Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fox in Socks and Horton

 Look at all of our silly socks!
One of my students' dad came to read today. He even wore silly socks!
 Hannah wore her Horton socks today to get her ready to be Horton in their second grade musical tonight. She is so excited.
 Mr. Currie, our music teacher, is amazing. He always does the best programs. This one was awesome. I am glad to work with such great people.
 Our sweet Horton. She did not get. I think I held my breath while she was saying her lines. She never missed a beat and did not seem nervous at all. We are so proud of her!
 Blue fish and Horton
 Sam I am and Horton

I will try to take more pictures and video just Hannah's part when they do the encore performance in the morning for the school. I need to take a picture of the backdrop that two of our fabulous parents made. They did a GREAT job!

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