Friday, December 20, 2013

what a day

 Polar Express Day! I am sad this is the last year Hannah will wear pj's for this. Third and fourth grade wear jeans and a a Kelley shirt. I am exited that Hunter will get to wear pj's with me next year.
 She wanted her picture made by herself. How did she get so big?
 Love these sweet babies in their pj's.
 Aniyah and her mom made this super cute gift for me. I love it!
 These girls make my job even better. I am glad to be a part of their team.
 After moving my room to the other end of the building (see pictures below) we all needed a little chocolate. Thanks Ruth for the yummy brownies. Thanks K team for helping me move.
 All of my things are moved into my new room. I stayed and worked until 7pm and then decided to call it a day. I will go back to school tomorrow and work on it some more.

 Tinsel is as excited to countdown to Christmas as we are!
Christmas 2008! Hunter's first card, you just can't see by belly.

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