Sunday, February 10, 2013

my cup is full

 Hannah said, "Mom is you are going to post this picture of him you need to say, church wore him out!"
 Hannah was so excited to get bathing suits for swim team. We were excited that we found Speedo suits for $11.99.
 I am so glad that Allison asked me to go hear Angie Smith speak tonight. It was WONDERFUL! I could listen to Angie for hours.

 They feed us dinner from the Puffy Muffin and it was yummy!
 After some more praise and worship and drama by Allison Allen, who is leading a study at our church right now, we hear the end of Angie's message for us. We also saw about 15 ladies baptized and I am not sure how many saved. It was a wonderful night.
 It was like a mini dotMOM. Thanks Nicole for driving and thanks Allison for inviting us all to go.

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