Friday, December 31, 2010

lazy day

We all enjoyed sleeping in a little this morning. Hunter did not wake up until 9:30. That is what happens when you stay up late talking to your sister, I guess. I went to lunch with Chrissy and then shopping. Derrick and the kids had lunch with Mike and Nene. While Hunter napped Derrick took Hannah to play with Mattison and Sophia. Donna sent me a picture of the girls with make-up on, that they had obviously done themselves. We are going to eat dinner and hang out the Nana and Papa tonight. We may even get to see Uncle Kyle again. I am not sure that any of us will be up to ring in the New Year. Hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas #5 in SC

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with the Hayes'. Matt and Donna fixed us a wonderful dinner. The kids had a great time playing and the adult were able to visit and catch up. I did not take one picture. I guess I was having too much fun talking and visiting to take any. Hannah got a really cool turtle that makes stars and the moon on the ceiling. When we put the kids to bed she wanted it on. They talked and talked for about 30 minutes. I finally told them that if they did not stop talking I was going to turn the turtle off. I love hearing them talk to each other, but I am glad they did not share a room all the time. Thanks Hayes' for having us over.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

time with friends

We do not have any Christmas' to celebrate today. Hannah was able to play with Mattison and Sophia for a little while this morning. She would have played with them all day, but we had lunch plans. We went to meet Dawn and Haley for lunch. It was nice to let the girls play so Dawn and I could visit. It is nice to always pick up where we left off. We stopped by First Baptist to see Paige for a few minutes on our way back to Mike and Nene's. Hunter stayed with Mike and he was going to take him to play at the park but Hunter fell asleep on the way. I made Hannah "rest" when we got back and she even slept for a little while. I am glad I was able to see a couple of friends today. Now I am going to play with kids and read some more of my new book.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas #4 in SC

Tonight we went to MeMe and Pop Pop's to celebrate Christmas with them. We were also happy to visit with Aunt Joan, Cheree, Jennifer, Kamdyn, Corey, Travis, Robin and Marla. We had good food and a good time visiting and watching the children play. Hannah was very happy to get to hold the cute puppies. Hunter was not sure at first, but he finally held one. It is hard to see the puppy he is holding but hopefully you can see it if you look closely. They are really sweet and cute. Thanks for the fun presents.

enjoying a game

When Derrick and I were Christmas shopping he commented that we should get Hannah Hungry, Hungry Hippos. We did not get it because it was almost Christmas. Justin, Lauren and Atley gave her it for Christmas. She loves it! Hunter ever had fun playing a little too. Thanks for a fun present.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas # 3 in SC

Tonight we went to Nana and Papa's to have Christmas with them and Uncle Kyle. Nana cooked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, rolls, and millionaire pie. It was all very yummy. We enjoyed spending time with them and just being able to sit and visit. Thanks for all of our gifts. The kids were also excited to open their gifts from Papa Charlie, Cece, Keith, Emily, Brittany, Peyton, Preston and Uncle Robby and Aunt Gay. Thanks for the gifts, they loved them.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas #1 & #2 in SC

We went straight to Nannie's when we got to SC. The kids were ready to be out of the car. Hunter kept calling Atley, Baby. I think he finally said Atley once. I am not sure why we only have three pictures. You would have know I was married to a photographer. Hopefully Nene and/or Lori took some pictures too. Hannah and Hunter enjoyed playing with Myles and Atley. We missed Steve and Cindy and hope that feel better soon. Thanks for all the fun presents.

When we left Nannie's and came to Mike and Nene's to have Christmas with them and Aunt Lori. We did not get picture of Hunter opening his presents but we did get pictures of him wearing his boots and playing with his cars. Hunter loves sitting in the little red chair and eating ice. He was over the presents and just wanted to rest. Hannah and Hunter are very loved little kids. Thanks Mike, Nene, Aunt Lori, and Aunt Kim for all of our presents.

the drive to SC

We saw snow the whole way to SC. More in some places than others but still snow the whole way. Mount Eagle was probably the prettiest, that is where this pictures were taken. We made pretty good time considering we stopped for breakfast and lunch and to get a movie for Derrick to watch.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hunter's presents from Santa.
Hannah's presents from Santa.
Santa left a mess in the fireplace.
Hannah checking out her Tangled Tower.
Seeing what kind of goodies are in their stockings. Hunter would lay down and look in his.
It did not take him long to find the button to push to ride his four-wheeler.
Opening her presents from us and Hunter.
Hunter got a bath time Elmo from Hannah. He likes to open the present completely before he will go to the next one.
Our beautiful view this Christmas morning.
The turkeys came to visit to wish a Merry Christmas.
There was not enough snow to make a snowman so Hannah was pretending to be the snowman.
I know this picture is not good but Hunter was trying to get the snow off of Derrick's boot. He does not like the snow to get on the top of your shoes.

We went to visit the Tidwell's and the Tucker's to take them some goodies and tell them Merry Christmas. It was nice to visit with them for a few minutes.
Later in the day the deer came to tell us Merry Christmas.
I bought us a gingerbread house kit because I thought it would be fun for us to make as a family. It all started out good and fun. The kids just wanted to eat the candy. Derrick is the most patient and creative so we left him to finish it. Hannah did help put some of the candy one. Maybe next year they will be a little more into it.
The finished product.
Hunter LOVES, let me say it again, LOVES Elmo. He wanted to keep watching Elmo when it was time for bed. We have lots of Elmo's from when Hannah loved him. I asked Derrick to go downstairs and get him a small one to sleep with and this is what he came back up with. Hunter loved it and thought it was great to have an Elmo to take to bed.

Our First White Christmas

We had a wonderful day. I will blog about the whole day later. I am trying to pack and straighten up the house now. We enjoyed a little time playing in the snow. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. You can pretend this is our Christmas card picture.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Ready to make cookies to leave for Santa and to take to the neighbors.
Cutting the cookies.
Adding the sprinkles.
We went to the Christmas Eve service at church this afternoon. Hannah and Ty were able to sit together. They did well. Hannah had lots of questions about communion, but seemed satisfied with the answers I gave her. Derrick and I are amazed at what she seems to understand about Jesus. She asked me why she could not have the "snack" and I told her it was for people who had Jesus living in their hearts and who loved Him. She looked at me just as serious as ever and said, "Jesus lives in my heart and I love Him." Wow, what do you say to that. It is our prayer that she and Hunter both will ask Jesus to live in their hearts and have strong, great relationships with Him. It was a nice service and I am glad we were able to share it as a family. I think it is the first Christmas Eve service I have ever attended. We always had Christmas with my Dad's side of the family on Christmas Eve. It is a little sad to not be with them tonight and to not have Ma Dot here. I still miss her so much. I know she is having the best Christmas of all.
Thanks Jacqulin for taking a family picture for us. She did a great job considering the kids did not want to have their picture made.
She did get this sweet pictures of my sweet babies, who are growing up way to fast. We had a great time hanging out the the Sumner family tonight. We had yummy soups, Taco, White Chicken Chili, Chicken Pot Pie, and Chili with no bean. Lot of choices and they were all good. It was nice spend Christmas Eve with our Nashville family. Thanks for inviting us. Deborah took pictures too and I am sure she will put them on her blog soon.

We changed the kids into their pj's before we left and took the long way home to look at Christmas lights. Hannah asked early in December if we could put our pj's on one night and go look at Christmas lights. We saw some really cool lights. I was glad that other people had asked on Facebook where the best place to look at light were. It came in handy. Hunter loves looking at the lights too, but fell asleep before we go to the really good lights. I could not find the camera so we have no pictures of the cool lights we saw.

When we got home Hannah put out the cookies and milk for Santa and the carrots for his reindeer. She wanted to write him a letter. Derrick helped her write the card. She did a good job. Derrick wrote Merry Christmas on the front and she drew two reindeer, a girl and an boy. (They are upside down for some reason.) The message on the inside says God is the reason for the Christmas on the right and to Santa from Hannah Lynn Hood on the left. She then drew crosses on the back. When we came to show me she read me the inside and said, "I wrote God because God and Jesus are the same person. I drew crosses because Jesus died on the cross for us." I told her I am sure Santa will love his card.
Front, turned the wrong way so you can see the reindeer better.
I sure do love this sweet girl. I am sure next year Hunter will be up still and help a little more getting ready for Santa to come. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!