Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day with the Bussell's

 Loving a little time in the sprinkler.
 Hunter loves to eat ice.
 He also loves watermelon. It is really funny to hear him say it.

 Cooper's neighbors came over to play for a little while.
 Hunter just had to bring this stool outside. He was getting comfortable.
 The sad face I blogged about here.
 Fun on the tire swing.

 Hunter loved driving the tractor.
He thought it was cool that it had a trailer.

Thanks Bussell's for having us over. We had a great time visiting and watching the kids play. Thanks MeMe for watching the kids so we could visit.

sad face

Hunter wanted a cookie and obviously we were not getting him one fast enough. He asked for a cookie and Derrick was going to bring it outside. I think he really thought we were not going to give him one. He got one and did not even eat all of it.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

more work on the play house

 Measuring for the windows.
 They have it all under control.

 Hunter is all about helping "work."
 Hannah does not want to "work" she just comes out to check on the progress.
 Putting the siding on.

 They all look busy.
 Hunter is doing a little work on his own.

 Almost got it.

 Almost finished with the siding.
Getting Hannah's stamp of approval.

Thanks Nana and Papa for coming to visit this weekend. I was able to work at school while Nana watched Hunter and Dad got to start on the playhouse he has been wanting to build with Papa and Uncle Kyle's help. I am glad Nana took so many pictures. Thanks again for coming and all of your help.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

play house project day two

 Hunter is ready to work.
 So is Papa.
 Hunter loves hanging out with the guys. Uncle Kyle is working on his tan while he works.
 Hannah is the supervisor and Hunter is in the middle of everything they are doing.
 All 4 walls up.
 Getting ready to build the roof.
 Looks like they know what they are doing.
 They are fast workers.
 Glad we have enough ladders for everyone.
 The view from the back.
 The view from the front.
 Papa is making sure they are doing it right.
 Dad and Uncle Kyle make a good team.
 The roof is on.
 Hannah checking out the progress so far.
 Roofing paper.
 Two hard workers.
 Hunter came back to supervise.
 Hannah could not wait any longer to play inside her playhouse.
Hunter was working hard and Hannah was telling him if he was doing it right.

Friday, May 27, 2011

another project

 Ready to get to work.

 Hunter needed a snack so he would have plenty of energy to help Dad and Papa.
 Papa is very strong.
 That is going to be a big playhouse.
 The cutest little helper I have ever seen.
 Digging a hole.
 Looks like they are planning something.
 Almost ready to put the floor in.
 Uncle Kyle came home from school and jumped right in to help.
 Looking good. The playhouse and Uncle Kyle. : )
 This three sure do a love a little girl to be doing all this work in this heat.
 Hunter was making sure they were doing it right.
 Hannah came home from school and was so excited that they had started building her playhouse.
Almost time to call it a day.

Thanks Nana for taking all of the pictures of the work in progress.