Saturday, November 27, 2010

our last day in SC

That is what Hannah said this morning. She was very excited to go to the movies to see Tangled with Mattison and Sophia. It was a really cute movie. We had a nice lunch the kids played a little and the adults were able to talk before going to the movie. Hannah thought it was fun to also ride with them to the movie. Thanks for driving and for the popcorn. When the Hayes' dropped us back at Mike and Nene's, Mattison asked Hannah if she could come play. She told her she was ask us but that we would let her come. Hunter had a fun time with Mike, Nene, Aunt Kim and Aunt Lori while we were at lunch and the movie. When Hunter woke up we went to see Nana before she want to work. Papa went with us to see Great Papa and Grandma Edna. We were not there two minutes when Hunter remembered the bouncy horse was downstairs. I was glad to visit with my Papa while Derrick played with the kids downstairs. We left there and went to dinner with Papa, Mike, Nene, and Aunt Lori. We told Hannah that if she was good at dinner we would let her go to Mattison and Sophia's to play for a little while. Since she was good we took her to play. It was good to see Donna's mom and Matt's family while we were there. When we were putting Hannah to bed she said that she did not want to go home tomorrow. She told Derrick she just wanted to stay here. I am glad she had such a good time visiting with family and friends. It is always good to come to sad to leave. We told her we would be back in a few weeks for Christmas.

Friday, November 26, 2010

time with family

We had another great day spending time with family. We were up and going pretty early this morning. Our first stop was Nannie's. She wanted to show us her kitchen remodel, which looked very nice. I did not think to take any pictures. I was too busy chasing Hunter and trying to make sure he did not break anything. Stop #2 was Aunt Jan's. Hannah and Hunter were excited to see her, Linda and Shadow. We were glad that Bekah, Kaylee, Aunt Gay and Uncle Robby came over also. We had a nice lunch at Chick-fil-a and it was fun to watch the kids play. After a little more visiting with Aunt Jan and Linda, along with a surprise visit from Uncle Kyle and Christie, we came back to Mike and Nene's to take naps. Hannah and Hunter both took a nap. I did some school work and Derrick watched some TV. When they woke up we got ready and went to MeMe and Pop Pop's for Thanksgiving. The kids were excited to see them and the cats. Hunter called all of the cats Wabi (that is Uncle Kyle's cat). It was nice to see and visit with Travis, Robin, Marla, and Linda too. I think Hunter was asleep as soon as we put him in the bed. By the time we brushed Hannah's teeth and put her to bed he was already asleep. I am thankful we have so many family members that we can spend time with.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We had a great day. Derrick and I were able to sleep late, which we were thankful for, thanks to Mike and Nene. We then went to Great Papa's to have thanksgiving with him and the rest of our family. Hunter was very happy to find the bouncy horse in the basement and Hannah had a great time rocking and playing pool. Hunter would not sit with Great Papa but I think Nana got a good picture of Hannah with him. We then came back to Mike & Nene's to take naps. Hunter was the only one who slept. When he woke up we went to see Chrissy and her new house. It was nice to visit with her and her house is very nice. She has done great working on it. We even got to help her put up her Christmas tree. She and Hannah made very yummy cookies. It was also good to see her mom and dad. Thanks Chrissy for having us over, pizza and cookies were a great meal to end Thanksgiving with. We are going to bed because have another busy day tomorrow. Oh, I did ask Hannah what she was thankful for. She told me she was thankful that Josh, a boy at school, was better were a friend bit him (random) and for me, Dad, and Hunter. I think Hunter is thankful for food and being able to go outside. Derrick and I have too many things to be thankful for to even begin to list them.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a good day

After a not so wonderful ride to SC last night we are having a great day today. I was laughing at Hannah and Hunter last night and again this morning "talking" to each other. Last night Hannah told Hunter to lay down and go to sleep or she was going to call us in there. She said, "Do you want me to call mama?" Hunter quickly answered, "No." After a little more talking they both went to sleep. This morning I heard Hannah say, "Hunter, you call Mike." Of course Hunter yells, "MIKE!!!" She decided to get Hunter out of the pack-n-play so he could lay in the bed with her. She is such a good sister. They played this morning for a while before we got ready to go start visiting family. We went to lunch with Papa, Nana, Uncle Kyle and Christie first. Then we went to see Papa Charlie and WeeOne for a little while. Hunter wanted to play with WeeOne but acted a little scared of her. We then we to see Uncle Jackie and Aunt Nell. Hannah and Hunter warmed up to them pretty quickly and entertained them a little. Hannah asked to go by MeMa's grave. We took her by and she seemed satisfied. I am not a grave visitor and I was surprised at how emotional I felt standing there looking at Ma Dot's, MeMa to Hannah, grave. On the way home Hunter of course fell asleep and Hannah said she wanted to take a nap when we got back to Mike & Nene's. Derrick and I think that is the first time Hannah has ever asked to take a nap. She did sleep in the car for a little while. We are going to eat Thanksgiving with Mike, Nene, Aunt Lori, Aunt Kim and Nannie tonight. I am thankful for time with all of our family.

I could not find the camera until after dinner so I did not get any pictures of us eating dinner tonight.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Derrick's birthday was yesterday, but we waited to celebrate today. He had to work late on his birthday, yuck! Hannah and Cooper helped make him a cake last night. Hannah, Hunter and I went shopping for him. Hannah wanted to get him tools, but since I think he has enough of those I encouraged her to pick something else. She wanted to get him a Hot Wheels car and some shirts. We wrapped his present and she signed his card. She told me she would write Hunter's name for him. I asked her where we should put his present until we gave it to him. She said, I know and went in the living room with it. After I put her to bed I was looking for it to put my card with it. I cracked up laughing when I saw she had put it on the fireplace. I asked her why she put it there and she said because that is where we put presents for me and Hunter. She is right. Derrick loved his shirts, car and cake. Hannah told me how to decorate it and was very proud of herself. Hunter was just happy to eat the cake. Happy Birthday Dad, you are the best! We love you!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

19 months

Hunter "Wild Man" Hood is 19 months old today. He is so cute and trying hard to talk. I made a list of words he can say the other day and was surprised at how many, almost 40. He says new words each day. He will answer yes and no questions all day long, but does not really "talk" much. He is very busy and into everything. He really, really, really loves his Dad. He does not like for him to be out of his sight. Derrick brought up some tractors for him to play with Sunday night and he went crazy. He is all boy. I will have to take a picture of him playing with them. He is too cute crawling around pushing them and making tractor noises. He is growing up way to fast.