Wednesday, July 9, 2014

a good book, beautiful butterfly and BKC night 3

 This was a challenging book to read, but really made me think. I highly recommend it.
 We love that the butterflies are enjoying the beautiful flowers MeMe planted as much as we are.
 Signing their hearts out!
 Listening to the Bible story and reviewing all they learned this week.

 I'm so glad all of these friends came this week. I hope they will come back next year!
 Snack time! I'm not sure why I did not take any pictures of Rec, but I am thankful Jacqulin, Reagan and Maddie came to do Rec with the kids.
I had the privilege of teaching these sweet girls this past year. They stole my heart on the first day of school. I am so glad they came this week. It was nice to see them during the summer.

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