Thursday, April 3, 2014

5 year old check up, movies and kindergarten registration

 He is growing! He is now in the 25th percentile for height and 10th for weight. This is growth so we will take it. He was thrilled to have his picture made. He only had to have 2 shots and he did great. He watched the nurse give them both to him. I am amazed that both kids watch shots. I turn always turn my head, I can't watch anyone get a shot. I don't really do needles. The only news Hunter did not like from the doctor today was that he can't ride in a booster yet. She told him to gain 6 more pounds and he can get a booster seat. At the rate he is gaining weight he should be in a booster by 3rd grade.
 Popsicle, prize from the treasure box and a stick made it all worth the pain.
Since I had taken the whole day off we ran a few errands after the doctor and then went to the movies. He wanted me to see the Lego movie, since I am the only one who has not, so that is what we did. He was really excited that we had popcorn for lunch and got to sit on the very top row (we were the only people in the theater). I really liked the movie. After the movie we went to order his cake for his friend party on Saturday. I also finished all his paperwork to register him for kindergarten. I really can't believe that he is 5 and going to school with Hannah and I in August. Time is flying!!!

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