Tuesday, July 31, 2012

meet the teacher and a hard worker

Tonight we had meet the teacher. Look at all of these sweet gifts I was given tonight. As sad as I am for summer to be over and to be back at work, I think I am going to have a really sweet and good class.
When I got home from meet the teacher I found this hard worker in his room. He is so cute!

Monday, July 30, 2012

friends and cheesecake

We all laughed at Sarah for getting three pieces of cheesecake. Only one was for her.
I am so thankful for these ladies. We always have the best time together. I wish we could have dinner once a week. At least I get to see them daily now that we are back in school. Thanks for lots of laughs tonight ladies.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pinterest and a silly boy

The finished product. Derrick did such a great job. I think my kids will love them and they will look so good in my room.
Computer stools.
I think Mr. Happy my need a tissue. Hunter and the cheese dip had a rough night.
Chocolate Peanut butter cupcakes. I hope they will taste as yummy as they look.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

last day of summer

Hannah and Ty climbing the water slide wall.
Sliding head first.
Time for a break from the fun. Also a Popsicle to cool off. Hannah and I went to the pool after Splash Day at church. It was nice to spend the whole day with her. I can't believe she is starting first grade.
Hunter and Blake were so excited to eat dinner together while we had Bible study.
Derrick was finishing my stools and Gypsy decided she would help him. She likes to be in the middle of whatever we are doing.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hannah has been a great helper at school this week. Today she checked and sorted all of my markers.
The kids love having a picnic and watching a movie. They are being so good and helpful today.
Derrick is always so good to make things for my classroom. He is working on the tops to my stools for my reading table and computers. It is wonderful being married to a handyman.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

oh how I am going to miss summer

 Hannah has been a trooper so far this week. We stayed at school all day yesterday and until almost 1 today. She nicely asked if we could go to Sonic for lunch and sit at the picnic tables. Of course I said yes. How did she get so big? I can't believe she is going to be in first grade. She is so excited!!!!
After lunch we went to Office Max and Wal-Mart, then to get the Wild man. It was so nice outside and I was missing the pool so off we went. We were glad that Uncle Kyle went with us. Hannah was excited that she got to slide down the big slide and Hunter enjoyed jumping in the "big" pool and swimming. Snack time still wins the prize as the best part of the pool for Hunter. I hope to get a few more pool afternoons in before the pool closes for the season.

Monday, July 23, 2012

a good day for all

 Hunter was excited to go to school this morning. He was a little shy when we first walked in, but that did not last long. He was telling me the sun was bright while I was taking the picture. He did not have time for me to take another one. He was playing with friends at the table when I picked him up. He said he had a great day and was excited to go back tomorrow. I am thankful for a smooth start after the rough night we had getting him to sleep last night. Hopefully he is good and tired after his busy day and bedtime will be a breeze tonight.
 Tonight was our last regular season kickball game. This is our team minus Derrick, Cody and Johnny. We won tonight which makes our record 3 and 3. We have tournament games Saturday. Hannah wants to know if we get a medal or trophy if we win Saturday. I told her I was not sure but we will find out Saturday. I am very scared of the ball and catching is not a skill that I have mastered. I had to play left field tonight and actually caught a ball. I was pretty proud of my catch. I wish Derrick could have been there to see it because he has been trying to teach me how the catch the ball all season.
The teachers on the team. I am blessed to not only teach with these girls, but to workout with them, hang out with them and call them friends. Thanks Julia for encouraging us to play, it has been lots of fun!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

is it really that time again?

Yes, Hunter goes back to school tomorrow. Hannah does not start until Aug. 1, but we have her school supplies ready. He is excited, so much so that he is still awake. I let the kids play in the pool for about a hour after dinner it hopes of making him a little tired. I had him in the bed at 7:30 and at 10:00 he just came in my room again. That is not going to make for a fun morning. Hopefully getting back to school will help him go to bed better.

We have had a WONDERFUL summer!!!! I am really sad that it is ending already. I hope to squeeze in a couple more pool days before I go back Friday. We may have to do pool afternoons instead of mornings. I am thankful I have the summers off to spend with the kids, friends, and family. Derrick was off a good bit this summer and able to hang out with us. This is the first summer since we moved here that we have not been back to SC. It was nice and sad at the same time. We were able to see all of the grandparents but not the great grandparents or all of our friends there. Hopefully we will get to see them when we do make a trip to SC.

Here is a video of the wild man jumping in the pool tonight. I sure am going to miss him tomorrow.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

my Papa and Nana

We have enjoyed having Papa and Nana here this weekend. Hunter does not leave Papa's side when he is here. I love that he calls people "my ______" like they only belong to him. He had to wear his hat like Papa this morning. He went with Papa and Dad to an estate sale and to Lowe's. Hannah stayed home with Nana and played and helped straighten the house. I went to school and got a lot of work done in my room. Papa  and Nana kept the kids today while Derrick and I went to dinner for our anniversary. Thanks for coming to visit and a great weekend. We all love you both!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

10 years!?!

 Nana and Papa are here to visit this weekend and we took them to the Loveless for dinner tonight. Hannah lead us on a walk and we took pictures along the way to pass the time while we waiting for our table.
 Papa helped Hunter climb the tree. I am sure he will do that on his own before long.
 Hannah was showing us the pond, which is really a puddle, and being silly.
 Hannah, Hunter, Nana and Papa surprised us with cupcakes/cake and card when we got home.
 Thanks for the yummy anniversary cupcakes/cake.
Hannah took this picture of us. 

Today Derrick and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. At times I still can't believe we are married, much less married, own a house and have two kids. I love my life with him and do not say that enough. It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of daily life and take Derrick for granted. I love him more today than I ever thought I would. Is our marriage perfect? No! But I would not trade it for anything. We are a great team and I can't image doing life without him. I am blessed, excited, happy and thankful for 10 wonderful years and looking forward to many, many more years together. We spent a week in California in June for our anniversary. I still have not blogged about it, but plan to at some point. We went in June because I start back to school a week from today. We spent the day together today in my classroom. Another one of the many reasons I love him so much. We enjoyed spending time together and with the the kids and Nana and Papa. We are going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate again. Thanks for all the calls, texts, and Facebook messages.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

good things about summer

 I get to start my mornings with my quiet time and breakfast without rushing.
 I get to spend my day with these two beautiful, wonderful, entertaining, and at times trying children.
I was able to enjoy playing with Hunter this summer instead of potty training him. (Glad we got that out of the way last summer.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bathing beauty

 Hannah hates the sun to be in her eyes. She finally decided she would pack her hat and sunglasses to solve that problem. Every time she got out of the pool she quickly put them both on. She is too cute. She has loved spending time at the pool and I am glad we have been able to go so much.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dad's big truck

Hunter was SO excited that Dad had to get the Citation truck for work this week. He loves "Dad's big truck" and thought it was great to get to move it so I could leave. I am not sure what makes it so great but to Hunter it is the best thing ever.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

kickball practice

 It was become a Sunday night event to go to kickball practice and then go eat. My kids love to eat out. I have no idea who they get that from. Mr. Matt and Mrs. Danielle were nice enough to let the kids ride in the jeep with them. The kids loved it!!!! Thanks for letting them ride with you.
 I love these sweet faces. Hunter was telling me his belly hurt that is why he is making that silly face.
After we got home, had bathes and put the kids to bed this is where Hunter ended up. He was still complaining of his belly hurting. He said it would feel better if he could lay with Dad and he tickled his back. He finally went to sleep after about 10 minutes of back tickling.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I went to the mall today, all by myself and it was wonderful. I took my raincoat with me, but when I got to the mall it was sunny and I thought to myself, "I will not be in here that long and I do not want to carry it, I will be fine." Well guess what? This is what it looked like when I was ready to leave the mall. I finally just decided to run to the car instead of waiting it out. I am just glad I did not have the kids with me.

Friday, July 13, 2012

lazy day

We had another lazy day today because it has rained off and on all day. The kids did get to play in the pool for a little while this afternoon. Mike and Nene came to visit and so did some family from Kansas. I did not take any pictures of all the visitors, but maybe tomorrow I will. I did get a couple of pictures of the kids on the way to and at dinner.

 Hunter did not take a nap today and was asleep before we got to the restaurant.
 He was so tired that he stayed asleep until our food came. I enjoyed just getting to hold him. He is never still for long and usually wakes up as soon as I picked him up. He was really tired today.
 Hannah has been reading Junie B. to me in the car and was almost finished. She asked if she could take her book in. I told her yes but that she could not read it out loud. She was so happy when she finished her 1st chapter book all by herself. We are proud of her too.
She only wanted mac and cheese. We sent this picture to Mrs. Julia because it is her favorite thing to eat at J Alexanders.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

rain and BYKC Bug Zone Day 3

 It has been raining all day, ALL DAY! I know we need rain but I wold like for it to just rain a little each day so I could still take the kids to the pool in the mornings. Good thing I am not in charge of the weather, right?
 I think we had about 10 inches of rain here today, not really but it seemed like it.
 Hannah was teaching the motions to Hunter. He was bashful tonight.
 Hunter loves Mrs. Tara. Thanks for letting him sit with you during the Bible story.

 Snack time was a hit very night.
 We are happy when God transforms us.
Who did Hunter eat snack with, Mrs. Tara! She was his best friend tonight. Thanks for a great week Mrs. Sharon and all the helpers! It was a great week.