Thursday, July 10, 2014

so quiet

Derrick and I have the best parents, which means our kids have the best grandparents. My parents left with the kids this morning headed back to SC. Derrick and I are going to New York for a mission trip. My parents will have the kids until Sunday then they will take them to Mike and Nene's for the rest of the time we are gone. Mike and Nene will bring them back to us. That is service! Since we don't leave until tomorrow and I am mostly packed I am enjoying a little time on the porch this morning. It is way to quiet in the house. Thanks Papa, Nana, Mike and Nene for taking care of the kids for us while we are gone. You all are the best!
Starting a new book sine it is quiet and I am about to ride on a bus for 18 hours.

I think Whiskers wants to go with us.

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