Thursday, December 12, 2013

just a ordinary day

 I love that Hunter has to come sit in the floor and talk to me in the morning while I am getting ready. I hope he will keep this up for a long time.
 Tinsel was enjoying some OREO's for breakfast this morning.
 All ready for his field trip. He told me that he was going to sing his best and say the Bible verses good at the "funeral home" today. I told him I knew he would do his best at the nursing home. I am glad that he did not call it a "funeral home" when he got to the nursing home. When I picked him up and asked him about his field trip he said, "All the boys and girls had liked it, they had mostly white hair and some were in wheel chairs like Uncle Kyle had. One girl slept through two of their songs but then she woke up and he gave her a treat bag and two hugs." Sweet boy I love how loving he is.
I love family prayer time. It is a great way to end our days.

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