Tuesday, March 19, 2013

time with friends

 Hunter and I played soccer for a little while this afternoon. He is so excited that he is going to be on a soccer team and play "soccer ball" on a team withe Aniyah. He can kick pretty good.
He stopped playing and went to pick me this flower. He melts my heart!
 Derrick had to leave and go to Atlanta a few days early. Mike took him and drove our car back. Hunter was so excited to ride in the middle of Mike's truck for the afternoon. He did ask me as I was putting him in why I was driving this big boy truck.

 Donna came and picked Hannah up to go with her to pick up the girls. Hannah was so excited. She got to spend the whole afternoon with them. Hunter and I came later and we stayed and had dinner with them.

 Chance was enjoying his watermelon and giving out lots of smiles, even tough he will not let me hold him.

 Hunter and Chance decided to stay with us and let the girls play in the playroom.

 The girls put on a show for us. It was very entertaining. Sophia was nice and let Hannah play her guitar. I guess next time we will have to pack Hannah's. 

Thanks Hayes' for having us over. We had a great time as always. 

All of the videos I took are to long, I will have to try to edit them down so everyone can enjoy the show we were given.

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