Friday, July 18, 2014

NY day 7

Check out our whale!

 A little singing to get our day going!

 Listening to the Bible story.
 We had a map to show them Jonah's journey.
 They made us all these sweet pictures!
 Making a whale.

 Getting our energy out!

 They did great working together

I'm so glad I met Ashley this week. She has such a heart for the kids at Graffiti 2.

I am sad we are leaving today. I have enjoyed working with the kids at Summer Tots, doing BKC and Derrick enjoyed doing baseball camp and construction in the afternoon. We are glad we had the chance to come and serve together.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

NY day 6

 Everyone likes to start their day with a little building, right?
 Reviewing expectations
 Such a beautiful day to play outside.

 We needed to get a little more energy out!

 Some of the youth helped act out the story and then we did a little singing.
 BKC singing
 This little guy stole my heart this week.
 Lots of kids for our last day of BKC.

 I was a little nervous about going on this trip and not really knowing any of the other people going. They all go to church with us, but are not in our close circle of friends. I am so glad I have gotten to know Amy this week.
 Tonight was Thursday Night Together. The community is invited to come eat and then have a devotional. We had a great turn out.
 John taught the devotion and had us all sing Zacchaeus was a wee little man.
 We traced our hands and found five people to write their names on our hands.

 We can all work together to tell more people about Jesus.
 It was so good to see Nicole. She worked at Cole with me before she moved to NY. We were walking in the park the first day of BKC and I heard someone yell, "Heather!" We talked for a minute and she came tonight so we could catch up. It was good to see her.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NY day 5

 Love making new friends here!
 A little game of red light, green light.
 Kids of all ages love playing with a parachute.
 Snack time!
 Making our friends craft!
 Too wet to go to the playground so we had movie time instead.

 Glad we could have BKC in the park today.
Tonight we got to experience the Napkin Dance at Puglia's! Fun times!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NY day 4

 Can you guess what story we are learning today?
 Meet Proof. He works at Graffiti 2 and is a really sweet dog.
 Look at all of these precious children. This is summer tots. The rest of the group is doing baseball camp with elementary aged kids.
 I love his smile!
 Doing a little singing before we dismiss.
 He wanted his picture taken.
 Abby was getting her hair fixed by these sweet girls.
 Another beautiful smile!
 This afternoon we did BKC in the park near the church.
 We had a good turn out, but the weather did not cooperator.
 So we went back to the church and finished inside.
 Tonight we braved the rain and went to Ellen's Stardust Cafe. The food was yummy and it was very entertaining. We sent this video to the kids. They are at Grandparent Camp and having a great time!
 We were thankful our hotel had umbrellas we could borrow.
Of course we had to get some more yummy dessert!