Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green Eggs and Ham

 We joined Mrs. Hickman's and Mrs. Frye's classes for a little green eggs and ham. Mrs. Hickman read it to our classes in English and Spanish. The kids loved it! Mrs. Frye and I cooked the eggs.

 Mr. Mark came and read to our classes also. The kids thought he was funny and loved that he let them yell and act silly. Thanks for coming Mr. Mark.
 Thumbs up for most of the students. Only a few did not like them.
 The birthday girl and boy enjoying their green eggs and ham.
 After lunch Mr. Jeremy came and read to my class. Thanks for coming Mr. Jeremy!
These are the type of green eggs and ham I like. We are saving these for snack tomorrow. Two kids with birthday's today meant we had cupcakes twice.
 It was good to be back at school today. Hunter has been coughing all week so we are back to treatments. I am sad he has to take treatments but love that I get to snuggle with him while he takes them at night. I hope this does not mean we are in for a long spring. I just told someone the other week and we had not been sick all winter. I knew I should have not of said it. I have a sinus infection, Hunter is coughing and has a runny nose and Hannah has a runny rose and is sneezing like crazy. Derrick is staying away from all of us. He had a bad cold a couple of weeks ago. At least it is not throw up, right?

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