory.

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are Hannah's pictures we had made for Valentine's Day. Sending you all hugs and kisses! Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to Hunter

Thanks Grandpa Mike and Grandma Nene for Hunter's Valentine's. Too cute!!!

Hannah's school Valentine's

All the fun Valentine things she made at school this week.

Hannah has been so excited about her Valentine's party at school this week. Every morning she has asked me if it was Valentine's day. This morning when she got up she said, "Mom is today Friday?" I told her yes it was and she said, "Yeah it is Valentine's and cupcakes at school." I think she had fun at her party and loved opening all of her cards from her friends.

Valentine's from Mike and Nene

Thanks Grandpa Mike and Grandma Nene for all of our Valentine's. Hannah was very excited to get another "prize" in the mail.

Dad will you swing me?

Hannah was glad that her Dad was back when we got home from school today. She only had to ask once if she could swing. She really misses him when he goes out of town. We are all ready for warmer days when we can all be outside and she can swing all day.

what is missing?

Derrick went to Williamsburg for work earlier this week. On Wednesday we had really bad storms with lots of wind. When he got back to pick up his car a tree branch had busted out the back glass of his car. Not a good thing, he had already called the insurance company by the time I got home. They are coming Monday to fix it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's from Papa and Nana

Thanks Papa and Nana for all of the fun Valentine's for all of us. I did not get a picture of the white princess gloves, but they were a big hit.

update on Hunter

Hannah decided she needed to give Hunter a check up. She listened to his heart, checked his temperature, checked his blood pressure, and looked at both of his ears. She then decided he needed a shot and some medicine. She gave him a sticker for being good. When she was checking his temperature she said, "Raise up your arm baby Hunter, put it back down, wait for the beep. Beep. All done you do not have a fever." I hope she will want to takes as good of care of him when he is out of my belly.

I did go back to the doctor yesterday for a real check up on baby Hunter. She said all is well. His heart beat was strong and I am measuring right at 31 weeks. I will start going every two weeks now. I have one month left to work from tomorrow so I am praying he will not come until after March 13th.

the ride home

After the fit we had yesterday when I picked Hannah up at 4 so we could run some errands before church I decided to leave her at school until 4:30 today. I came home and cooked dinner while I knew she was outside playing. When I go there to get her she was swinging, on her belly, and still did not want to leave. We managed to leave without the fit like yesterday so that was an improvement. I asked her if she had a good day. She said, "We go to make matches on Dora, Diego and the Jaguar. While I was at the yellow table center I helped Anna make all the matches. I was the little teacher." I told her that was nice to help her friends. She said, "Tomorrow is the Valentine Party and Mrs. Christina has balloons for us." I think she will enjoy her party with her friends. I hate that I do not get to see it. Three weeks from today I will get to take cupcakes and be a her special snack time for her birthday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

best gift for a boy

Julia found me the perfect gift. She must know I am a little nervous about having to change boy diapers. Thanks to her, hopefully, I will not get squirted. Thanks Julia!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hannah loves the little mermaid. She watches The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid II. Last night and tonight while she as in the bathtub she started singing, "My fingers are wrinkled and I don't care, all of the curls are falling out of my hair and I don't care." She spins over and over laying in the water. I am not sure if those are really the words to the song, but I am sure they are close. The song is from The Little Mermaid II and Melody sings it when Morgana turns her into a mermaid. I love that she remembers so much and can pretend to be a mermaid.

Monday, February 9, 2009

random things Hannah says and/or does

Each day Hannah does many things that make me laugh and smile. These are some random hings she did that I just want to have recorded.

Hannah: Mama do you want some pizza?
Me: Sure.
Hannah: What kind of pizza do you want?
Me: I want peperoni.
Hannah: OK let me fix it.
Me: OK
Hannah: Here is your macaroni (peperoni) pizza and I made Dad marshmallow (mushroom) pizza.
Me: Thank you it taste so good.

While we were eating lunch she said, "The little lady on Ratatouille used her shoot gun to shoot at Ratatouille and his brother." I asked her if it was a shot gun. She said, "No it is a shoot gun because she shoot at the mouse."

She watched Toy Story with Derrick about a week ago. She, almost daily, talks about the mean boy, Sid, and his bad dog. She wants to know why the dog is mean. Once she sees or hears things once she gets stuck on it for days and even weeks.

She was reading to her babies one day and I heard her say, "Julius (a boy in her class at school) are you listening. I can't read the story until you have your listening ears on." I asked her who told her that. She said that is what Mrs. Christina and Mrs. Priscilla tell the friends at school when they are reading a story in circle time. I asked her if she uses her listening ears. She told me yes that she likes to hear the story and is good at circle time.

I wish I had time to write down all of the stories she tells me everyday about school. I also would love to just record all she says in a day. I am amazed that in just three year at the thing she has learned and the things she remembers. Thanks for reading this very long post.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

how many stickers?

Hannah gave Hunter and I stickers for being good, using our listening ears, and staying dry. I had to take a picture of my shirt before I took all of the stickers off. The stickers at the top are for me and the ones below the kids are for Hunter. She is so funny. I will have to watch her or baby Hunter will be covered in stickers when he gets here.

look at his silly hair

Nana brought Hannah a little thing that grows grass for hair. It said it would take it 7 to 10 days to grow but it has been growing for a while. She noticed it this morning and told she would hold it so I could take her picture for the blog. Thank Nana for such a fun prize.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hunter's room

We have been looking for bedding for Hunter's room. I found lots of bedding I liked, but Derrick was not sold on any of it. We found bedding we liked at Target in Cool Springs. Of course it does not come in crib size. We did not buy it because Derrick was still not sure he was sold on it. The more we talked about it and he thought about it we decided that is what we wanted. We stopped at the Target by our house to get it. Guess what? They did not have any of it. When we got home he looked online and it was labeled "new." We were going to the movies in Smyrna that night so we decided we would go to the Super Target and get it. Guess what? They did not have it either. We went into Kohls so I could show Derrick a little jeep thing I had seem when Mama and I were shopping. He liked it and thought it would match. Sunday morning we went to Panera to eat breakfast and Derrick ran into that Target while Hannah was finishing her breakfast. He was not gone long because they did not have the bedding either. After church we went back to the target in Cool Springs and they had it still. We bought the comforter, full sheet set, curtains, lamp, night light, and twin set set to make the bumper pads out of. We have found someone to make the bumper pads. I know that Derrick will do a great job making his room look great. We are not planning on having it ready before he comes, but when it is finished I will post pictures. Here are pictures of the bedding from the Target website.