Friday, June 27, 2014

Oh, Whiskers!

 I had not planned to spend my Friday night at the emergency vet, but we did. Earlier today when I let Whiskers in the house he tripped in the door. I did not think much about it because once he was inside he walked fine and seemed ok. A little later in the afternoon Hannah said, "Mom, I don't think Whiskers can walk!" Well that is not good. He did walk to me but acted dizzy. I called the vet and they said he needed to be seen, but they were closing in five minutes so I would need to take him to an emergency vet. They told me where the closet one once and off we went. I had tried to call Derrick, not that he is a cat expert, but he did not answer his phone. We waited about a hour in the waiting room before they took us to a room. (Derrick is still not answering his phone.) We waited some more when we got in the room. Hannah and Hunter made up a game to play with the pictures in the room. At least they were entertaining themselves. After a few hours of Derrick not answering this phone I decided to call them people he was working for. His phone was on silent and he quickly called me. I asked him to come get the kids because they were hungry and had played all the games they could in our nice little room. The vet finally came and got Whiskers, asked me a million questions and did a few test. He seemed fine to them and they assured me he was not in pain so I brought him home. They said to watch him over night and if he got worse to bring him back. By the time I got home when him he just wanted to eat and seemed fine. Hopefully he will be good to go in the morning.
 He hates the carrier and riding in the car, so he was not going to look at me for a picture.

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