Thursday, January 29, 2009

special prayer for Jacob

Jacob will have surgery at 7am in the morning. Please pray for him, the doctors and Julie and Jeff as they wait. Check their blog for details (Tuley Family).

my ear hurts

That is what Hannah woke up crying at 12:15 this morning. She got in the bed with us and went to sleep until 3 when she woke up crying again, "My ear is hurting." She pointed to the same ear both times and told me it hurt on the inside. I gave her Tylenol and she finally went back to sleep about 3:45 and slept until about 7:15. When she woke up we asked her if her ear still hurt. She said, "Yes but it will feel better when I get up." I called the doctor at 8 and we got an appointment for 8:30. The doctor said she was a little wheezy and fluid in both ears but they were not infected. She said the right tube was in place, but the left tube was starting to come out. Friday, two weeks ago tomorrow, when I took her the doctor said neither tube was in place. The only reason she could give for her crying and saying her ear hurt was that she may feel the tube coming out if her ears are sensitive. She wants us to treat her with drops, if her ear stars draining and we have to start back on the albuterol for the wheezing. I just pray the tube comes out without hurting and that her ears do not get infected. (I also pray for a good night sleep, for all of us.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!

Yeah for another day out of school! We did see snow, but not enough to play in. Derrick had to go to work and Uncle Kyle still had school, but Hannah and I are enjoying a day at home. We did go to the grocery store this morning and to school to get my computer, but other than that we have been home playing/working. I am hoping it freezes tonight so we can be out tomorrow. Then I can go back to work and have the 100th day on Friday, which would be a good way to end the week and month. We shall see.

Monday, January 26, 2009

look at these girls

Hannah was so glad that Kylie came by. Mrs. Sarah needed to pick up a DVD for bible study and she was nice enough to let Kylie play for a little while. Hannah has been asking for friends to come play with her new toys. Thanks Kylie for playing and hopefully we can have you back soon to play for longer.

Friday, January 23, 2009

let's play dress up

Papa and Nana brought the last of Hannah's Christmas with them. Mattison and Sophia gave Hannah a trunk of dress-up clothes. She got so excited as I was taking the dresses out of the package. She said, "Ty and Cooper and Kylie and Anna Clarie can come and play dress up with me. They will have to wait them turn to wear a pretty dress." I think Kylie and Anna Clarie would like it, but I am not sure we need to dress Ty and Cooper in dresses. We will have to get some boy dress up clothes for them. She had to have all of the pieces to the outfit before she could be the princess. It was fun to watch her dancing around and singing the "Ariel" songs.

a much needed haircut

We finally found a day when Ms. Karen was working and we could get to Cool Springs. We had to wait a while, but the results were worth the wait. I think she looks precious. I thought I got a better picture of the back, but I must not have. (It is stacked in the back.)

fun Friday with Papa and Nana

Hannah spent the day with Papa and Nana. She cooked them lots of food. She went to Home Depot with Papa and got some balloons which were great fun to play with. I am glad she was able to spend the day with them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

special request

Please pray for Jeff, Julie, and baby Jacob Tuley. I taught with Julie at Cole for two years. She is a very sweet person. She will be induced on Monday and he will go straight to surgery. Please read her blog, just click Tuley Family on the right, to hear their story of faith.

do you want to play?

Uncle Kyle and Hannah showed Papa and Nana how to play a game on Wii. I am not sure what they played because I was at school for Family Math Night. I am sure they had fun. Hannah told me just her and Uncle Kyle played and Papa and Nana watched.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the dentist

Hannah went to the dentist this morning. She is such a big girl and seems to like going. I think she gets that from me, I love to have my teeth cleaned. She went back with the lady, as she calls her, like she was her best friend. When they came to get me she was standing in the back looking at her x-rays and talking to Dr. McNutt. He said she looked great and that she still has an under bite, but there is nothing to do for it at this time. "The lady" said she did great and had her first fluoride treatment. Hannah said, "The lady let me watch Snow White and took pictures of my teeth." She was very happy to get a frog and bracelet for her prize.

Friday, January 16, 2009

look who came to visit


I did not have school today because of the extreme cold. Yeah!! I had planned on taking Hannah to school so I could get some work done. Well, my plans changed. When she got up this morning I noticed a rash on her chest. When I got ready to bathe her she was covered from her chest to the top of her legs. I called the doctor and they said to bring her in since she had a rash and a temp of 99.8. As soon as the nurse looked at her she said, "Oh, she has strep." She did a strep test and sure enough, she has strep. She has not complained at all. She has not eaten great this week and threw up a little Wednesday night, but did not run a fever until today. I felt terrible that I did not know she was even sick. The doctor said her lungs sound great and her ears look great, but that neither tube is in place. She gave us an antibiotic and said the rash should be gone in a few days. I know that she is not feeling great today because she asked to get in the bed to "rest," which is what she calls sleeping. I am glad I had the day off so I could be home to take care of her. I the things I need to get done, will still be waiting on me. I have given her one dose of medicine and will give her another at dinner, so hopefully by tomorrow she will feel much better.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the floors are finished

Hunter's room
Hannah's room

The floors are finished in the hall, hall closet, Hannah's room and Hunter's room. Derrick is going to tile the bathroom. He is going to work on Hannah's' room first since Hunter will sleep in our room for a while. I would like for her to be in her "new room" by her birthday. We will see how much time Derrick has off to get the work completed. I will keep taking pictures as progress is made.

update on Hunter

I went to the doctor yesterday for my glucose test. I was able to hear his heart beat and the doctor said it sounded great and I was measuring correctly. The nurse called today and said I passed the glucose test but I was anemic. I was not surprised because I was with Hannah. I will get some iron pills to start taking tomorrow. I will try to have Derrick take a picture of me next week when I am 28 weeks so you can see how big Hunter is getting. I was told today that I waddle, so I guess that means he is getting big. I feel bigger than I did with Hannah at this point, but I have gained less weight. As long as he is doing well and healthy I am happy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

he is getting bigger

Hannah was able to feel Hunter kick for the first time tonight. She just smiled really big when he kicked. She would not leave her hand on my belly for long. The only thing she had to say about it was, "He is being silly in there." He is getting bigger and stronger because he is kicking harder and harder. I go to the doctor Wednesday and can't wait to hear his heartbeat. I would love another ultrasound so we can see him, but it is very comforting to just hear his heartbeat and feel him moving.

first day in the "big girl" class

The first day was successful. Her teacher, Ms. Christina, said she did great, but that she was very quiet. I told her that will probably not last long. There are some big changes in this class. No pull up at nap time and no sippy cup. Those are two I am not sure I am ready for. She has been staying dry at nap, so we will hope it continues. I do like that I get a whole report about what they are learning. This weeks theme is "Mitten and Warm Clothing." They are talking about the letter Jj and the color red and the concept of big and small. I think she will enjoy this class and it seem a little more "academic" but still lots of fun. She made the mitten she is holding in the picture. There are some friends who moved up before her so I think that helped. The only friend she talked about playing with today was Stormy. She also said she got to go on the big playground and play in the swing. We will see how the rest of the week goes.

new floors

Hunter's room. These pieces are just laid out, but not nailed down.
Hannah's room. To the left is finished, but he will finish the rest tomorrow.

The floor guy did not get as far as I had hoped he would, but they are now being laid the way Derrick wants them. He says he will lay them throughout the rest of the house so it will be done the "right way" the first time. I think they look good and we will enjoy them.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

look at the clothes

Since we are having a sweet boy, we decided it was time to go through all of Hannah's clothes. It is hard to believe she had this many clothes in less than three years. I am glad that I have sorted through everything. All I have to do to finish getting ready to consign for the first time is put the clothes on hangers and price them. Hopefully I can do that in a day. Uncle Kyle said, "That girl has wanted for nothing." I have to say that is a very true statement.

the blog is up to date

Hannah is napping, through all the beating and banging, so I decided I would update the blog. Go back to December 29 to get all the new post. I will try to update at least once a week since I am back at work, and honestly too tired at night to think about blogging after we get her in the bed. I will post pictures on Monday of the new floors and tell about her first day in her new class at school. Monday will be a big day for her. She goes to a class with no Ty or Kylie.

busy construction day

Dad and Uncle Kyle have been busy this morning. They are almost finished putting the new wood in Hannah's room. Devon, one of Uncle Kyle's friends, came to run the electrical wiring in the basement this weekend. Uncle Kyle is getting a good workout today. He helps Dad then goes back down to help Devon. I would not want to know how many trips he will make up and down the stairs today. I will have to get a picture of Uncle Kyle and Devon working downstairs to post. Check back Monday for pictures of the new hardwood floors. Yeah!

stickers for Hunter

Hannah seems to be okay with the fact that she is having a brother now that he has a name. She talks to him a lot, hugs and kisses my belly, tickles hims, pats him and even gives him stickers. She does not like for me to take them off. I am will not be surprised if I go out of the house one day with them on my belly. She says that he can only play with her toys when he is big, like her. (Sorry the picture is a little close up, I was taking it myself. I do not think my belly is as big as the picture makes it look, but it is growing daily.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dad is a fast worker

Derrick got all of the nails out of the floor and started taking up the wood. It has to be replaced with better wood for the hardwood floors to go down. The ceiling guys came today and put more/new mud on the ceiling and will come back tomorrow or Saturday and sand them. The floor guys will come on Monday to start putting down the new floor. Derrick and Kyle unloaded all the floor and it is sitting in the living room (it has to get acclimated to the temperature in the house before it can be put down). Derrick took a picture of all the the nails he pulled out of the floor. He sure is patient. He will spend Saturday putting down the new wood to be ready for Monday. Hannah has already started telling him, "Thanks for making me a new room."

our new pets

When Hannah and I got home today we both noticed all of the buzzards on the power tower. Derrick said they had been their all day. Hannah says, "They are a family. A dad, mom, sister, brother, grandma, and grandpa. They all love each other." It is a little scary to me that there are so many of them that close to our house. Thanks dad for taking a picture of the buzzard family that has decided to live in our yard.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

the things she thinks of

I was so excited that we had Hannah in the bed at 7:40. Tomorrow is back to the real world so we are trying to get all of us back on a schedule. Derrick was in the construction zone working and I was in our room working on finishing report cards. She had been very quiet so I thought she was asleep. About the time I finished that thought in my head I hear, through the monitor, "Mama, are you asleep, yes or no?" I did not answer her. A few minutes later she says, "Mama, are you in the bed, yes or no?" I told her I was in the bed and would go to sleep soon. Then she says, "Mama, I need to go potty." She knows that will get us up and to her quickly. I went and took her to the potty and let her see what Derrick was doing. When I put her back to bed at 9pm and told her I was going to bed, she went on to sleep. It makes me laugh the things she says and thinks of.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

let the construction begin

Derrick is almost finished scrapping all of the ceilings. (Not a neat, clean job to do.) He took up all of the carpet and started taking up the baseboard. Hopefully the ceiling guys will come next week and the floor guys the next. He is very good at tearing things apart, and thankfully he is good at putting them back together and making them look great. Uncle Kyle got the boot to the basement. That is the other project Derrick and Uncle Kyle are working on.

Hannah's (new) room
Hannah and Hunter's bathroom
Hunter's room. (This is the room we had Hannah in.)
The hallway.

Friday, January 2, 2009

why were all the animals in the floor?

"They were sleeping in them beds, mama." That is why they are all face down. That is how she put all animals and babies to sleep. She says they like to sleep on their bellies.

she did go to sleep

By the time i finished typing the last post she was very quiet. When I went to check on her this is what I found. I am not sure why all of the animals she sleeps with are on the floor. I will have to ask her when she wakes up. YEAH for nap time!

my morning with Hannah

When I woke up this morning at 6:30 there was a sweet little girl laying beside me. Derrick said she came and got in the bed with us at 3am. We all slept until about 7:30 when she announced, "It is time to wake up and eat pancakes for breakfast." After she gave Dad a couple of kisses he got up and fixed her some pancakes. (We tell her we can't get up without a kiss from her.) She told me that she did not need a bath before we went to school. I had told her that she could go to school with me to do a little work. She said, "I want to go to your school, but I want to watch Barney shapes." After we got ready we went to school for a little while. She was very good so I could do a little work. She watched two Barney's and then said, "I think it is time to go eat lunch now, we can come back later." I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she replied, "I would like a hot dog on a stick, like I had the other day." Since she had been good and asked so nicely I took her to Sonic to get a "hot dog on a stick." When we were leaving Sonic she said, "Hey where is my shake?" I asked her what a shake was. She said, "A milkshake, and I want chocolate." I told her if she took a good nap and was good for Dad he might take her to get one tonight. She ate and good lunch and then played a little Wii with Dad before laying down for a nap. (I will post the video of that later.) She is in her bed in her "new" room. She just said, "Mom I do not want a milkshake, I just like to wake up." This is the second day in a row she has not taken a nap. I need her to still nap, hopefully going back to school next week will help her get back to wanting a nap. I enjoy spending time with her. She is great to talk to and carries on the funniest conversations. I wish I could just record her for a day and share it with everyone, you would laugh a lot. I am sad that it is almost time to go back to school. I have enjoyed my time with her and Derrick. We have a limited number of days left to spend with just her. That makes me excited and a little sad at the same time. I know we will keep making great memories. Thanks for letting me share them.

Hannah playing Wii

In the first video you hear me say, "Where were you?" Derrick made us Mii's on the Wii that look like each of us. He was up the bat on the screen when they were batting. Hannah is a much better pitcher than batter, but we will let her keep practicing. She bats in the first video and pitches in the second.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year! We were glad to spend our day as a family. We played with all of Hannah's new toys. She has been busy cooking for us all day. When she would get tired of cooking she would draw on her "weasel" or do stickers. She even practiced her golf game.
We had a great 2008 and a looking forward to an even better 2009. We hope the same for you and your family.