Sunday, March 24, 2013

the Easter bunny

Yesterday we went to the mall and Hunter saw the Easter bunny. He wanted his picture made with it, but it was $21 and you could not take pictures of your own. Hannah never wanted her picture made with the Easter bunny so I never thought to take Hunter. It is a good thing he tells us what he wants. We let him talk to the bunny, and of course, Hannah wanted to talk to him too. We told him we would take him to Bass Pro to get his picture made because you get a free 4x6 and can take pictures with your own camera. He reminded of the rest of the day to take him. We promised him we would go after church tomorrow, which was not really soon enough for him, but he said ok.

 Look at those sweet, happy faces.
 Hunter saw markers and wanted to color and write a letter. He may not know a lot of letters but at least he is leaning to write some of them. I can't remember what he said it said. There are a few real words in there.
 We walked around a little before leaving and Hunter found the hats and guns, two of his favorite things at this time. They are a mess and make me laugh so hard at times. I would not trade them for anything.

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