Saturday, February 2, 2013

not the day I had planned

I woke up this morning and was excited to see no snow. I got in the shower and started getting ready. While I was getting ready Hunter came running in the bathroom yelling, "IT IS SNOWING!!!" This is the one time I did not want it to snow. We were supposed to be getting ready to do to a parenting seminar at church. I had been looking forward to it for months, since at least November, and it was cancelled. I also like to have snow days when it gets us out of school. I decided instead of being sad and having a bad day that I would only be sad for a few minutes and then make the best of this day. I started thinking about all the things that would make this day good. Here are a few...
 a beautiful snow covered backyard,
a sweet little guy who wants to snuggle and make silly faces with me,
 and a yummy breakfast and a little time with God!

After we all ate and got several layers of clothes on we headed out to play.

 Hannah made a snowcat.

 Gypsy was not really a fan of the snow.

 I love how beautiful snow looks on trees.
 Hannah really wanted to make a big snowman but the snow was too dry.

 I had my kids at school tell me what they like best about snow and I told them I like making snow angels. I thought I would take a picture to show them on Monday.
 Hunter was cold and ready to come in. I brought him in to warm up and watch a little Woody Wood Pecker. It was nice to snuggle with him for a little while, again.

Hannah, Derrick and MeMe all stayed out to play longer. They went to the Tucker's to play with their grandkids and had a great time. From the looks of the dinning room we all stayed warm and had fun. I will have to say this day has turned out better than I had planned.

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