Wednesday, March 27, 2013

our day

 We started the day with a trip to the doctor. Hunter has been telling us this throat hurt for a couple of days. He has also had a cough and runny nose. He had a temp of 99.4 last night. I do not want him to be sick for his party this week and Easter so we went on the to doctor to get him checked out. The rapid strep was negative, so she said it just a really bad cold. We came home to rest and drink plenty of liquids.

 He made this card Sunday and I found it on my desk. I asked him what it said and he said, "Thank you Jesus oh my soul. Matthew 8:99" It was all I could do not to laugh.

 We are making progress on the kids bathroom. The tub was installed yesterday and the all the plumbing was fixed/run. Now if Derrick can have a few days off we will hopefully see even more progress. I will keep you posted.

 We made enough eggs for two trees. I think they are so cute!!!! I think I will leave them up for the whole month of April.

Derrick and I stayed up way to late last night making these cookies for Hunter's party. They are party favors and I think they turned out great. I am so glad Derrick can draw spider webs. I did the red and white icing and he did all the black icing. I hope the kids will like them.

We had family movie night tonight since there was no church this week. It was nice to spend time together to end our every productive and busy day.

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