Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100th Day of School

 This took way longer than I thought but I love it and it was worth seeing my kids so happy this morning that I had Pete the Cat on my shirt. Thanks Derrick for painting Pete for me. You are the best!

 Some 100th Day fun in Hunter's class. I'm glad I have friends who come and help and send me pictures!
 100th day snack mix

 How cute is his cape with 100 stickers?!?!

Working with a friend to help make the chain 100 links long!
Look at this beautiful handwriting! I am so proud of him and Mrs. Smith for her patients in teaching handwriting. It is one of the most important skills they learn in kindergarten.
When we came home today he asked if he could take a shower and lay down. I went to check on him and found this. I'm not sure this is good. 

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