Monday, March 31, 2008

yucky weekend for mama

I am so glad that Hannah likes the phone and knows where we keep them. I am also glad that she can follow directions. I woke up not feeling well Saturday morning. I called Hannah to get the phone and bring it to me. She got it and brought it to me. I called Aunt Debbie to come to the rescue. Thanks Aunt Debbie. She stayed until Hannah was down for a nap. Before Hannah woke up Mike and Nene were here. Thanks for coming and taking care of Hannah so I could rest. They took good care of me also. I finally got some medicine today, so I hope it works fast. Please pray that Hannah does not get strep. I will feel terrible if she does. I would not wish this on anyone. I have not had strep sine I student taught kindergarten in 2002. It is TERRIBLE!!!!! I did not get any pictures of her playing and having fun with Mike and Nene, but I heard a lot of laughing so I know she had a great time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

making pancakes

We decided to have breakfast for dinner. Hannah was a good helper. Derrick is very good about letting her help. She thought she was big stuff. I think the pictures make her look so big. She made great pancakes. 

best friends

Happy 3rd Easter

WOW!! I can't believe this is Hannah's third Easter. She tried to sit in her Easter basket today and it made me think about how small she was her first Easter. Thanks to MeMa & Papa Charlie, Nana & Papa, Mike & Nene, and MeMe & Pop Pop for all the fun Easter presents. Thanks to Ty for the cute PJ's. Hannah was excited to see her Easter Basket his morning. She gets more fun everyday. Happy Easter!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

look at those toes

I decided to see if Hannah would let me paint her toenails. She is a pro. She sat in the chair and when I finished one foot she said, "Do this one mom." I can't wait until she is old enough to go with me and we can get or nails and toes done together. I did not try to paint her nails for two reasons: 1. I just got my nails done and did not want to mess them up. 2. She still puts her hands in her mouth some and do not think she needs to eat polish. I am so glad she likes having her toes painted. When I was finished she looked at her toes, then my toes and said, "Pink like mommy's." 

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter Egg Hunt with Ty this morning. We watched a puppet show, colored some pictures, decorated some cookies, picked some flowers, and hunted for some eggs. Hannah was most interested in picking flowers than hunting eggs. She did find several. Thanks for inviting us. Hannah has talked about the puppets all day. 

feed the animals

This morning while we were getting ready I heard Hannah in the pantry. When I walked in the kitchen this is what I found. She was opening the boxes of cereal and putting her animals, puzzle pieces, in the box so they could eat. I am glad she is so good at pretend play. 

Friday, March 21, 2008

what Hannah likes to do a the park...

drive the boat
hang/swing on the bar
walk/run across the wobbly bridge
push Ty in his stroller. When she wasn't playing with Anna Claire and Ty. 

the park with Anna Claire and Ty

We went to the park to meet Anna Claire and Ty. They all had lots of fun playing. Ty was too quick for me to get many pictures of him. He did not want to sit the girls on the tire swing. Check his blog, I am sure his mama got some good pictures of him. They ate good lunches after all that playing. Thanks for coming to play with us. We will have to do it again. 

Thursday, March 20, 2008

the blog is up to date

I finally finished putting all of Hannah's first year on the blog. I am sure I still need to add more pictures but all of the writing in complete. Not that anyone but me goes backs two years to read, but it is all on here now. If you get bored and want something to do feel free to check it out. 

potty training

My plans were to work on potty training this week. Hannah will not pull her pants up and down by herself. Since that is an important skill to have we did not potty train this week. We will wait until summer and try then. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a new doctor

I told Hannah during lunch that we were going to see a new doctor. She was fine with it and even when he walked in the room she said, "Mommy, new doctor." He is an Asthma and Allergy specialist. Her pediatrician had said once she turned two we would probably need to see someone about allergies. Derrick was not the least bit excited that we were taking her to the doctor. I figured if he can help her feel better, sooner, then we should go. He is a very nice man. He went ahead and did some test today. She was not happy to be held down and pricked so many times. I felt terrible but it was the only way to see what she is allergic to. None of the pricks on her back tested positive so then they had to use a needle and test on her arm so they could see what would happen when the allergen was placed under the skin. They tested negative as well. Once we were out of the room and back to playing she was fine, until a nurse or the doctor came in. He said that her allergies are not as bad as her health history. He wants to try her on singulair and see her again in two months. She is only slightly allergic to a few things, which made me happy. Derrick on the other hand thinks I had her needlessly tortured for no reason. We will hope the medicine helps and she will feel much better. We went at 1:45 and she fell asleep on the way there, but as soon as we got out of the car she woke up. We left there at 4:10 and she feel asleep on the way home. (She slept until 6:15.) In Derrick's defense the verdict is not in on whether or not she has allergies at all. 

fun with dad

Hannah only wants to play with dad or daddy, whichever she is calling him at the time. He has started when he puts lotion on her at night having her lay down and tells her she is getting a massage. She loves it. He has always rubbed her back and now she likes him to rub it with different things, lotion bottles, toys, etc. She is the princess. He put the tent she got for her birthday together today. She has had the best time playing in it. He has her all fixed up now with blankets, pillows, etc. I am sure she will be sleeping in it before long. It makes me smile to hear them talking and playing together. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

dinner with dip-it

Hannah likes to sit in booster seats now, and does well. She, of course, had to sit by dad. She ate half of a huge grilled cheese once we gave her some dip-it. I think she had a little too much and decided to bathe in it. I love the picture what looks like she got caught doing something she was not suppose to.


We needed to exchange some jeans, look for me an Easter outfit, and get Hannah some white sandals. I know it is hard to believe that she needed another pair of shoes. She would not take a nap today, so we were not sure how shopping was going to go over. It went as well as could be expected for a two year old who had not taken a nap. She had a great time playing in the dressing room while I was trying on clothes. She also thought it was cute to "hide" in the clothes from us while I was looking at clothes. She is a mess!

thank-you notes

I finished writing thank you notes this morning. Derrick let Hannah put the stamps on. She was so proud of herself for helping and putting them in the mailbox. Thanks again for everyone for coming and all the fun presents. 

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the things she says

Hannah is getting very good at asking questions. The question we get the most is, "What's that sound?" I wish I had her recorded asking it. She has a cold right now and her voice is raspy. She sounds so cute. Derrick and I crack up every time she asks. The other questions she asks, "Listen, you hear it?" "Who is it?" "Where is ______?" "What is it?" and we are not sure if this is always a question or a statement, "Hannah do it? "

Sunday, March 9, 2008

new bath toys

Hannah also enjoyed her new bath toys. She enjoys pouring the water and watching it for a while then she plays some music on her drums. The last thing she does before putting the toys away is the puzzle. She likes to name the animals and make their sounds. 

tea party

Hannah loves her tea set. She has played with it all morning. Derrick decided after nap that he would put water in the tea pot and give her snack on the plates. She loved it. She is not very good at pouring the water herself, but is getting better at drinking it from the cup. As you can tell from the picture her shirt is a little wet. I think she drank 50 cups of water. It was fun to listen and watch her playing tea party with dad. 

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hannah & Marla

We tried to take a picture of the girls in the snow. Neither one of them liked it. We got a couple on the front porch, which they were still not very happy about. Some suggested that we just move them inside where they could sit on something soft and warm. I am not sure if Derrick got any with his camera, but these were what I had from the three cameras I downloaded. They are two cute girls. 

more party pictures