Friday, July 30, 2010

she loves to take her own picture

How dare Dad?

This is what happens when Dad goes anywhere without Hunter. Hunter LOVES his Dad.

Discovery Center

This morning we went to the Discovery Center with Ty, Todd and Mrs. Sharon. We all rode in Mrs. Sharon's van, which was really fun for everyone. The kids had a great time. There was even a place for Hunter to play. I think the kids would have stayed all day. We got there before they opened so we went on a nature walk and played on the playground. Good thing Mrs. Sharon was prepared with towels to dry the slides off. We stopped for lunch on the way home at McDonald's which was a good ending to our fun morning. Thanks Mrs. Sharon for driving us.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

last summer zoo trip

I wanted to get one picture of the kids at the zoo and this is the best I could do. Hunter was worried about his shoe and Hannah was not happy that I made her stop playing.
I thought he was going to sit still and let me take a picture. What was I thinking?
She loves to ride on the seahorses every time.
He thinks he is so big. I am glad he likes to go to the zoo.
We have had so much fun this summer. I am sad it is coming to an end. We have a few more days and every weekend to keep having fun.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

we are off to SC

We have not been to SC all summer. That is unusual for us. We were going to leave tomorrow, but decided to go ahead and go this afternoon. We were able to follow/drive with Papa, Nana and Uncle Kyle. Hannah had talked all week about riding back with them and spending the night at their house. When it came time to get in the car and go she changed her mind. We enjoyed a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel before we got on the road. We had to stop once so we could change Hunter's diaper and so Derrick could get coffee. Hunter is big enough now that he wants to watch Hannah's DVD's while he rides. I think before our next trip we will have to get one they can share. We stopped to feed the starving buddy without Papa, Nana and Uncle Kyle. After a quick dinner and potty break we were on the road again. The kids went to bed good when we got to Grandpa Mike and Grandma Nene's. We put them in the same room for the first time. We will see how it goes. Hannah is singing to Hunter to help him go to sleep. She told us when we put them to bed that if Buddy cried she would not get up she would just sing to him. I hope we all sleep well because we have a busy day tomorrow.

all about goats

This morning at the Agricultural Museum the theme of the day was all about goats. Hunter loves to see and touch any animal. Hannah liked petting the goats, but did not want to milk it. We went back to check on the cats. She said she needed to see the Boots kitty. They were all there and much have been hot and tired. We went inside the actual museum today. It is neat, but hard to take the kids in. You are not suppose to touch anything and Hannah wants to know what everything is. Some of it is labeled but I still can't explain to her what they did with it. She as the most excited that Papa stood in line with her so she could get a rainbow painted on her arm. Derrick and I took turns walking Hunter around while Hannah, Papa, and Nana waited for the arm painting. We did not learn anything about the goats we saw, but the kids had fun petting them. We also saw the honey bees and got to smell some homemade soap. Thanks for enduring the heat with us Papa and Nana.

Friday, July 16, 2010

VBS day 5

Derrick's guitar. He got called away to take pictures before he was able to finish it.
I forgot this when I took a picture of all Hannah's other crafts. We had it hanging in the window already.
These are my favorite things she made, there were other pictures she colored. It was too much to put in one picture.
These are the things we made in K-2 crafts.

We made it!!! We all had a great week at VBS. Hunter went to his class without crying today. It only took 5 days of being dropped off but it did it. I had a great time getting to know some new friends who go to church with us. I had great helper which helped the week go great. Hannah had a great time and was sad that it was the last day. She said her favorite things for the whole week was the Cookie and Tex videos. She made some really cute crafts. I just for a picture of Hunter, not thing cute for him this year. I took a picture of the crafts we made in the K-2 crafts this week.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

consignmet drop off, load 1

I was a little sad to get things ready for consignment this time. I never like to see all of their clothes go. As I get them ready I can always remember when they worn certain outfits and who gave it to them or something they did in it. I always try to make Derrick walk down memory lane with me, but he is not a huge fan of it. He just lets me talk and reminisce and pretends to listen. This time we got all of the baby stuff out to consign. The stroller, carrier, bases, bathtub, exercauser, swing, etc. We did not consign the bouncy seat, because we have misplaced the sun, or the Bumbo because we are letting a friend borrow the tray. I know we are not going to have anymore kids so we do not need these things, but it sure was sad to load them in the car and know that there is a good chance they will not come back to our house. Derrick hopes it all sales so we can make lots of money this sale. It does make it a little easier knowing that another kid will get to use our kids things. They were all in good shape so I will find out when I work my sorting shift on the 31st what sold. I am going to take the things that we used Derrick's number for tomorrow.

VBS day 4

Today was cray hat day. Hannah does not like to wear hats but she loves headbands. Hunter did not want to wear his hat or have it picture made on the horse today. Today her favorite thing was the Cookie and Tex video again. She did tell me later that she liked singing the songs, but she could not remember all of the words to sing them for me. Hunter reached for his teacher this morning, but still cried when we left the room.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


These are all of the clothes for the consignment sale. I got Derrick a number this time so we could consign more 0-12 month clothes. I am so glad that he helps me make the tags and had this poll so we could hang all of the clothes up. He is the best husband ever!!
Hannah said that Hunter looked cute drinking his drink so she wanted to take his picture. He is a cute little guy!!
Hunter likes to put the magnets in the drawer under the over and it looks like Hannah likes to organize them. Nice!!

VBS day 3 and library

Today we all went to VBS. Derrick was off so he was able to go too. Hannah loves for us to do things "all together", and so do I. She said her favorite thing today was wearing her PJ's and seeing the Cookie and Tex movie. We missed story time this morning because we were at VBS. After lunch I needed to run some errands so I took her with me so we could go by the library. She loves to check out books and go to story time. She is such a big girl. She does everything but key in the password. Hunter did better this morning. He did not cry until we shut the door and left him in his room. Hopefully by Friday we can drop him off with no tears.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

basement bathroom update

Derrick only has a little tile left to do above where the sink will go. I think it looks great. I get to help him grout whenever he is home and I am well. I think the cabinet for the sink looks great. He has finished the doors but has not had time to put them on yet. I will post more pictures when we start grouting.

VBS day 2

Today got off to a better start. We only had one injury and it was minor, no band-aid required. I was getting Hunter out of his bed and as I put the rail down Hannah was holding the bed and I put it down on her finger. She cried like I broke it off, but after a few minutes and a few kisses she was all better. We left the house at 8:18 and were at church at 8:55. Even in the pouring down rain. I was very excited when I remembered that Hunter had a raincoat. It was a shower gift from Uncle Bert. I just remember when I opened it Deborah saying Bert picked it out and it is huge. It fits great and came in handy today. Everyone was impressed I made it to prayer time. I am so happy to have such great helpers for K-2 crafts. After talking to Sharon at lunch today my room also has a lot less kids. Sorry Sharon. She has great helpers too!! Hannah still said her favorite things today was seeing Skippy again and learning how the ostriches say each letter. (Skippy is the squirrel who is in preschool worship on Sunday morning.) She did say she liked singing the songs but that she could not remember the words to sing them to me. Hunter cried again when I dropped him off, but was happy when I picked him up. His teachers all say he is so sweet and good. He as happy to ride on the rocking horse for a few minutes when I picked him up. We went to Wendy's to eat lunch with Mrs. Sharon, Ty and Todd. All the kids were really hungry and very well behaved while we ate and visited. Hunter fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot good. VBS is making all of us a little tired. We will all need a nap by Friday. We are excited that Dad gets to come with us for the rest of the week.

Monday, July 12, 2010

VBS day 1

This morning I thought we were doing good on time and would be able to make it to church by 8:45, just 15 minutes later than I wanted to get there. Derrick was helping me get the kids in the car. He had gone out to put something in his car with Hunter and came in telling us about a dog in the yard. He showed it to Hannah out the window and she said there was a puppy in the yard. He took both kids while I was getting the backpack, my purse, etc. to get out the door. As I was getting ready to walk out the door I saw a HUGE dog walking through the backyard. I thought to myself, "If that dogs walks up to Hannah she is going to FREAK out!!!" About that times I heard her screaming and crying. I rushed out the door to find her in the car with the door closed crying very loudly. The dog was just standing by the car. I asked Derrick what happened. He said she saw the dog and was trying to get away from it and fell and scraped her knee. The dog was big, he came up to my waist, but he was very nice. I told him to sit and he did. He belonged to someone just a street over. He was headed to Mr. Tidwell's house by the time we got Hannah's knee cleaned up and we hope that he will take him home. Once we finally get to leave the house we turned on to Cane Ridge Rd and there was a turtle trying to cross the road, so we had to stop and help him across. Once we helped him and finally made it to Bell Rd I realized that my sunglasses were in my car and we were in Derrick's car. I called him and he was at a gas station on up the road so we made a stop by there to get my sunglasses. It was now 8:40 and we were no where close to being at church. I pulled up to church at 9:05. VBS starts at 9 and I was suppose to be there to cover tables and get my room ready and be at the workers prayer at 9. Needless to say I missed that and all my helpers had all the tables covered and were waiting on me. To top the whole morning off I felt terrible. I went to the walk in clinic yesterday because my throat and ears were hurting so bad. I have a double ear infection!!! I am not happy about it and want it to go away quickly. I put on my happy face and pretended that I felt great while I was at VBS.

Hannah said the best thing she did today was see Skippy and learn how ostriches talk to each other. Hunter was not a fan of being left, of course, but he did like all of the horses that were sitting around for decorations.

Today started a little crazy and never really got a lot better. VBS went great and the kids had fun. I have great helpers in craft. I did take one picture of the kids on/by the stuffed horse on our way out. I am too tired to upload the picture or write any more. I hope I feel better tomorrow and I will update about today and tomorrow.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hold Your Horses, Peek A Boo Playtown, & Chick-fil-a

This morning we went to the Agricultural Museum for the first Summer Saturday event. There were horses from the mounted police out to pet and set on. There was a buggy ride, with a very long line, but we waited in it. There was also a show put on by the police about training the horses. Hannah watched a little of it while I waited in line and Derrick walked Hunter around. He is one busy boy. In the barn there were cats, kittens really, and Hannah and Hunter loved them. Hannah said the black and white cat looked like Boots, MeMe's cat. Derrick picked one up so Hunter could love it. He wanted to hold it, but the kitten was not a fan of that. Hunter was hot and tired, but he was a trooper. Hannah said he favorite part of the Hold Your Horses was the buggy ride. I am glad we waited for it.

After the buggy ride we left and headed to a new place that was having a grand opening today. It is called Peek A Boo Playtown. It was neat, but not what I really expected. It might be a little more fun if it was not so crowded. I did not even attempt to take any pictures there.

When Derrick and I had enough of that fun we convinced Hannah to leave by telling her we would go to Chil-fil-a. She said can I play there and have ice cream? We told her if she ate good she could. She ate great and so did Hunter. Ty and Todd where there eating also so they were able to play together when everyone finished eating. Hunter just ate the whole time and did not play, but eating makes him happy.

It was nice to spend the biggest part of our day together as a family. Derrick is going to be brave and take the kids to dinner while I go to Girl's Night Out with the Sunday School girls. I am excited for some girl time.