Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why are we here?

I took the kids to get their flu shots today. I did not tell them until we pulled up at the doctors office. I did not want tell Hannah before and Hunter is too young to care. When we pulled up Hannah said, "Why are we here? We are not sick." I told her that we had to get a flu shot so we would not be sick this winter. She said, "Well Mom you could have brought farm blanket and teddy." I felt about two inches tall. I told her that I would hold her and that she would be fine. She said that she might still cry and I told her that it would be ok. I was so happy to see nurse Heather when we got there. Hunter did great, he never cried. Hannah watched the needle go into her arm, the medicine go in and it come out, then she cried. It did not last long. She got a Popsicle, a H silly band, and a frosty. I am glad it is over and hopefully it will keep them well.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hannah is talking about family at school this week. Last week was All About Me and we never sent a picture of her. Derrick and I both missed that note. She made a cute book and a cute picture of herself on a plate. I will take pictures and post. We have not taken a "real" family picture since Hunter was born. We have a picture from Easter but that is not very recent. Uncle Kyle came and went to soccer practice with us. When we got home I asked him to take a family picture for us so Hannah could have it for school tomorrow. Now I just have to get Derrick to print it. I thought it turned out pretty good for how late it was. I am putting a "real" family picture on mine and Derrick's to do list. Thanks Uncle Kyle for taking our picture. Hannah said she wanted to take a picture with Uncle Kyle in it because he is family too. She did not want to be in the picture, she just wanted to take it. Good job Hannah!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

We all had a nice day working/playing around the house today. We were glad to have MeMe and PopPop here for the weekend. I was able to get all of my school work finished yesterday and just played with the kids and worked around the house today. I wish I had every Monday off. I did not take any pictures today. I hope this week to update the blog from the last month. August is always a crazy month with school starting. I will write about that later. I hope everyone had a great day and enjoyed the beautiful weather. As much as I love summer, I am ready for fall.