Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kid's marathon

 This is most of the students and teachers who were participating in the kids' marathon.
 Hannah and I waiting our turn to run. I was excite to run with her this year. She had to finish her last mile.
 Have you ever seen a group so happy to run?
 Hannah, Mason and Ava all ready to run!
 Hannah finished her mile in a little under 10 minutes. She likes hills about as much as I do.
 Proudly getting her medal.
 26.2 miles completed! Way to go! We are so proud of you!
Thanks to our wonderful PE team for helping them run at school and tracking their miles. They are the best!
 Hannah was excited that Cooper did the marathon with his school and that we got to see him. They were cheering for us, but we were too focused on running to see or hear them.
We ended our fun day with snack night.

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