Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Candy Cane garden, Santa & lots of lights

 Tinsel left the kids the things they needed to plant a candy cane garden.
She was watching over it and then them planting.
 Getting the magic dirt ready for the seeds.
 Planting the peppermints so the candy canes will grow.
 Now they have to do the last step, be extra good!
 We have started going to the Bass Pro shop to have their picture made with Santa. It is nice that they have activities for you to do while you wait. It helps pass the time.
 Hunter told Santa he wanted pretty much one of everything Ninja Turtle. Hannah told him she wanted high heels and a belt.
 I love this picture. Hunter thought of one more thing he needed to tell Santa and Santa took the time to listen to him. Look at his sweet little face.
 On the way out they wanted their picture made with these guys. Hannah said Pop Pop would like this picture.
 Since we were close we went to ride through the lights at Jelly Stone Park.
 Singing trees!
 Hunter and I loved riding through the big tunnel of light! It was so pretty.
 Christmas 2005. That is our sweet Hannah in my belly.

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