Tuesday, October 8, 2013

field trip and flu shots

 Hunter was so excited because today was his first field trip which also meant his first time to ride on a bus and he got to pack his lunch. Wow, that is a big day!
 Getting off the bus!
 Listening to a story about how pumpkins grow.
 Looking for just the right pumpkin.
 The perfect one!
 He loves the slides at Walden Farms.
 Climbing with his friends.
 Can you say trouble?
 He wanted to make silly faces, so we did!

 All the kids thought this was the funniest thing they saw while on the hayride.
 Making his way through the hay maze.
 Learning a little about the cows.
 Lunch time! I am glad that Hannah and I were out of school so we could go with him. 
We all had fun!
 We made a stop my Sonic for a drink and came home to play for a little while. Hunter decided that he needed his sunglasses, but had to clean them first. He is whistling while he is cleaning them. He makes me laugh so much.
 We had to get flu shots this afternoon. I know, not a great way to end the afternoon, but it had to be done. They were not upset about it. Hunter quickly asked Nurse Heather if he could have a Popsicle and get something from the treasure box. He also volunteered Hannah to get her shot first. They both did great. Hannah did not even make a face and she watched. Hunter made a sad face but did not cry.
I went to get my shot next. I did not cry either, but I also did not watch. The nice lady who gave me my shot gave us all a sticker for being so brave. Hopefully we will all be well through the winter now.

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Anisha Cason said...

I’m sure you’d all get by the winter without any symptoms. Although it doesn’t mean you can get careless. Getting flu shots only lessens your risk of catching the flu virus, but it wouldn’t make you immune if you don’t keep a healthy lifestyle and environment. Enjoy the season! Anisha@USHealthWorks.com/Berkeley-Center.html\\