Monday, January 28, 2008

pick up

What a big girl picking up her blocks. She likes to dump them all out then she sings the "pick up" song, which is the clean up song, and put them all back. Only to dump them again. I think she just likes how loud it is.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

the process of getting ready for bed

Until I looked at the pictures that Nana took I never realized what a process it was to get Hannah in the bed. It is just routine for us but in pictures it really looks like an ordeal. First, I gave her a bath. After getting dressed which we do not have pictures of I gave her a treatment. She likes to be held during her treatment, good thing Derrick and I can fit in her chair. Since she was still I decided to give her, her weekly manicure. (We usually do this on Saturday morning.)Then she had to brush her teeth and her hair. She finally made it to bed and went to sleep. What a tiring process more for me than her I am sure.

lunch, lunch and more lunch

Hannah ate her lunch, some of my lunch and some of Papa's lunch. I guess she just likes to have a variety.

snack with Nana

Hannah saw Nana eating sun chips and needed so too. She thought it was fun to sit at the table and eat with Nana.

Friday, January 25, 2008

teaching Papa

Hannah was teaching Papa how to work the DVD/VCR player. She knows the "angle" (triangle) makes it play and the square makes it stop. She is even tall enough now to reach the power button the the TV to turn it on/off. She is a smart girl who is growing up too fast.

enjoying her new chair

Hannah got an anywhere chair for her first Christmas. She loves it. Jennifer sent me an email the other week that she saw on for only $45 that had Hannah on it. I emailed the girl and Nana met her to get it. They brought it with them and Hannah seems to enjoy it. I am sure she was watching singing. That is her new favorite thing to watch.

100th day of school

I forgot the camera this morning so I called Derrick to bring it. He was keeping Hannah until Papa and Nana got here. They brought me the camera and stayed for a little while. Hannah walked my class to PE, played on the rug, went to get my class from PE and then watched Zero the Hero and 100 Day Girl, who she was not sure about. Derrick would tell her a color and she would step on it. She thought that was a fun game. Thanks for bringing the camera to me. I would love to post the picture of Hannah sitting with all of the whole kindergarten but I do not have permission from all of their parents.

Monday, January 21, 2008

sticker nose

I gave Hannah some stickers I got in a Highlights magazine. She likes stickers but usually wants it off, holds it, then wants you to put it back. Today she decided she wanted to put it on her nose. She is too silly!

the dentist

Hannah had a dentist appointment this morning at 8am. She was up at 5am so she must have been excited. She did great. She enjoyed looking at the fish with dad before going back. When they called her name she walked right back and climbed in the chair. She let Ms. Brooke brush and count her teeth. Because she was good she got to get two prizes. She choose a green ring and an orange frog. She played with them while we waited on Dr. McNutt. Hannah climbed back in the chair and let me look in her mouth with no trouble. He said her teeth look great, she has plenty of space, her bottom two year molars are starting to come in, and that she still has an under bite but he is not concerned. He says it can be fixed when she is older. We will keep brushing and go back again in July.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

mama's school

I took Hannah to school with me this afternoon. She is usually good about playing with the blocks and math manipulatives while I do some work. She asked to take baby with us, so I let her. I thought she might like pushing her in the halls and around my room. She pushed her in the building and to my room. As soon as she walked in my room she sat on the carpet and said, "Elmo, snack, please." I put Elmo in and gave her a snack. After a few minutes she decided that she needed to rock and watch Elmo. She had fun and I was able to get a little work done.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Hannah loves her baby dolls. She has two that she has to have with her all the time. This morning she was sitting in the chair and wanted her babies. When I gave them to her she said, "covers." I covered them up and she sat there for at least 15 minutes. I took her picture because she looked so sweet. Later this morning she got back up in the chair and since one bay was nite-nite she wanted Elmo. Once she was settled she said, "mama, picture." She is too much.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Snappy Tomato

We went to eat they the Glenn's tonight at the Snappy Tomato. It was very crowded and there were not highchairs. We just let Hannah and Ty sit in the chair like big kids. They did really well. When we were leaving they were holding hands. They are too cute together.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hannah got her harmonica tonight at Kinder Musik. She was not sure about it at first but on the way home she figured out how to make it work. She likes to dance while she plays it. I am sure she will be playing us songs before long.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It was snowing when we went into church tonight. When we came out it was still snowing and had accumulated on the ground. I had the camera so I took some pictures of her and Ty. I think they were excited about the snow. Sharon and I are just hoping for a day out of school.

hat and mittens

Hannah let me put her mittens on this morning. I was trying to take her picture. She has snowmen and penguins on her sweater. She just wanted to see herself on the back of the camera.

Monday, January 14, 2008

feels so good

Hannah loves to have her back and face rubbed with paint/foam brushes. She was sitting in Derrick's lap watching TV. We thought she was going to fall asleep.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

kinder musik

Hannah went to her first Kinder Musik class tonight. She loved it. She acted like she had been going forever. There was no holding on to mom or dad. She listened to the teacher and did what she asked. She even sat on the story blanket for part of story time, then she decided to sit in Miss Amy's lap. Miss Amy just said she would not be able to see the pictures. It was fun seeing her interact with other kids that she had never met before. I think it will be a fun 15 weeks.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas again

Hannah got so many presents at Christmas that we could not get them all in the car to being home. Mike and Nene mailed them to use in two different big boxes. Hannah has enjoyed playing with them. She likes to swing the monkey and name all the aminals. She likes to feed her baby, but she does not like to put her in the small bed. She always wants to put her in "Hannah's bed." It is so fun to watch and listen to her play. She makes me laugh.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Hannah is very interested in the color of everything. She knows the colors blue, yellow, orange, pink, green and red. She will say black and brown but does not always get them right. She has to name the color of her clothes, my clothes, Derrick's clothes, toys, cars, etc. I am glad that she is learning. The one thing she asks that I am not sure what to tell her is what color her hands are. Do I tell her white, flesh, peach? She seems to be satisfied with any answer I give her. She just repeats what I say and moves on to asking about something else.

ride cycle

Hannah was very happy to get to ride her "cycle" outside. I think dad got a good workout.

good to be outside