Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hannah's first swim meet and a beautiful day

She was so excited this morning. We quickly learned that there is a lot of waiting at a swim meet. Thankfully we have friends to wait with. Thanks Bussell's for coming.
Hannah with her coach and some of her team mates.
She looks so grown up to me.
It is almost time for her first event.

Swimming free style.
She did great!
This is one way the Wild Man entertained himself through all of the waiting.

Event #2 - backstroke her all time favorite.

After stopping for lunch we came home and spent the rest of the day outside. Hannah wanted to help wash the car. It only last for a few minutes, but at least she offered to help.

She decided to play dress up and blow bubbles with Buddy next. She blew the bubbles and he got to pop them.
We ended the day with dinner with the Bussell's and S'mores.

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