Wednesday, October 9, 2013

all in a day

 Hannah let me try a new braid today and I think it turned out pretty good.
 Hunter had to have filling today. I was ready to go back and sit with him, but he quickly told me that he could go by himself because he was brave. Part of me was proud and part of me wanted to cry that he did not want/need me to go with him. He told me they put a mask on him and it tasted like oranges and then they put play doug on his tooth and shined a lite on it to make it hard. Sounds like he was listening and understood all they did.
 We went to the mall to look for him some jeans. I am happy that he has outgrown his 2T jeans, but 3T are too long. I need someone to make 2.5T. He wanted to ride the escalator and decided to run to get on it. It did not end well as you can see. What did he learn? That the escalator will bite you!
 Check out these Spiderman glasses. He is one cool Spiderman. Thanks Nene and Mike!
He got really quiet on the way to church and I knew this is what I would find when I looked back. More sweetness!

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