Wednesday, April 10, 2013

oh, the warts

We went back to the wart doctor today. Hunter does not like going because they "cold" his warts. We got there early and sat in the car for a few minutes. I asked him if he was almost ready to go in and he quickly responded, "NO!" I asked him what we could do to make it easier/better for him. He thought for a minute and said, "I want to sing bless the Lord oh my soul." I quickly found it on youtube and we all sang the song together. When it went off I asked him if he was ready to which he still responded, "No!" I asked him what else we should do. He said, "How about you pray for me." That was a great idea. He wanted us to hold hands and pray. After we prayed I started getting him out of the car. He said, "Mom I am still not ready to go in." I told him I knew but we had to go see what she said about his warts. As soon as we got in the room and she came in he announced, "I do not like coming to this doctor because you hurt me when you cold my warts." Oh out of the mouth of babes. I wanted to crawl under the chair, but the doctor said she understood and that she did not like to have to cold his warts, but she wanted to make him all better. She did not cold his warts today she just put beetle juice on them. She suggested we go to a pediatric dermatologist. I let Hunter choose what he wanted for dinner since he was good and brave at the doctor. He of course choose Sonic.
Ruth had texted me to check on him and sent a picture of Andrew giving Hunter a thumbs up. Hunter had to send a picture back to them.

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