Friday, June 20, 2014

St. Louis Day 2

 We spent the day at Six Flags. The Ferris Wheel is my least favorite ride, but when these two sweet faces are asking so nicely for me to ride how could I say no.

 Hunter loved that he could ride every ride in the kiddie area.

 It was so hot! They enjoyed cooling off on this ride.
 Hot day + vacation = ice cream for lunch

 I do not like water rides when I do not have a on a bathing suit. Hunter was tall enough to ride and we were waiting on Derrick and Hannah to get off a roller coaster and yet again this sweet face, how could I say no. I was soaking wet because some people were paying money to shoot water at the people, me, on the ride. It was all worth it to hear Hunter laugh and see him so happy.

 This was Hunter favorite ride of the day. I think he rode it about 20 times.
 Hannah ended up getting sick before the day was over. We are not sure if it was the heat, the ice cream for lunch, motion sickness or a combination of them all, but she was not feeling good.
 We left the park just as it was starting to pour down rain. We are hoping a shower, some real food and a good nights sleep will help her feel better.

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