Saturday, April 13, 2013

1st soccer game and a walk in the park

Hunter is number 9. He did good keeping up the ball and even scored three goals. Too bad they were for the other team.

He had to take a water break.
Just looking cute!

After lunch we decided to go check out Long Hunter Park. We had just started walking and I looked and Hunter had a stick. He kept trading it for one a little big as we walked along. 

Derrick tried to teach them how to skip rocks.

Hunter just wanted to throw them.

Hannah was able to skip a couple before we left.
It was fun to just spend the afternoon outside as a family.
Hannah needed to take a break when we came to this little shelter. She was using a stick to get mud to draw on the rock.
Derrick caught a bumble bee in their bug catcher. Hunter thought that was really cool.

Yeah!!!! We made it the whole 2 miles!

Hunter said, "Mom, take a picture of that pretty tree." So, here is the picture for all to enjoy.

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