Thursday, July 31, 2008

first day of "school"

I took Hannah to Little Bit of Heaven this morning for her first trail day. She went in and straight to the fish. The director walked us to her class. She went right in and started playing. She gave me a hug and kiss and said bye. I am glad she went right in, but a little sad that she no longer misses Derrick and I when we are not with her. I picked her up before nap and she did not want to leave. Miss Amanda said that she had a good morning and that she participated in all the activities and followed all the rules. (I hope that will last.) Hannah showed me the picture she painted. She wanted to bring it home, but I talked her in to leaving it. I hope she will go down for nap for them tomorrow. When we were leaving the room she stood at the door and said, "Bye kids, see you tomorrow."

I tried to take her picture on the little bench outside of the "school", but she was to interested in the man who was leaving. (My mom will be proud that I thought about taking her picture on the first day.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fun with Debbie and Jacqulin

Hannah spent the day with Debbie and Jacqulin yesterday. She did not want anything to do with Luke, but then asked for him and Bert the whole way home. She said she went swimming, played, put on bracelets from the pink and blue chair, take a nap in Jacqulin's bed, ate at Chick-fil-a, went down the slide, and just played. I am glad she had such a good day. Thanks again Debbie and Jacqulin for keeping Hannah for me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

she misses nothing

After I picked Hannah up we went back to school for a little while. She likes to play in my classroom. She was sitting at the computer "typing". I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I just checking my email." WOW! I think we may spend a little too much time on the computer.

Once we got home I was cooking dinner. While I was working in the kitchen I sneezed. The next thing I knew she was handing me a Kleenex. She said, "Mama, blow your nose good."

She is very observant and even when I think she is not paying attention to what I do and say, she is. She is keeping us on our toes.

Monday, July 28, 2008

potty training update

Hannah is still wearing big girl panties most of the time. She still has one accident a day, usually when she has to poo poo. She takes naps in the pull-up and we are using up opened diapers at night. Most days she stays dry through nap. She is waking up in the mornings wet, but not as wet as she use to. We went to the Flea Market on Saturday and she stayed dry the whole time. She even told me when she had to go pee pee. Yesterday was probably the worst day we have had. I sent her in panties to church, but she had an accident. When she got up from nap, wet, Dad put panties on her and she wet them. Today she has worn panties all morning and done fine. She even told me in time to get her to the potty to poo poo. We will get there. I think she has done well this far.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

fun with Mike and Nene

We had a great visit with Mike and Nene. I was able to work at school and get a lot of work done. Hannah had fun playing with her doll house.We had a good time playing and spending time with them. Thanks for coming to see us. I will have to get pictures from them, since I did not take any all weekend. Thanks Nene for sending us the pictures.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hannah went to the dentist this morning. I do not have any pictures because she went back all by herself. They like for the kids to go by themselves once they are 3. Hannah decided she wanted to start now. When they came to get me to talk to Dr. McNutt she was sitting in the chair smiling like a big girl. The hygienist said she was so funny and did really well. They cleaned her terth today and said she did great and that her teeth and gums look great.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

potty traing - part 4

She made it all day in big girl panties with only one accident!! WHOO HOO!!!! We went to the library (which included a little playing outside), Wendy's, Babies-R-Us, and Baja Burrito. We went to the bathroom at each place, more than once, but stayed dry. The one accident she had was at home and as soon as she started to pee pee she told me and went to the potty. I am sooooooo proud of her. She even pooped in the potty twice today. We will see what tomorrow holds. She did not nap today, but while she was in the bed "resting" she did not wet her pull-up. I asked her if she wanted a pull-up for night-night and she said no, just a night night diaper. We will get there. Thanks for all the praise when we have called to tell you. She really is a big girl going to the potty all day. It makes me happy and a little sad that she is growing up so fast.

story time and lunch

We enjoyed story time again to day. We only got to play a little because we had to go in to go potty. Since we were already inside we got out library cards. Hannah was a little more active during story time today. She was happy to see Tyler and Patrick at story time. We also saw one of my students. She listened to all the stories about clouds, but did not like watching Where the Wild Things Are. She made a picture and then checked out her books. I tried to take her picture with her card, but she was too interested in the little girls who were making their picture. She was happy to check out a book to take to her house. She and Ty ate a good lunch and had fun talking and playing. Baby Todd happily slept through story time and lunch.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

silly squirrel

While we were outside playing we watched the squirrel come and take a peach for his snack. Dad would be sad. He really likes the peaches.

playing with Kylie and Ty

Kylie and Ty came to play today. They had fun playing in the water and then playing inside. It was not too hot outside this morning. They are too fun to watch. I love to listen to them talk to each other and to themselves at times. I did a video of them I hope it works. Thanks for coming to play. I am sad that today is probably one of the last times they will get to come play during the week. I go back to work two weeks from tomorrow.

potty traing - part 3 (am)

I felt brave this morning and put her in real big girl panties. (Elmo of course.) She got them went playing outside in the water but not with pee-pee. She stopped playing while we were outside when I called her and came to potty. She was successful. She stayed dry from 8 am until a little after 11 am. She came and told me she was wet and then went to the potty to finish pee-peeing. It went down hill a little after that. I think she was too busy playing to worry about going potty. She would go went I asked, but her pull-up (Dora panties) was already wet. She was dry when I just checked on her napping, but had taken the pull-up off. (Good thing I went to check. I do not think she would stay asleep if she went in the bed.) Hopefully the afternoon will be just as successful. We will go back to Elmo panties when she wakes up.

circle and H

Hannah came to me one day a few weeks ago and told me to come look at the circle she drew. I did not believe her so I asked her to draw me another circle. Sure enough she can draw a circle. She is practicing writing the letter H for Hannah. She will say, "Straight line, straight line, cross in middle." Hopefully she will be able to write her whole name before kindergarten. I should not doubt her when she tells me something, she always proves me wrong. (I know the picture is not the best but I hope you can see the circles and the letter H.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

so proud

This is "baby" who can go potty too. Hannah was quick to tell me that baby dolls do not go potty, but I think she was a little surprised when this one went pee-pee in her potty.
This is her proud face! I love it!!

potty trainig - part 2

We the afternoon started off a little less successful, but ended great. She was a little wet when she got up from nap, but went straight to the potty to pee-pee. Yeah!!! We then left to go to the grocery store. She ate a snack while shopping. I asked her once if she needed to got potty and she said no. When we got home, she was wet. I decided that since she had been doing so well I would put training panties on her. She did great. She went to the potty several times to pee-pee without me asking her to go. I was afraid that she would not want a diaper on at bedtime but she did not say anything about it. I would call day 1 of potty training a success. We will see how she does tomorrow when we have friends over.

potty training

We started potty training today and she has done well. I just put her down for a nap after she went potty and had her M&M's. She has been dry all morning!! She has pee-peed in the potty 5 or 6 times. She will not tell me she has to go, I just tell her to go. Her little face lights up when she pees in the potty. I have refrained from taking pictures, because I do not want to be like Kate. (If you have never watched Jon & Kate plus 8, she takes a picture when the kids poop in the potty.) I hope she will keep it up. As long as I keep giving her Kool-Aid and M&M's I am sure she will.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

first night

Tonight is the first night I put her to bed that she did not ask for her paci. I am proud of her for being such a big girl about "losing" her paci. I have to say getting rid of the last paci was easier than I thought it would be. I hope potty training will follow the pattern, giving up her bottle, sleeping in a big girl bed, losing her paci, all were pretty easy.

the pool slide

swimming at the Tucker's

When Hannah woke up from her nap Derrick took her to play with the Tucker's grandkids, Jack Ryan and Ansley. They have been asking us to bring her over to play. She had a good time playing in the yard and on the swing set. Jack Ryan must have been too hot and asked to go swimming. Hannah quickly came home to get her bathing suite on so she could go to. She grabbed her swimmies and was ready to go. She was playing nicely in the water, but as soon as she saw Jack Ryan go down the slide she wanted to go to. I was afraid she would be scared when she got to the top. I told her she was going to go under the water if she went down. She said, "I know, I want to go under the water." Derrick was at the bottom of the slide waiting for her. She went down, went under, and came up laughing. She loved it and did not want me to help her up the slide. She would "swim" from the bottom of the slide back to the steps and do it again. I did a video of her sliding. She loved sliding but would not jump off the side to Derrick. She was not happy to leave the pool.

donkey and sheep

This morning we went to Ellington Agricultural Center to see the animals. Mrs. Sharon is good at finding free, fun things for us to do. Hannah and Ty enjoying watching and brushing the donkey's and sheep. Hannah decided she did want to ride the donkey. She did not get upset when she had to get off, but she did get upset when we had to leave and she was not going to get to go in Ty's car. Hannah saw the lady spinning the wool on the spinning wheel and wanted to spin it. Mike and Nene have a spinning wheel at their house and she loves to play with it. What a good memory she has. Thanks Mrs. Sharon for telling us about this fun outing.

Friday, July 18, 2008

eat with Ty again

Hannah loves getting to eat with Ty. She thinks she needs to eat every meal with him. They both ate a great lunch at Chilk-fil-a. We let them play on the playground. Hannah, of course, had to slide again and again and again. Ty climbed higher the longer we were there, but would not go in the tunnel with Hannah. We asked Hannah to show him how to go to the slide and the car but she would not slow down long enough. They had a great time.

puppet show

Today we went to the downtown library for the puppet show. It was very crowded, but Hannah and Ty did great. You can't take pictures during the show, but they bring the puppets out after the show is over. Neither one of them were really sure about the puppets up close. Hannah would not sit by Ty for a picture with the frog. They were really good during the show.


While I was getting ready this morning I kept seeing Hannah walk by with a stroller or grocery cart or carrier. She brought them all in my room to "help me" get ready. She brings them in one at a time and just talks to them the whole way. I need to video her playing with them. She wanted me to take her picture with Addison. She is saying cheese. I hope she will enjoy playing with her dolls for a long time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

so fun to watch

While we were talking in the parking lot Ty and Hannah enjoyed watching the cars, trucks, motorcycle, etc. go by. They also tried to scare the bird that was on the power line away. (Uncle Kyle taught them a noise to do that would crazy them away.) Ty and Hannah were not loud enough but they tried very hard. At one point we looked and they were giving each other a big hug, then they went back to talking and watching cars. They are such good friends. I am glad she has someone she loves to play with so often.

Catfish House

We had a nice dinner with part of our Sunday School class tonight. It was good to see everyone in the middle of the week.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

story time

Today we went to meet Ty, Todd and Mrs. Sharon at the library for story time. We went a little early so we could play first. Hannah loves to slide and play outside. She had to go down the slide with Ty and Mrs. Sharon. She did well during story time. She listened well. The story lady taught them motions to a song and Hannah tried to do them while sitting down. When she turned on the music and had the stand up, Hannah just wanted to dance. After story time she enjoyed doing some puzzles. We then went to Wendy's and had a good lunch before heading home for nap.


Friday night when I put Hannah to bed we could not find her white paci. She was in the bed and covered up. The paci was not in her basket where she had been putting it, since she was only getting at night time. I found it under her bed but did not tell her. She asked me to look in my bed, so I did. I came back and told her I could not find it. She wanted to look in the basket for it herself. I turned the light on and let her look. We took everything out of the basket. I told her it was lost and with a little whining she laid back down and went to sleep. The next morning when Papa went in to get her up she asked him where her paci was. He told her it was lost. She never mentioned it again the rest of the day. When we put her to bed Saturday night she asked for it again. I told her it was lost. She fussed a little and then went to sleep. We have now made it 5 nights with no paci. I would say we are all done with the paci. She still asks for it but will now tell me that it is lost. Now that we are finished with the paci, hopefully we can move on to potty training. (She will be in the potty training class at daycare.) I will keep you posted on how the potty training goes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

talking to Aunt Katie

Uncle Kyle was talking to Aunt Katie, so Hannah wanted to talk to. Uncle Kyle put her on speaker phone and Hannah thought that meant she could see her. She was showing Aunt Katie her hat and how she can hula-hoop. She is a silly girl. We hope to see you soon, Aunt Katie.

playing with Ty

Hannah had a great time playing with Ty today. I did not have either camera with me, but Mrs. Sharon took a cute picture of them in the pool (with no water in it.) You can go to Ty blog to see the pictures. ( Thanks for coming to play with us. Hannah loved playing and I loved holding baby Todd while he took a nap.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

too big

Ty and Hannah like to sit together. They are getting too big to sit in some chairs together. After a minor fuss Ty let Hannah sit in his lap. They are great entertainment.