Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hunter's Pre-K Graduation

 I can't believe he is graduating from Pre-K. I feel like he just started going to Lighthouse.
 He is so cute!

Ms. Marie was his K2 teacher. We love her. She was just what we I needed to transition to "real school" from Sheri and Nana's.

Look close, he is in that large group of children.

 I am thankful so many family and friends were able to come. Luke graduates from High School Saturday, which I can't believe is happening either.
 Ms. Quita and Ms. Rachel were his teachers this year. He loves them both and learned so much.
 These two birds were so happy to ride in the van they could not stand it. Oh the joy of the little things!
I just want to cry every time I see him in this cap and gown. He is so ready to be at Kelley with Hannah and I, but I am not ready for my baby to be this old. I am sad that our last season with a preschooler is ending. Ready or not a new season is upon us. I am excited to see what it brings.

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